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I love Latin. The school itself is amazing, and I've made friends I'll know for the rest of my life. I came here as a new student in 9th grade. I would have given the school five stars, but there are about three things I feel that bring the school down in quality. The first thing is that the social scene is atrocious. I am white, but I have noticed that a lot of students at Latin are not very welcoming to students of color. Many of my friends who are POC have told me about how they feel as though they don't belong. Being a girl at Latin is also difficult, there is a select group of boys who talk about us as if we are pieces of meat. The last thing that brings Latin down is the treatment of students with learning accommodations, specifically the math department. I had accommodations for my freshman and sophomore year due to an injury, and both times my math teachers were not understanding of my needs. However, overall Latin is an amazing school. I would recommend it to all.
Latin has a comprehensive college counseling program and will encourage kids to cast their net widely in selecting schools and appropriately so, but there does seems to be a palpable parallel move to dissuade some (white kids?) from applying to Ivy Leagues. Because "equity?" One parent told me she felt as if mentioning an Ivy League school with Latin College counseling was akin to using profanity. I've heard other similar stories. Parents are seen as the problem and managed in disparate ways. Parents are hectored and lectured. Exhausting.
Be warned. Current leadership has shepherded in a highly ideological narrow brand of social justice pedagogy killing the healthy climate of rigorous and open inquiry that every school needs. A dogma and a predictable self-censorship has rolled in like a suffocating fog. It’s been sad to watch the decline of this once worthy school.
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I attended the Latin School and my experience was phenomenal. I made friendships with outstanding, hard-working, and forward-thinking students that I can imagine will last my lifetime. The faculty is second to none. Absolutely dedicated to the students and accessible by all means. The resources are also great, and events like project week take the learning outside and to the next level. Wouldn't choose another school for the life of me.
As a queer student, I oftentimes felt like I was alone, and it took me a long time to feel comfortable at school. Now that I am, though, I thoroughly enjoy Latin. The classes and teachers are almost all incredible. My education is worth it.
I absolutely love the inclusive, rigorous atmosphere at Latin. The administration as well as the whole student body are extremely caring of one another and constantly look to bring out each other’s best. Weather that be in liberal arts, sports, or academics.
I have been here for a while and the school is very intriguing. Latin's academics are great, and have helped me in many ways to learn things that I have not been able to understand in previous schools. My only problem is that the social scene is a little bit cliquey and students (including myself occasionally) feel obligated to be sad about being left out. This includes parties of about twenty to thirty kids every weekend that is streamed on social media so others can see. Some students also participate in alcohol and e-cigarette behavior, although that is a minority, it usually is the kids at the parties. But otherwise, I love Latin and I am proud to be a Roman!
There is a new curriculum being implemented based on the SPLC Teaching Tolerance and it is their main priority. Academics are now a low priority. Diversity and inclusion is now the main focus. It all sounds warm and fuzzy until you realize that your child isn't learning anything except social causes. Be warned.
Students and teachers are warm and inviting. Everyone always has a smile on their face. Classes are engaging and fun, they push you to think about the world from a different perspective.
As a new student as a freshman, I was welcomed very warmly in the community. The staff is amazing and will help you through any problem you have, whether it's in or out of school, and the same applies with students. Diversity lacks in a 70%-ish white school, but what I like the most about this school is that they don't care about your race, ethnicity, religious background, etc. They see you as a fellow student of the Latin School of Chicago.
I loved the emphasis on academics here and the wide range of classes offered and the high level at which they were taught. As someone who thoroughly enjoys sports, I wish they would improve upon that aspect of the school.
A school should inspire curiosity & thirst for learning. Latin has turned into an institution that tells students what to think, not how to think. It’s wrong to hear students say they know when to "keep their mouths shut" because of teachers' differing views. Biased teaching is not preparing students for the real world, rather it strips them of freedom of thought, weakening their real world perspective.

