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My overall experience is great I got to meet people and was given opportunities I wouldn't get anywhere else. For example, I got to get close with teachers, find friends that help me with what I need and create an overall support system that I know will help me get through my years in High School and help me figure out what is best for me.
Leadership is a very small school, so you’re easily able to connect and bond with everyone. However, the problem with small schools is that you don’t really get the “high school experience”. At Leadership, we don’t have any clubs and our sports teams are limited to soccer, baseball, basketball, and volleyball. Our school has small events every now and then, but there’s never anything major that happens. On a side note, the staff and faculty are pretty good. They’re great teachers and its easy to build relationships with them since classes are so small.
It's a school where you can go and make friends that you'll have a good connection with over the years.The school makes due of what it has.It's a place where you can feel very comfortable,it;s a very small school to get in closer with the students and teachers.Its location is very convenient,next to muni buses,trains and right next to BART. It's a place where someone always has your back.
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what I liked about leadership high school was the diversity and the relationships that you are able to make with your teachers.
My experience at Leadership High school has been a great 4 years and ready to graduate. Im feeling prepared for the next stage in my education. LHS teachers has helped me to better myself and to show growth in my academics. Also, being accepted at Leadership and the environment.
The people are super nice! The teachers always willing to support the students whenever they can. There are always students staying after school to work on homework or classwork and are always looking to get help from teachers.
I loved it! I loved how small the classes were and week without walls. The teachers really try to help students, the fact that it was one hallway was great! Everyone knew eachother. I definitely felt prepared when I started at the University.
Our school is not safe and the principal lets criminals walk the halls. We also need a school nurse.
Leadership High School is a place where someone can truly be an individual. I have never in my life seen students become so connected to a teacher than at any school I have ever been to in my entire academic career. This school gives students opportunities to better themselves through leading assemblies, organize walkouts, protests, and other liberating experiences. Leadership high school teaches students of color how to make it through their lives by providing guidance that does not sugar coat reality like most American schools do.
The school does not have much money or resources such as a gym or nurses office, so they make do with that they have. As a charter-school it is hard to be stable when your money does not come from the county and from funders. I know it would be even better at what they do by having that kind of money.
l go to leadership high school. It is a small school next to two larger high schools. I like leadership high because it is small so it gives a stronger community and additional support. A special thing about leadership that not any other high school is students have control on creativity and express their opinion without being put down. Leadership gives students opportunity to talk about global or community issues in events.Since it is a small school students have the benefits to get support from teachers. One thing i will change about the school is the lack of AP classes because it is not fair for students that are excelling in regular classes.
Leadership is a college prep charter school and I transfered there from another college prep charter school. Although not much is different about the two schools, the differences are a lot. I find Leadership is a good school,great opportunities are given , and they want to make sure everyone graduates. I like that they are on top for your grades , to keep our grades up, the teachers are more then just our teachers , they are like our friends , and someone we can always count on. Although I do like leadership, they're a few changes that can be mad. Since it is a small school, there aren't much sports, but I still think there should be & the classes are a bit too easy, they need to be a bit more challenging.
Since we are so low in population, we do not have the benefit of being widely exposed towards the typical classes available to other schools.
There are several students with many different backgrounds that create an interesting and diverse academic environment.
They have several sports available to all the students but not many clubs. Although I am highly understanding considering that the school's population is very low in numbers
I would choose the same school again if I had the option to do so because I have grown a lot within this certain school environment and I would've attended anywhere else, I would not have flourished like I did here.
My teachers try to the best of their ability to be there for their students, implement the proper information, and to academically and emotionally support.
I have not done any clubs because I had no time.
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The teachers are always there when asked for help after school and during lunch time.
No nurse, or doctor at the school.
Students are diverse and in-tune with their culture
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