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Larry A. Ryle High School Reviews

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Ryle is a great high school for northern Kentucky and does a good job supporting and encouraging it’s students
The academic and athletic aspects of Ryle are great, and the schools facilities are an about an even mix of older and brand new. The only issue I might hve with Ryle is the lack of demographic diversity and the older wings of the building.
Ryle High School has helped me grow into a self-assured person that is comfortable in facing challenges and moving towards my dreams. The arts are unfortunately shrugged under the rug, which is what I'm most interested going into as college nears, but the fantastic staff can make up for almost any issue. I have so much to thank for the teachers and how they've impacted me, and you'll be hard pressed to find such a diverse group of educators that care about their students like Ryle's teachers do.
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I enjoyed going to school here very much. It was a very happy environment and everyday at school was a new adventure.
Ryle is a great school with caring teachers and lots of class choices and activities. Even though it is big, there are many opportunities to get involved in organizations to make connections and be a part of the school spirit.
I am currently a student at Ryle High School. I have enjoyed my years of education here with wonderful teachers whose goals are to educate their students to the best of their ability. I am involved in several clubs and actively participate. Ryle's competitive clubs are strong competitors and have won many awards. The school is a nice environment to learn in, always improving and recently extended their academic wing. Parents are less involved, but at a high school level, students are expected to be more independent. Ethnic and cultural minorities make up a very small percentage of the school population, but they are well represented and respected. Ryle prepares its students to be college ready, pushing for students' full potential. The administration is considerate and respectful towards the students and staff members. Their cafeteria food has much room for improvement, but does offer options for many different lifestyles.
Larry A Ryle High School has prepared me for college in a variety of ways. The teachers want to see you succeed and have a bright future. This shows by the way they are always pushing you to succeed and helping you in anyway they can.
My favorite part of Larry A. Ryle High School was the amount of possible classes and the availability of them and the clubs. Ryle has offered almost every class I have ever heard of, including the majority of AP classes, so I have been able to really pick the classes I want to do and don't have many limits on my choices. One way I think it could improve is getting rid of the outdoor classrooms that are in the trailers. I understand that this is expensive but the outdoor classrooms are terrible and have little protection against the weather. They also often have problems with fire alarms and the school's wifi.
It’s a very big school with over 2,000 kids, but everyone is very welcoming and there’s always something going on to be involved with.
I loved the various opportunities to take classes that were challenging and let me explore the interests that I had.
The school has really pushed me further than the other two high schools I attended. I felt out of place at my last schools. However, when I am here, I feel more like myself and I'm not afraid of judgement anymore.
I attended Ryle for my final 2 years. And while some thrive in this school, in my experience, most just slide by or end up leaving for homeschooling. The teachers don’t care, save for a few exceptional ones, unless you put on a show to be teachers pet. They don’t listen to students when they’re improperly placed. They just put the blame on them for ending up in the wrong class. They claim a zero tolerance bullying policy but won’t do anything to prevent it and have even borderline bullied students themselves. Honestly there’s more problems than my word count will let me include. There are for sure worse schools out there but it is nowhere near what they claim to be and their test scores and cliquey social bade should not define the decency and rank of this school.
Ryle overall has given me a great high school experience. It is filled with various activities every week to encourage involvement and there is a club or organization for everyone. Ryle is very good with inclusion. They like to nurture the interests of students through different pathways and fundamentals.
No diversity, very good academics, students are expected to follow set requirements and do not have much freedom in choosing classes or coursework.
Ugh. This school. It's the rich kid school and that means that not only do they have money, but that's all they care about. There are teachers that care and that are amazing, but most suck.
My experience at Ryle so far has been pretty good. I transferred to Ryle my sophomore year, and while it was scary, all of the teachers and students were very welcoming. I also am a part of the women's soccer team, so making friends through that was really nice and easy.
I've really enjoyed my time at Ryle. There are a good mix of personalities and students. Our community is really involved and a great sense of home.
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As a current Senior at this school, I am pleased to review my high school and provide my amazing experience with this school. My experience with Larry A. Ryle high school has been one for the books, I have been involved in several clubs, I am committed to Ryle’s great sports organization and I have maintained a very good social life. It is very easy to be social at this school because of how big it is and how this school provides many opportunities to connect with people of the same interests as you. One thing I would like to change at this school is the coaching staff of our sports teams. As a baseball player at this school I can say we need a new coaching staff, as our past history we have only won 1 regional championship and 0 state championships. After 25 years without winning a state championship in either baseball, football, basketball; there is time to change. An overall rating of this school is 5 stars and I highly recommend attending this prestigious high school.
I wasnt always the popular kid in school but I still had a good experience. They have a vast amount of clubs for all students. If there isnt a club that suits you they are very willing to help you start one.
Ryle needs to catch up with the sports of the schools around them. They are declining because of poor coaching and a athletic director that has been in position for way to long. When you have no change in that long that is not good for the students. Its a system based on relationships with them not talent of a student.
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