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This school is probably the safest place to send your children but the worst thing you can do in the long run. When I went to school here, every single student in my grade was white. There is no diversity. There is less than 50 students per grade. It in no way prepares children for the real world. A vast majority of the student body comes from an immensely rich background. It is rare to be poor, fat, to have divorced parents, to have cheap clothes, to not be white, or to have any form of physical or mental disability. If a child falls into any of these categories or has something else that makes them distinctly different from the rest of the student body, they will be mercilessly bullied. The staff does not know how to handle children with special needs. The school is painted as a utopia but it is not.
Jamestown offers academic courses in all core subject areas - math, history / social studies, science, and English. Students in grades 6 through 8 also take Spanish classes. In addition, students can choose between band, keyboard (piano), and chorus as a music class. Lastly, students are required to take art and physical education.
Jamestown has a good food service. They offer a wide variety of foods, and it is all healthy, generally.
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The policies at Jamestown are adequate. Although the new security upgrades frustrate some students and parents because they make the school seem "like a prison," they also comfort other parents. The dress code caused some controversy among students when I attended - many girls got in trouble for wearing shorts that were too short.
The school offers plenty of resources to students, including a student assistance counselor, social worker, psychologist, and many classroom teachers. Individual tutoring and after school help are also widely available. In addition, technology (computers, SMART boards) is widely accessible at the school, but the tech support doesn't always know how to fix problems that arise. Lastly, teachers always have the supplies they need.

Also, the building is well-maintained, but it is outdated in some respects and could use a remodel. The layout is also kind of illogical.
Jamestown has a good athletic program. A couple sports are offered each season. Most of these are non-cut. Compared to the rest of the state, however, Jamestown sports teams do not fare well. None of the teams won a championship during the four years that I attended school there. Their low performance in games is due to the low population of talented athletes available.
Jamestown-Lawn School (or Jamestown Middle School) is a really good school. It prepared me well for high school. By eighth grade, however, I did get sick of some of my classmates. Except for a few military students who came and left along the way, I went to school with about 50 of the same kids (in my grade) for nine years. Overall, however, I have no regrets about going to school there.
Students are accepted by their classmates for the most part. Regardless of the school you attend, middle school is an awkward time in life. Some verbal bullying occurs, but students never harm each other physically. Although Jamestown is not a very diverse community, it also NOT a racist community.

Most of the kids in my grade were well-behaved when I attended Jamestown, but a small group (about 5 students) experimented with pot and alcohol during my eighth grade year. Not surprisingly, the teachers were completely unaware of this.
Jamestown School-Lawn has a very high-quality teaching staff. All are willing to stay after school and help those students who need it. I had a great experience with nearly all of my teachers. They prepared me really well for high school.
Considering the size of the school (it's small ~ 200 kids), plenty of opportunities exist for students to get involved. Jamestown offers a number of interscholastic sports. Cross country and track are no-cut sports, and most of the other sports end up being no-cut as well. A note to the competitive athletes: Due to the school's small size, Jamestown sports teams do not fare well compared to the rest of the state.

Fall: Co-ed cross country, boys' soccer, girls' soccer

Winter: Boys' basketball, girls' basketball, co-ed track and field (spring; outdoor), and boys' baseball

Also, a sizable variety of after-school clubs and activities are offered. These generally meet one afternoon per week. Some examples of these clubs are student council, drama club, art club, jazz band, pep band, cooking club, Science Olympiad, and robotics. (Jazz band and pep band are offered in addition to music classes.) Lastly, a daily club is offered for students who need help with their homework.
Located in tranquil Jamestown, the school is very safe. Personal safety is not a concern. In fact, all of the students leave their lockers unlocked because theft is not a concern either. In the wake of the 2012 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in nearby Connecticut, the School Department did add some security measures in order to protect the students from "potential" (IE: non-existent) outside threats. These include bullet-proof safety doors, security cameras, and a high-tech system for entry.

Bullying, although not extremely common, is usually handled well. I did have one extremely poorly-behaved student in my grade, however, and it seemed as though he / she caught the staff off-guard on some occasions because they were not accustomed to dealing with such disciplinary problems from a student. They seemed to underestimate this student's bullying capability as well.
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