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It’s a great school with an amazing support staff, all the teachers are amazing and encouraging. They go out of their way to help students succeed
It’s a good school with a welcoming student body. The teachers are great. The work is awesome! The teachers and staff are are always there to help. Overall it’s a good school full of good people.
I think attending Lansing was an experience that I'll carry with me through my life. The environment here is extremely supportive, and most teachers (especially in the AP and Pre-AP courses) genuinely care about their students and their academic careers. The only problem I had attending Lansing was some of the students within the AP classes could be a little passive-aggressive- but competitiveness comes with these types of students, so I really didn't mind. Overall a wonderful experience!
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It’s an OK school. It’s not very good at college preparation or making sure you are ready for the outside world. The teachers are very nice and accepting and do their best to make sure you learn the curriculum, they do not adapt to other types of learning well though. They teach one way and expect you to learn.
I love Lansing High School
I only disliked the quality of education when it came to online schooling.
Lansing High School offers a very unique experience for students. There is a great variety of courses available to prepare a student for college. There is also a lot of clubs and activities for people to get involved in.
It’s good, the people are nice and majority of the teachers are nice too. I really like the new high school and I love the use of technology
I would rate my experience at Lansing High School amazing the only thing I would change is the principles not automatically taking the teacher’s side against a student.
I really enjoy the friendly and welcoming atmosphere that the school brings. Not only are there various high-quality opportunities to learn in topics such as robotics, broadcasting, culinary arts, theater, debate and more; there's also a wonderful teacher staff that makes school enjoyable. There's something for everyone and the recent Corona virus outbreak has shown most people just how much we appreciate the school. Starting Monday, all of the Kansas schools that were on Spring break will not be able to return to school. Instead students will stay home and review curriculum online. Having the opportunity to do our schoolwork online with our district-provided iPads demonstrates how adaptable our school is to crises.
I have been here since first grade and they really prepare you to work hard. I feel like certain things are too much. I am a straight A student having to go to 8 detentions because i have missed a lot of school in which my mom called me in. I also feel like they should prepare us a little more for college. I feel like I'm about to go in blind. I think the teachers here are pretty bomb. Their great and they just teach really well while making it interesting.
Lansing high school is a very good school it has well trained teachers, good learning facilities, if you want a high school lancing is just the best school for you.
The schools administrative is very well organized and discipline is followed by everyone no discrimination
Everyone lives peacefully in the school if you want your grades be going up instead of going down, then Lansing high school is just the best school for you.
Have been wondering which school your kid is going to go to well don’t hesitate Lansing is your number one choice for a high school
based on your last name, opportunities are limited or great. Everyone lives to impress everyone. my school is majority girls and they are always right until proven wrong. there are so many clicks, depending on the one you belong to your either popular or not.
I liked the teachers and the environment the most. All of the staff was really nice and the teachers cared about students' grades and kept up with their assignments to make sure they were learning in class and that they understood the material that was being taught in class.
I loved the atmosphere and all the opportunities it offered! The school gave opportunities to volunteer in clubs, find a career path that suits you, and have fun by playing sports or joining a competitive, volunteer based, or academic club.
Lansing High School was one of the top schools academically when I attended with college acceptance and graduation rates among the highest in the state. There are plenty of clubs and school organizations to join. The class selection is wide and the new high school has plenty of study spaces and new sports facilities.
Many of the teachers and staff are very willing to help students through trouble in the classroom with homework and schoolwork if asked. They are adament about helping through issues with other students and teachers. There are many paras willing to help students one on one or in small groups. Many of the classes have many oppertunities for group work and teachers are willing and able to walkthrough and ecplain problems to students.
I liked how I graduated with most kids I went to elementary school with. I think the small community is great especially when you can make friends for a life time.
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Most of my teachers genuinely enjoyed teaching and helping students. They were engaging in such a way that made me excited to come to school. There wasn't much in the way of college readiness aside from a program that replaced study hall. I had a good experience going here, but would have liked more of something to prepare me for college life.
Lansing has a lot of opportunities including having a specific time set out during each to help students get hands-on experience with the careers they enjoy.
There is a team dedicated to making you have a good high school experience. Several fun activities and clubs. Some teachers aren't great though, but there are always a few bad apples.
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