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Leander High School has the most spirit out of any other high schools around, even though our team may not always come on top. Their is a lot of ways to become college ready, some examples are our AP, IB and duel credit programs.
I'd like to see their music program include more than just marching band. Their educational choices for students are pretty diverse.
The school is growing, and very quickly. With an expanding population within the district borders, another high school had to be constructed nearby, which helped greatly with this school. Great staff that values the students more than their own success.
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What I like about Leander High School is how nice all the teachers are to the students and how willing they are to always help others. All the staff are very respectful and courteous towards visitors and students and will go out of their way to help you if you need it.
Great for those focused on typical academic subjects, but it is lacking in terms of extracurriculars and special programs to really engage its students. The school is very cut and dry. It succeeds in getting you to learn information but ultimately fails in teaching you how that information is important to your future education.
I liked the overall environment of Leander High School, though it is very cliquey. But if you find the right group, Leander High School can give a great high school experience. I personally am in the IB program and although it should be changed to give less stress to the kids in it, the people in it are very fun and hardworking. Though I will say, if you are not in at least the AP or IB program, the education and teacher quality does go down a little bit.
Leander is a interesting school. The teachers are nice and sometimes supportive. There are constant fights but overall a decent school
I like how the teachers are focused on making sure that the students learn the things they need to and offer a lot of help. I do think the safety of the school could be better.
Leander High School has good academics cx and an IB program. They also have AP classes as well. Their extracurriculars are good. People are friendly for the most part.
I am in the band program at Leander and it has made my high school experience more than amazing. Every moment is filled with excitement and I am always looking forward to the day. The teachers and staff are some of the sweetest and most interesting people I have ever met. I am truly blessed to be able to go to this school.
Leander is a great school, with amazing programs and staff. I always have fun and am so sad to be graduating this year.
Leander high school had amazing staff! Teachers genuinely cared about students and formed close bonds with students almost always. Principal Chris Simpson was very active with students and was such a highlight of my high school experience. Counselors and assistant principals were very helpful with getting me to graduate early. There were plenty of clubs and activities available to all students who were interested. Leander was a very safe school and I was never worried about going to school. Teachers always worked with students in order to not only better their own grades but to better their school and home lives. My teachers never hesitated to ask about my day or talk about what's new in my life. Many of my teachers were so kind, funny, and I can't forget to mention how wise and smart they all were. I felt so comfortable with some of my teachers that I could tell them every little detail regarding my personal life and they would offer up some very much needed life advice.
After being in college for one semester, I can confidently say Leander ISD gives students some of the highest education. Most of my classes this fall have been super easy, as I already learned half of the material at Leander. Overall, the education aspect in amazing here.
One downside is the few teachers that are absolutely terrible, although I am sure that comes with any high school.
Another downside for me was that it was a closed campus and we could get in trouble for leaving school to get lunch, but I can see the benefits for that as well.
Oh, and the football team sucks.
Leander High School is pretty average, there are some points where they could definitely improve a lot on. The bathrooms and facilities are dirty and some components have been broken forever. They do however try their best to prepare their students for college whether it be: AP classes, college visits, dual credit courses with ACC, or meeting with students every year to see where they're at mentally about college.
The teachers are great but the school tends to have cockroaches and most bathrooms have problems. I think the fine arts programs are amazing but tend to be ignored by most of the school and our football team never wins.
Leander High School is a very positive energy school. I never really see and negative energy and I feel that it is a safe place to be. Everyone at the school gets a long pretty well and you're always meeting new people. Throughout the years I feel like the principal and AP's have done an excellent job on making the students feel welcomed and safe and they develop a good relationship with the students. I feel like they stay on top of everything. My experience at Leander has been a good experience and I hope they keep it up.
I love the diversity and friendliness of the people who attend. I love how involved I am at this school and I really enjoy being a part of the debate program and PALS program and even NHS. It's a very welcoming environment and most people are so friendly. The staff overall is very nice, however there are some teachers that are not.
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Leander is a goood school. It's pretty diverse but our football team could be better. The coaches don't listen to their players.
Kids are pretty nice, keep to themselves. teachers usually don't seem to care about you, just if you pass, if that.
I liked that Leander High School overall had awesome teachers and great AP/IB programs. My teachers have really made my experience at this school. However, the sports and fine arts are generally pretty mediocre to bad, with the exception of our band, so I feel like there is not a lot of school spirit.
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