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I actually have PTSD from this school. My parents put me in this school due to its claims for Christian values, and the school claimed I would be bullied less here. That was absolutely not the case. I was bullied so incredibly hard and was told every day that I just needed to believe in Christ and it would go away. Teachers were disrespected for standing up for me (I am a school teacher now). I ate lunch in a bathroom stall regularly and when my parents complained and tried to talk to the administrators, I was told that they confronted the girl and her parents in question and that they wouldn't do anything. Mainly due to the relationship her parents had with the school.

There was a time when I tried to complain to my math teacher (who was late to class) that I was being bullied so incredibly hard that I couldn't stand being in class anymore. She blamed me. I ran out of the class and stayed in the bathroom for the entirety of the period.
Lansing Christian School is a great place for a person to grow spiritually and academically. The teachers are invested into every student and build personal relationships with them. The school's sports are on the weaker side but come out on top when it comes to academics.
It makes you feel like you are really apart of a community. As a freshman I came in with not knowing anybody but people in the different class levels all the way up to some seniors made me feel at home. I would recommend this school to anybody who can afford it. But they do have variable tuition which makes going to Lansing Christian very affordable.
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I felt like the teachers were all very informed of their subjects and for the most part knew how to teach their kids. One thing I didn't like was their small amount of classes that they offered.
Lansing Christian played a huge part in shaping me into the Christ-follower I am today. The teaches are talented and friendly. I got to know many of them during my time at LCS, they truly cared about my success and were role models for how to have an impact as a Christian in my vocation. The rigorous coursework at LCS and AP classes prepared me well to succeed in college and beyond. I also truly enjoyed the sports offerings at LCS, a benefit of attending a small school like LCS is students can participate in many sports. LCS truly is a family and I could not have asked for a better high school experience.
Amazing teachers and administrators focused on building strong, confident, and capable Christian leaders.
I now understand why Christians get a bad reputation. If your last name is Granger, this is the place for you! If you have morals, this is not the place for you. LCS draws in fake people like a moth to a flame. If you’re thinking about sending your child here, add up the tuition cost along with the therapy bills. If you can afford that without breaking a sweat, you’re probably at the right place.
Bullying goes on all the time and the administrators treat it like its just kids who have to learn to work it out. The bullies aren't held accountable at all.
We had a horriblr situation happen and nothing was done, admin just burried their heads in the sand! Many families leave due to bullying.
I have attended Lansing Christian since elementary school. The education I have received has been rigorous and Christ-centered. The teachers are not solely there to teach; they want to help you learn and succeed. I am 100% confident I am prepared for college because of the classes I have taken at LCS.
The religious teacher for middle school is very hypocritical. The school in general really needs prayer...
At LCS, the teachers take a genuine interest in you, not only as a student, but as a person. My teachers often ask me how I'm doing and how life is at home and things like that. They make it a point to be vulnerable and share their faith with their students and it makes a huge difference in the classroom environment at LCS opposed to other schools.
The school is good as long as you don’t have a problem. If you have a problem it is terrible! No accountability anywhere. Everyone just wants to “partner with you in education”. There were no steps made to rectify the problem and to make sure it doesnt happen again.
Middle school is terrible. Elementary is great a lot of christian leadership not so much in the middle school. Science teachers shows christian leadership but that's about it. Very disappointed.
Lansing Christian is very welcoming to new students and makes sure that they are included. However, the school is severely lacking in diversity and is very conservative in their world views.
Third grade teachers need to retire. Head of the school just managed people didn’t solve problems. Kindergarten and second grade teachers were great!
Everyone at the school was super judgmental and operated with a fake christian attitude. Some of the teachers could not teach the subjects they were teaching at all. Also there is no diversity in this school. It is practically all white people from suburbs and any non white would feel discriminated by the racist jokes heard from kids everyday.
The best Private Christian education ever. This school has shaped me into the strong follower of Christ I am today. The community is so kind, and the teachers care about your progress. I would recommend it to anyone.
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I have been at LCS since 8th grade and have grown a lot in my faith as a Christian. The teachers are very good, they love their subjects and incorporate the Bible into their teaching. Chapels on Tuesday and Friday as well as Retreat at the beginning of the year are times where students can grow in faith and community. I have also gone on several fun class trips to Gettysburg and Chicago.
LCS was a very good place to go to school. I felt welcome as soon as I started there and participated in sports and fine arts. The teachers were all very nice and really wanted us students to succeed. The Granger family kind of runs LCS, which is understood due to their large donations, but some favorites are chosen if they have a connection to the family.
The genuine Christian community is truly exceptional. The staff is caring, professional, and highly skilled. It is a welcoming place committed to glorifying God through continual improvement.
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