The administration, including Head of School continues to ignore bullying that exists across all divisions within the student, faculty & parent bodies. I feel my children are targeted for who they are and do not feel they are fully safe. Members of the community feel they can't truly be themselves without being unfairly treated. This is only underscored by allowing biased organizations to script curriculum.

If you are looking at Latin, seriously consider another as this school's academic legacy appears to be slipping quickly.
Latin is average at best in terms of academics, especially as it does not fully value diversity... diversity of thought is not respected. As a parent, I feel that my children and I can't be our true selves for fear of not being liberal enough. The administration has allowed mental bullying to occur across all divisions, within the student, faculty and parent bodies.
I have attended the Latin School of Chicago from grades JK-Senior year. The education is phenomenal, and the facilities are great. The teachers foster and intimate setting where learning is fun and easy, and the offered resources are bold enough so that the only thing keeping you from prospering is yourself.
However, the school's developing initiative for diversity and college readiness is still on the way. The college counseling office is not willing to listen to the students as much as their own agenda sometimes, which is why plenty of students seek out of school or independent guidance in the process. Nevertheless, every year the secondary institutions that are attended are fantastic.
I went here for high school and I had the worst time of my life. I got bullied by the students and the teachers never helped me. I would try to go get help but there was nowhere I could go. The teachers made me incredibly uncomfortable. I don't recommend this high school for most students, it is filled with cliques, and it is very hard to make new friends. I felt extremely uncomfortable there as a new student and I urge this school to work harder on making new students more comfortable.
This school is great. Everything is great. I would give it 5 stars if not for the food. The Food used to be great but the last few years its gone down in quality and variety and in general its BAD. Wish I could have given it a 5
Given that Latin is an independent school, the administration makes a concerted effort to keep all students safe, healthy, and secure. Entering and exiting the school, students and faculty are required to badge in and to with their ids. Any guests or other people have to sign in and state a purpose before being allowed entrance into the school. Health wise, the trainers and nurses to a great job of working with students and student-athletes to minimize injuries and sicknesses.
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Extracurricular opportunities at Latin are awesome because they are so accessible to every student. A small school and tremendous faculty and administration ensures that team sports are competitive, well- run, and inclusive. Additionally, a wide range of electives are offered for students who are interested in the arts and sciences. The student run clubs may define latin best, as they represent the students passion, curiosity, and motivation for helping non profits and achieving goals for certain significant causes.
The school its self is unparalleled. The students are offered an independent, intimate, and joyful academic experience that includes rigorous and interesting courses; The teachers truly care and go out of their way to better their students' abilities and minds; The opportunities within the school are endless and are very accessible to new students. Despite all of this, I would have to strongly say that the students at the school are liberally elitist. The population of students is homogenous-- mostly and white and very wealthy. Additionally, a majority of the wealthy, white students feel entitled which leaves some students, especially minorities, to be marginalized and completely excluded, especially in social activities and plans outside of school. The major problem with this is that a lot of Latin students will be friendly in school-- they will say hi, eat lunch with everyone, and also hang out and have conversations in the library and cafeteria all due to the small grade sizes and intimate environment. However, these occurrences are extremely misleading and fake because the environment outside of school is cut throat and somewhat disgusting to be honest. Kids start drinking alcohol in social situations as early as 9th grade and use many kids' homes as a setting for this disgusting behavior; often using a kid for his house and then never communicating again outside of school as if they ate half an apple and threw the rest away in the garbage. Kids are excluded and marginalized from the social scene outside of school despite friendliness and inclusivity in school. Its utterly ridiculous.
The teachers at Latin are tremendous. They go out of their way to help students given the intimate academic environment, and they are qualified, enthusiastic, and passionate about what they do. Teachers often develop strong relationships with students by junior and senior year given the frequent meetings not only for classes but also clubs, sports, and other activities. By going to the Latin School of Chicago, students learn better than anywhere else due to the outstanding teachers.
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