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Las Lomas is a friendly place. I was a transfer student and didn't know anyone when I first got there. Every teacher I had were nice. My counselor, MLH, was super helpful! The school nurse was responsible, too. We had a Collage and Career center in which the teacher Ms. F was very caring. She did her best to help us with applying colleges and all kinds of other things relating to that. In all, I had young teachers and experienced teachers, and none of them could I not say a good teacher (in a positive way). Besides, the drama department was outstanding in the district.
Fire alarm went wrong a few times. And there were a block down during my time in school. But the surroundings were generally safe!
My Children are thriving at Las Lomas! They are so lucky to be part of a school that is incredibly safe and to have a top notch teaching staff who truly cares about them. These kids are surrounded by so much love and support and they are truly blessed to be part of this school community!
Great School. The school has a very diverse community with great academics, clubs, and sports! Las Lomas has a small campus which is great for getting around from class to class.
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School is in a great location but has lots to improve on. Bomb threats and racist writings on the bathroom stalls are all common themes at this school. Some teachers are great while others aren't so great. There is lots to work on for the cafeteria food so I highly recommend taking leftovers or something. Some sports are extremely competitive including basketball, waterpolo and football while others are less competitive.
It wasn’t the best, but this school is pretty decent. Great teachers and academic routine. Students can be really rude and mean to each other and the teachers. There’s a lot of great clubs and leadership groups. The college and career center are also very helpful to students.
The amount of preparation Las Lomas provides you for college is immense, and they really are dedicated to getting their students into the best schools they can.
It is a small school that holds many events to show off our "knight pride". Faculty and staff are nice and always ready to help whether or not you are their student. The academics are also well taught, leaving you prepared for what's to come next.
Las Lomas High School is an overall fantastic school. Almost every student is academically driven and the school itself is considered the most diverse school in our district. Besides the helpful teachers and self-motivated students, Las Lomas High School has many different clubs, and plenty of school spirit.
I only attended this school for one year. I transferred from San Francisco. The students at this school are excellent, and at the same time I felt pressured. But it is a very good school, and I learned a lot. My counselor are patient and helpful. Anyway, I like this school.
Awesome school with great teachers and tons of resources. Located right next to downtown Walnut Creek. Graduating class of 2018.
A terrific overall experience. Teachers that genuinely care about their students success made the years fly by easily.
I truly have enjoyed my time at Las Lomas. My teachers have helped me succeed in all ways possible. I've met new friends in each of the classes, and the general population of the school is very friendly. The facilities are great, and the campus is beautiful.
Las lomas is changing for the better or worse. It has been an interesting year change with the new block schedule. Very different from the traditional school schedule.
A lot of teachers here are very unhelpful but others are helpful and supportive. The food is not that good. Diversity could really be higher, there are few minorities. Most sports are not very good and lose a lot while others excel and go very far. They do alright when it comes to preparing for college, I've gotten some help but a lot of it I had to do on my own.
I like Las Lomas for the most part. It is a very academically charged school and prepares us for life and college. Some of the food is the only problem and not many people buy food from school but other than that it is a good high school.
Las Lomas High School has great academics with a large variety of course options. They offer a lot of college assistance and scholarship advice. The teachers are very engaged and willing to help whenever you need it. The school spirit is really high with a bunch of involvement from all the students.
Las Lomas is an amazing community with so many opportunities for everyone. There are tons of clubs, sports, and activities making us the fun school.
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I really love my school and I love all of my teachers. Some students can be rude, and they washed my mural away, but I love the supportive environment. I enjoy how our college counselors are so helpful and how I can do art in almost any class!
I love this school! It may be old and not extremely rigorous compared to the others schools in the Acalanes Union High School District, but we have fun activities and school spirit like no other, so taking part in clubs and school events is a must - especially homecoming! After all, we have been rated as "The FUN school" among the district. We are also the most diverse school in the district in terms of representation. There always seems to be a shortage of teachers, but this year many have been hired so I hope it helps further strengthen our faculty and academic standing. Also, the teachers here are very understanding and supportive - although a few can be weak at teaching - even if they're wonderful human beings. Sometimes administration can be fussy but if you're polite and willing to get your work done, they will help you.
The teachers show interest and concern for each student's well-being and are always very helpful and available often. There is a variety of clubs and a great drama program. The school spirit is great and always activities going on to keep us engaged in the school and get to know others. What I would like to see improved would be smaller class sizes and more classrooms.
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