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I loved the students and most of the teachers. They were very accepting and personable; however I would like to see a significant change in the administration services.
The teachers at Lebanon did a great job when we where out during the pandemic and the turnado last year. The understood that it was going to be kinda hard to do school work at home but did their best to get all the material to use. One thing I would change about Lebanon high school overall is lunch time. It would be nice if students could go eat out side or some where else that’s not the cafeteria. Some students might not like to be in there if they have no one to sit with.
Some teachers went above and beyond to extend and improve my education but they were the minority. Others simply did not care and mostly had their own interests in mind.
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I liked that Lebanon High School was a family and we were all treated the same. Overall I loved my experience there, but I would have liked to see the staff setting up the seniors better for their future.
Lebanon High school is a wonderful school. As a student, I never see any of the average stereotypes that movies and TV shows perceive. Here everyone respects everyone and generally treats people with kindness.
My overall experience at Lebanon high school has been great. My favorite thing about Lebanon high school is the variety of different classes, clubs, and activities we are allowed to choose from. Also many of the teachers put a lot of work, effort, and passion into the students and their work. One thing I would change about the school would be to update the books and computers in the computer applications classes.
Lebanon High School provided me with teachers and peers that were supportive, fun, and helpful. Teachers were very helpful with academic and personal needs. The only thing I wish was done better would be educating on finances and how to do basic life needs.
Overall I enjoyed my high school experience at Lebanon High School. However, there were quite a few things that went wrong. For example, student suicide and people being bullied. I would say what I enjoyed the most was the teachers here and book club as well.
Lebanon High School was a pretty great school to me. Most of the teachers were very caring and built many relationships with the students. I enjoyed the school events they would put together. The school was a little bit over populated but I didn't mind too much. If they were more strict about who went there, I wouldn't be able to because I no longer lived in Lebanon by the time I got to high school. I was grateful that I was able to stay with my friends and all of the people I knew. Sometimes I really didn't like the school because of the students. Sometimes the students that went there weren't appreciative of the teachers or the school as a whole and that would frustrate me. One thing I wish could change is the rate of learning in class. It seemed like we didn't learn as much as other schools because we could never get to it. The students were hard to handle and it was hard for the teachers to keep them focused. Overall, I loved Lebanon High and I definitely miss it.
I love Lebanon High! I moved here last year as a new student, and I'm more than happy with the atmosphere, education, and multitude of extracurricular activities and sports to choose from. The school is very big, which means that you never have to share too much air with anyone, and there are a lot of communities to choose from- sports, clubs, volunteering, student government, intramural sports, etc. My teachers all work hard to educate us, and my counselor is kinda like a second mom to me now. She's helped me through a lot of hard times I've had with AP classes, boy problems, etc. As a whole, the staff here genuinely cares about its students. The only thing I would change about Lebanon is its sanitary condition, but it's not even that bad. It's a big school, so trash is going to be on the floor, and there's enough BO for everyone, but overall, I love Lebanon, and I'm glad to be graduating here next year.
Lebanon High School was an amazing high school where I spent four years of my life meeting my best friends, playing the sport I love, and earning my high school diploma. Like many schools, there is always issues that can be fixed. At Lebanon High, Dr.Scott Walters aimed to make every student feel welcomed and loved by the faculty and staff! Feeling welcomed into a new environment as a freshman can assist those who are nervous for a change! Lebanon High School is an amazing school and I am happy that I was able to experience four years there!
What I liked about Lebanon High were the teachers who would connect with their students and try to under their passions and help them. What I dislike are the disobedient students who just force the school to make more strict policies and the fact that we have strict policies.
Teacher's and administration are very accommodating and supportive when needed. The teachers provide an amazing learning environment.
Lebanon High School was really good when it came to academics. We had some of the highest grades in the state. However, that's all the school cared about. They didn't really focus much on other students, just the ones who they knew would give them excellent test scores.
Honestly, I really loved the school spirit that is carried. Students are really supportive of all the athletics, clubs, and extracurricular activities. It's easy to get involved in school at LHS. Plus, there's so many teachers that truly care about their students. I've personally cherished my time here at LHS. I know many others have too.
I really like LHS, I know my senior year was cut short there but I loved every minute I was there. I have made so many new friendships and memories that will stay with me for forever.
I've had a good experience with most teachers and students. The atmosphere is good, and I feel like I've gotten a good education.
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Lebanon is a solid school with good teachers. Students are as you would expect a high schooler to be.
Lebanon High School has blessed me with a wonderful high school experience. They do a wonderful job of allowing students to feel involved in the student body through many different clubs and sports. After cheering all four years of high school, I can only say good things about Lebanon, and what they have done for me. They will always have a special place in my heart.
The experience overall has not been very bad. The food isn’t great. The school is kept neutrally clean. The teachers and administrators or very sub-par. It’s very obvious that most just come to school because it’s their job. They don’t care if students are actually learning, as long as they can pump every bit of information that is required. The sports are decent. The best thing about Lebanon high school has been the fine arts programs. While it is very small, it has grown so much within the past two years. As far as school culture, there is racism and misogyny just like any other public place. It’s definitely not unbearable, but perhaps enough to ruin your day on more than a few occasions.
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