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I have attended Larchmont since fifth grade and I believe that Larchmont provides the best in Public Education. The teachers offer an inclusive environment where everyone and anyone can share their thoughts and emotions. Not only does it provide a diverse and enriching curriculum , but student alike thrive in a project base learning environment. I would recommend Larchmont to anyone weather you are looking for an excellent public education or for a multi cultural multi racial community of learning scholars.
Weve been here entering our third year. My child loves school. We love the school and its community. We couldnt be happier to have her here.
The elementary schools are good but after that it goes down hill. The elementary parents do almost if the fundraising and volunteer work and the. They get to Selma and are so disappointed. All the magic is gone. The hard workers, the girls, the smartest kids, the rich families, strong families of all types leave in droves. Everything declines Garden, library, art, academics, and mostly responsive admin.
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Great teachers. College counseling program needs to be developed/streamlined and begin in freshman year.
It is a pretty good school, probably better than the average public school. It is quite small, and because classes are spread through four floors, you will climb stairs often. The food isn't great, but generally, the culture and people are nice. Most teachers are competent and/or cool people, some aren't (as with most places).
Larchmont Charter School is an incredibly special school. the teachers are dedicated to basing their curriculum around current events and social issues without forcing their own bias on to students. Larchmont creates a safe space for students to truly express themselves and therefore breeds activism, acceptance and involvement in the community. teachers make themselves extremely available to students in a diligently professional way that enable students to feel comfortable to both ask questions and provide answers in group discussions, which happen quite often. one negative thing i would say about the school, however, is that the administration is very disorganized.
We've been at Larchmont CS at Hollygrove for 2 years. I couldn't be happier. It is an amazing group of people who truly care.
great school teachers are hands-on, the staff cares about you and they check up on you because the student population is not very large. The student center for kids with disabilities is extremely helpful and genuinely cares about them.
I am currently in high school at Larchmont Charter Lafayette. I joined Larchmont Charter at the Selma campus. The school has allowed me to grow and widen my interests. The teachers are great and provide a lot of support. There are a lot of new changes that are being made that will allow this school to grow. I appreciate the diversity on campus and the safe environment Larchmont provides.
Small school feel with a public school price tag. They're always making improvements to the school and the students are never treated as just a number.
Most of the staff is very helpful and the student teacher ratio is 2:1. Meaning students have more time with the teachers so they could improve themselves. The staff is also always trying to improve the campus in anyway possible. Student are engaged in school activities and always looking for a way to contribute to the school.
Larchmont is an amazing school, I've been at Larchmont for 13 years and have enjoyed every single year being there. The teachers are amazing, the staff try to be friendly and understand students. Everyone feels included and the academics are amazing
Larchmont Charter hires very skilled and caring teachers who give students their attention and talents, with the goal of providing a nuturing learning environment.
I have attended Larchmont since second grade and I can say that I am glad that I chose to stay. Of course, like every other school, Larchmont has its up and downs but this school has provided me with so much more that i could ever imagine. It has helped me build my confidence and social skills as well as find comfort and almost a home-y feel within. As a low income student, the school also makes opportunities very accessible. The teachers are also a delight and incredibly intelligent. Yes, favoritism is prominent but the reason as to why you might attend a smaller school is to be able to interact and befriend your teachers in order to gain all the knowledge you can. If you much rather want to learn through lectures from aloof teachers, go someplace else. Nevertheless, Larchmont still lacks of many things as it is still developing but faculty has recently been taking action especially things regarding the recent horrifying events within our nation and I very much appreciate that.
I have had a great experience at Larchmont as a student. I like the teachers and they are always willing to help when you may not understand a subject. I wish that the building the school is in would change because I think is too small for the amount of students they have enrolled. My overall experience has been great just that the space is too small for the number of students they currently have enrolled and may grow to more in the future.
I am a freshman at Larchmont Charter School, so, of course, my perspective and general understanding is understandably not to such a standard as many others, but I believe I've garnered enough information about the school so as to write this review. My time here has been extraordinarily unpleasant. Many of the students are rude, most of the teachers utilize sharp favoritism, and it is all to clear that the bias of certain teachers influences the way they grade their class. I have seen little to nothing done about bullying at the school, and teachers simply let it pass by if they hear it. The opportunities for artistic expression is also extremely limited; I play piano, and I feel my hopes and dreams playing the instrument have no fruition here. If you value your child, send them to a more developed school.
I entered in ninth grade from a different highschool. Larchmont is small and has a lot of student to student interactions.
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I like Larchmont Charter school because they help a lot when going to college and they are able to explain it very well and how everything works. Its very easy to talk with teachers and get a one to one experience and see what I need help on like homework, study guides, test and so on. The one thing I would like to see change would be the food. It's not the best but it could improve a little bit more.
The teachers and the administration at Larchmont Charter School are very dedicated towards their students. Most of them express genuine concern towards their students' grades and offer help without any hesitation towards those in need of help. However, Larchmont Charter School has few resources since it is a new school. But they still strive in other aspects in comparison to other schools such as diversity.
Larchmont Charter focuses on how its’ students are taught the importance of education, but also the fundamentals of society. It’s a very diverse school and supports students from all kinds of backgrounds also because it's small the students are well looked after and have strong relationships with each other and the staff. It receives funding publicly through fundraisers made by the help of the community, families, and staff members. Sometimes the students will create/lead a fundraiser of their own which helps them grow in both knowledge and skinship between one another. This school has given me the guidance for being apart of the community and how I can positively contribute to it. The things I would want to see change are probably the scheduling for events, classes, and other activities because it can be a little frustrating at times, but overall it is a fantastic school.
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