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As fresh alumni from Lavilla, with Vocal as my study, Lavilla was a good experience. Chorus is one of the best arts areas provided and Mrs. King and Mr. Pendry take pride in there work. My 6th-grade year they created a student-written and composed opera which had never been done before. The parents are very involved in this program and they help a lot with concerts and everything else that needs to be done. Academics wise, some of the teachers are average, but there is a sprinkle in each grade level that really cares and will do everything in their power to help you succeed.
This school is amazing. The academic classes are medium level of hardness,and the arts area classes are best. Though it can be tough to balance arts and academics, this school has taught me extremely well. The people there are super nice and diverse. The teachers have passion and are wonderful.
LaVilla is one of THE best middle performing arts school. Not only that, their academics are excellent. The teachers are absolutely wonderful. Most, if not all of them have been there for years because they love their school and students. My daughters have learned so much in their arts area until they will be ahead in college should they choose to pursue their arts areas in dance and vocal. I can’t say enough about the academics. They are rated an A school since the doors opened in the district. My kids are challenged and more prepared academically.
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Lavilla really helped me grow as a person, which eventually turned into a home, where I made good connections with friends. What I liked is the understanding of how passionate people are of the arts. Also, how your knowledge of the arts, and academics expand. As much as the teachers help you get really stressed out and overwhelmed with having to focus on the academics and the arts. So, balancing your time out is really essential when going to an arts school. One thing I would want to change is for them to help us a little more than a normal middle school. Also, if they had a plan that would help keep us together more-- for instance, homework, studying, etc. My overall experience was memorable, and life-changing.
LaVilla is an amazing school and I am so glad I went there. The academic teachers are amazing and really want you to succeed as well as the art teachers. Everyone who works there prepared me to get into Douglas Anderson.
I love the teachers and the family-like atmosphere.
The diversity at this school is amazing.
Since its a middle school the audition process isn't worth much but still audition for a better chance in the lottery.
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