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Our daughter is attending her third year of high school in Laurel Springs. Teachers are excellent, curriculum advanced and access to classes amazing. Choices for classes are great, we could not be more happy for education that she is getting in Laurel Springs.
I love laurel springs online school because of the teachers' ability to aid me during a challenging academic time. They were very understanding and more than willing to help me complete my course work, but also truly understand the material. I wu\ould recommend this school to anyone, especially considering that educational environment as it exists today. An online school like laurel springs will be a great choice for any child struggling with traditional school,
My experience is with the online school. Teachers have too many students. The cost is expensive for your student to learn the material on their own. The teacher lectures do not coincide with the unit your student is studying because of varying start times. We only used the teachers when grading was an issue. I tutored my sons in math. The AP classes are horrible. They do not prepare the student. My son went to public school his senior year and was thoroughly prepared for his AP Calculus BC, AP Economics and AP Physics exams.
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I really like the school, I had a lot of fun in the past two years and I really learned a lot. I’m glad I can go there, and I like the freedoms.
Laurel Springs was the best thing that ever happened to me. They afforded my opportunities that I can guarantee I would have never have had if I went to a traditional school. I met people from all over the world and learned tremendously about other cultures through so. My math teacher, Ms.McClimans, was the absolute best teacher I have yet to have and I am now a sophomore in college. I learned Spanish, math, and even real world things. I was in Yearbook Club, Prom Club, Student Government, and Environmental Science Club. I had a great social life, as I know many are concerned of that. I still talk to those friends everyday. I will always be grateful for the opportunities they afforded me.
The admissions process was flawless. Teacher response and availability is excellent. We have children in high school, middle school and lower school programs. The transition from a boarding school for our high schooler, & from attending a large private school and then distance learning for our middle schooler has been great. Our youngest will begin the kindergarten program next week. The availability to have guided direction and recommended schedule for ones individual course work and goals to complete is ideal.
Laurel Springs is a great school. It provides flexibility for student athletes. Teachers are responsive. Curriculum is great. Highly recommend.
My daughter started Laurel Springs School in high school and we are now enrolled our third year. They offer excellent courses, high level education, challenging classes and provide amazing options and individual approach to your child. Their teachers are highly motivated and educated and work excellent with our daughter. Virtual experience is excellent and easy to follow with access to teachers through online or on the phone. Enrolling our daughter in this school to prepare her for College was a great decision!
I have been a student of LSS for three years and recently became an alumni. Appreciate all the hard and soft skills I learned through this form of education. Definitely suggest this school for anyone considering online learning. The online learning system is very well organized and teachers/resources are available if you actively try to look for help.
Amazing teachers, clubs and curriculum that is challenging.
The best option for students who do competitive sport, music,etc
The teachers are so wonderful to work with! I love the fact that there is direct communication from the teachers to both the student and parent. I am never left wondering where my child stands in their courses.
The staff at the school is very responsive to all my child's needs. We originally were going to use Laurel Springs for middle school only. We have decided to stay through high school. They really have proven to be a great educational institution. We are also extremely eased with the level of education and instruction. My daughter will be well prepared for college. The flexibility of the schedule is unmatched!
Laurel Spings was always very flexible with my busy equestrian schedule. The teachers were very responsive and ready to help in any way they could.
My years at Laurel Springs School has been an amazing experience. The staff is extremely helpful, the courses are thoughtful and insightful, and has great social outlets. The flexibility of being able to learn and work on your own time is very beneficial to a healthy learning experience and has helped me immensely.
Laurel Springs has great teachers and fun online classes. The actual coursework can be somewhat boring depending on the course and teacher.
My daughter attended LS for 3rd grade. It was an absolute disappointment. Maybe it's better for higher grades but I would caution parents to consider other schools for lower grades. There is VERY limited actual instruction and the projects often require materials that just aren't usually available plus the content is BORING and dated. The fact that they taught how great the Texas Rangers were was an indication that their content is outdated. I am honestly a little worried about how my daughter will fare in 4th grade.
High school graduate, July of 2006. School offered little to prepare students for college careers and offered no academic advise.
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no communication, repetitive work , copy paste feedback always the same. Long wait for responses and grading. 7k for a class where you learn nothing its 2020 and the classes feel like they were created in 2002 on a brick.
Laurel Springs has helped my education immensely. Being an online student can be difficult, but Laurel Spring's private curriculum and faculty support are unmatched.
It’s a great way to continue intense training whether it’s for a sport or a performing art, while still getting and excellent education through online learning.
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