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I have had an overall blast at Layton high. I think that they have done a good job with adapting to the constant changes being implemented during COVID-19, and are trying to maintain as normal a year as possible while keeping us safe. The teachers besides a couple are outstanding
I like Layton High School because the teachers there are all great. Especially the math teachers, all the math teachers are willing to help and want you to succeed.
I loved the faculty at Layton High, they made learning fun and created a safe learning environment! The administration was also really good as they were involved in the students lives and had fun alongside of us. Without the teachers and administrators the school wouldn’t be the same at all, they were amazing!
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My overall experience at Layton high school was extremely enjoyable and filled with life long lessons and maturity that i will take with me for the rest of my life. The faculty and staff at Layton High school do not only ensure your safety and overall well being in school but offer a close and valued relationship on a personal level.
I felt that my experience was amazing. I took a lot of great classes and i was able to get a very good start for my future. I started college early while taking a lot of CE classes to prepare for my future at my dream school. Layton high really helped me to be successful beyond the 3 years i spent there. There is a lot of people that are all different and going for new and interesting fields. This shows just how great our school can be.
I loved it! It was super great! I wish they would have announced school activists and clubs more and encouraged more kids to join them! But overall I had a great high school experience
It is a very friendly school and the education there is amazing! Everyone is all about the school pride! I wouldn’t change a thing
It was a great learning environment supported by my teachers and peers. Some of the staff were very involved in conflicts that arose among the student leaders. I appreciate what they contributed to the school
Layton offers a variety of classes to teach the foundation of various subjects and interests. There are a lot of caring teachers and staff to help guide and mentor each student and with all the many personalities you are likely to find one you vibe with and can reach you on a more personal level. My child has found a love in art and history due to the teachers who have been supportive and able to teach on a level that she is able to feel comfortable with and that has helped her a great deal!
I loved my time at layton high school. The administration and faculty there are amazing. They are really interested in the students well being. I also played sports and the coaches there are amazing. The Administration and the faculty and staff tried to go to the games and they supported us. I would recommend anyone to go there and you will have a great experience. You get treated really well there.
Layton High is a great school! I've always felt comfortable there because most of the students and teachers are really good people.
I was very heavily involved in band at Layton High. It was a great community. I made so many new friends and I had so many amazing experiences with them. Some of the teachers at Layton High weren't as good, and I didn't learn as much. Some of them were awesome and I learned tons of new things. That's the main reason I didn't give it 5 stars: whether your teachers will be good or not is really just a lottery.
BEST SCHOOL EVER!! I had the best teachers, an amazing student government group, so many quality people, and the funnest clubs and activities.
layton high school has state of the art teachers and staff willing to help during this time of need. Providing students with meals and laptops to those who aren't as fortunate to have supplies at home.
I loved Layton High! Principle Astle and all of the teachers were very aware of the students and wanted to do their best to help them.
I personally really have enjoyed my time at Layton High School. The majority of the teachers are incredibly helpful and have made my learning experience much more rich and fun throughout the 3 years that I have been attending. Additionally, the wide curriculum and club selection that is offered allows me to stretch myself to the limit. The only thing I would change would be the parking lot honestly.
Layton high school is a very inviting school. Not just because of the awesome students and faculty, but because of the traditions and legacy it leaves.
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I enjoyed the atmosphere that it created for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the counselor's help in navigating me for college readiness. A lot of the teachers really enjoy what they teach and are there to help you with what you need help with. The administration takes care of problems within the school in a quick and effective way and treats all students well in their educational experience.
Layton High is a very good school, and I feel proud to be a Lancer. Academics are very important the the administration, and people are generally friendly here. I love how the teachers are always enthusiastic and push us to succeed. If I could change one thing about my school, I would wish that the administration recognized the successes of more groups than just the sports teams. Oftentimes I feel like the music and arts departments gets little to no recognition, but our mediocre sports teams are applauded at every assembly. It just gets a bit old after a while. Other than that, I am grateful to be attending this fun school and I know I am making memories here that I will never forget.
Layton High School is a great school to attend. We have rich diversity and learning flourishes here. Academics are treated with the utmost importance here and I feel safe coming to school. The only thing I would change is maybe having an update of technology. We are one of the oldest high schools in the district, but somehow the newer schools get most of the funding, so a lot of Layton High is really outdated. Nevertheless, I feel proud to be a Lancer and feel grateful to attend such a friendly school.
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