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Laurel Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I like how the teachers were all so caring when it came to their students. Mainly, the teachers who educate grades 11 and 12 really personalize their teaching to match the students/class.
Great school with great teachers and a good opportunity to learn. Along with a great band and ability to learn music. Next the teacher will help you no matter your stage in learning to reach your full potential in the future.
This school is full of Politics Sweeping things under the Rug they do whatever it takes to keep the schools image.
The Administration are bullys.
They create cliques and parents that attack and bully anyone that speaks against the school. The school graduates kids that cannot read. They act like its 1950 the way they handle things the rules are not the same for everyone. They attack girls for dress codes yet not the boys and only the girls that arent as attractive. I have very little positive to say about the current state of our school
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My experience was average. There should be more punishments for bullying. I’ve been a laurel student since Kindergarten so it’s all i really know.
Do not recommend. Some good individual teachers, especially in elementary, but most high school teachers were a huge disappointment. Very cliquish student body. Administration will not address concerns if your child is not an athlete or you do not hang out in their social circle. Bullying, indifference and lack of student unity was what was experienced.
Most of the teachers are great and would be willing to help you at the drop of a hat! The teachers make classes fun and enjoyable with a diverse range of activities. Laurel has a great amount of school spirit. Their arts department is very strong with a large amount of outstanding artists, musicians, with students who are dedicated in their work. A great school worth attending!
Most of the teachers should be teaching at a university level. They are committed to excellence and help as much as they are able. They teach rather than lecture which is very uncommon in most public schools. Students are sometimes wild and get away with more than they should. However, it seems like everyone always has everyone's backs when needed.
Teachers go out of their way to make sure you understand what they are saying to you. School Spirit is excellent. People are friendly; however, diversity is limited and a portion are narrow-minded.
Most classes are small, an average of 15-20 students per class. Very sociable, friendly, relatable, great teachers! Laurel offers activities and clubs such as, FFA, NHS, FBLA and more! We have great athletic coaches. Our teams usually have successful sporting seasons!
Laurel Junior/Senior High School was a small school in the middle of a very rural community. There were some very good teachers although there were not many classes to branch out to different things such as psychology or different languages such as german or italian. This school was not a school that helped prepare me for college very much if at all.
I would highly recommend Laurel Jr/Sr Highschool to all families! I moved to Laurel in 10th grade to take care of my grandmother. My grandmother was diagnosed with Pullmonary Fibrosis on December 15th, 2013 and given only a few years to live. We moved into her house and built her on a mother in law suite to be as comfortable as possible. I would spend my every afternoon being with her and helping her. The thought of moving to another school seemed extremely hard and nerve racking. Although, Laurel Highschool made things a thousand times easy and were very helpful! They supported me through everything! Any time I had any questions someone would be right by my side helping me. I made many life long friends! Everyone was so caring and many even supoorted me at my grandmas funeral on November 27th, 2015. I would highly recommend any family to move to Laurel Jr/Sr Highschool for their children!
The community of Laurel Jr Sr High School is a very close and caring community. The school spirit at Laurel is through the roof. Plus, the curriculum is quiet good.
The education I received not just in the classroom but about how to live a happy and fulfilling life I believe is what sets Laurel above the rest. For some kids Laurel has been a home since kindergarten; however, that is not the case for everyone. I was homeschooled until 6th grade and then made the transition to cyber school until 9th. Once 9th grade came around I decided I wanted to attend a public school. I had a couple options but the school that stood out to me the most was Laurel. Ever since then, I have made lifetime friends, maintained a 4.0 GPA and continue flourish in honors and AP classes. The teachers and faculty make it easy to love going to school everyday. Laurel allows growing kids to try new things and reach their full potential. The options in sports, activities and clubs is enough to keep one busy and allows one to make new friends and open minds to new interests. Even though I did not attend Laurel my whole life, I am proud to say it will always be my home.
As a current senior, this school has its ups and downs. Most teachers are very well rounded and understanding.
I moved around a lot before settling into this school and the kids were very friendly and I felt more involved in this school than others I attended.
Most of the teachers tried very hard to push students and provide a variety of teaching styles for different kinds of learners.
I feel that our security system could be better, but it still feels safe because we have armed security guards.
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I love the variety of extracurricular activities. I have done a lot of sports through my school career. Sports aren't all the extra activities a student could do because there are many more clubs like theatre arts, choir, band, conservation club and much more.
The parents at Laurel push their kids to be who they know they can be. All students need that extra push. The parents are very supportive to not only their kids but to the other students as well. For example, coming to sporting events, the school play, or our Sportsmans Night Out that we have every year.
The teachers at my school are all really nice and knowledgable especially now that I'm a senior. They are respectful and like to listen to the students opinions and they don't give long boring speeches. Most teachers try and incorporate the outside of school world with what we are doing so we have a great example of what to look forward too.
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