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Ive been going to this school for a while know, almost 5 years, and its gone downhill over the years. The teachers do not care about your education, some just care about shoving the Bible down your throat. Bathrooms are usually gross and there is no disapline for the student. A bunch of students will admit that if you are a basketball player then you can get away with anything.
This school provides a blend of a Christian faith and religious principles with a rigorous academic approach. I love the atmosphere of the students and faculty, but the school is very small.
The education at LCS is very advanced compared to the public schools in this district. The reason I give this school three stars, however, is because the students who attend here are far immature and are very sheltered. Being a person who is quite mature for her age, it is quite irritating having to deal with these kinds of people. Overall, I go here specifically for the education; not at all for the social aspect.
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The fitness opportunities are about average while the school spirit is very high in this school. The teams, in most areas, do very good due to practice from the good coaches at this school. Also, the school encourages students to get involved and be a part of the community.
The school offers a great academic education and helps its students prepare for not only college but also the rest of their life. The small classes with the many teachers provide a great learning environment and the teacher's attitudes toward the students is great which makes it easier to approach and ask questions.
Student involvement and acceptance are excellent at this school. Overall, it is a good social environment for a student.
The teachers at this school are very kind and help the students out to the best of their ability. They get the students involved and help out if any should struggle in any areas of their life not only academically.
The school offers the common extracurricular opportunities. It could, however, add more options for the students to choose from.
The food is different each day of the week and offers a great variety in both taste and nutrients. It tastes good while also providing the nutrients we need as students.
I would want to go to a school with better academics.
Since it is a private school, not all but most bad people are kept out.

Principals and directors are very involved. discipline is strictly enforced.
The school doesn't have a nice baseball field, doesn't have a football field, or a track.
This school doesn't have very many extracurricular activities.
The school is not the best. No upper level classes are offered, like advanced placement classes.
the teachers don't help enough.
the teachers are pretty good
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I don't like this school. they play favorites and its all about who has the most money!
they are too serious on thing that don't really matter like no flip flops don't pay attention to the bullying that goes on.
we need better coaches who know what they are doing!
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