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It is an average high school with a lot of people and I feel as though the rules are starting to become restrictive to the normal students.
The sports program fosters a learning environment focused on team work and grades. they have many connections between what happens inside the classroom and what happens in the community. If you’re part of the community, you can be one of those connections. The environment at the school helps students to define their identities. Students benefit when they have support in forming their identities and becoming the adults they want to be. When students have access to opportunities to learn about and explore possible futures for themselves it helps them immensely.
Personally, I like how much school spirit there is. Spirit week is always awesome, everybody dresses up. Also, I really appreciated how supportive everybody was for incoming freshmen. There is a program called 'Linkcrew' specifically designed for helping freshmen have a smooth and fun transition into their high school experience.
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(I written a whole review but I accidentally deleted it and dont feel like re-writing it but this basically sums it up)
I enjoyed the facility and all it offered, but it was the environment that prevented five stars. Although, there was effort in creating a positive environment for the students, the culture of the students retaliated.
I like that my school is on the bigger end, but not too big for me to become overwhelmed. There are so many amazing teachers there, and we try to be aware of controversial issues that are happening in the world. I am very fortunate to go to this school, because when I was in elementary school, my parents got divorced and I moved out of the district. I commute every day to school because of all of the amazing things that my school can provide me.
L'Anse Creuse North was amazing and, the students were like every high school but the teachers were my favorite part about the school. Several of my teachers were supportive and assisted me every step of the way to help me out through school. Probably the only thing that should be change at LCN is the size because it is too crowded.
i liked that the counselors and majority of the staff were really nice, but one thing i would like to see change would be the rules on backpacks they are so convenient especially when your locker is on the other side of the school they should most definitely be allowed.
What I like about LCN is that everyone is positive and good role models. What I would like to see change is being able to wear backpacks. Sounds like it’s not a big deal but can really make a difference for some students academics.
I liked the closeness of the high by me so that I could go there anytime after school I needed to. the teachers there that I had were so awesome and really cared about me. I have type 1 diabetes and have to take insulin couple times a day and each teacher and most staff took the time to understand and review the signs and symptoms of high and low blood sugars. I was in the band for 4yrs and just loved it. it is a very cool group of people that you bond with. I didn't do the marching band because of my illness but the concert performances are awesome. I took four years of german and the teacher I had in freshmen year, made me want to continue all the way thru my senior year and have 4yrs of german. he was so awesome. I am really excited to have a career in drawing, especially character drawing and my various art teachers thru my four years helped, guided and encouraged me to do various things to increase my skill in drawing. I am excited to go into the world and progress.
Some of the staff can be really nice, where others are straight up nosey. The food is mostly from GFS, which is not always the best. Plenty of AP courses to take throughout the highschool career.
The L'Anse Creuse district is probably one of the best districts in the metro Detroit area. The teachers are passionate about their subjects and students, and the school provides a safe environment to anyone on the campus.
I thoroughly enjoy the many opportunities for involvement in school. There are countless clubs that allow all students to feel as though the are a part of something larger than themselves; however, I dislike the fact that high school students tend to have bullying tendencies. Mean children put a damper on the school environment.
The principal and Dean are not adequate. They do not take into consideration the needs of students. However, the teachers at LCN are exceptional. Most of them take great care in connecting with their students and that makes going to school more enjoyable.
L'Anse Creuse High School is a very good high school in Macomb County. Of course there is always room for improvement. My children have been very successful in this district. The career training and performing arts programs are fantastic. Lots of opportunities. Sports programs are good, some better than others. Overall we have been extremely happy with our experience with LCN.
Poor communication. Lack of response time from teachers. I thought most teachers cared and would say they value feedback from parents input but clearly this school doesn’t want your feedback or care. Keeping in mind the parents are the ones paying your salary with our tax dollars. If you send an email expect either no response or multiple emails to get a response a week or two later. If a parent says they are concerned their child may need some help or doesn’t understand something the teacher should be kind and help that student. Instead many of these teachers are like little children and rattle and tell the student that your parent contacted me about you and sets off a bad message to the student. This behavior is appalling and should not be tolerated. Also if you speak to one of their school counselors she will tell you how you are inconveniencing her and infringing upon her time. Seriously this is what my tax dollars are paying for. The school board should be aware as well.
I am an alumni from the L'Anse Creuse district and my experience in school was amazing and properly prepared for college wonderfully. read everyone nicely and things go something at North.
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I enjoy the academics offered at this school, for it has a wide variety of different subjects for the different types of students involved in the school. Each class challenges the students in a way of it’s own. With these challengers each student grows into a specific individual who can pursue a career in the field of interest that they choose. The teachers are some of the greatest with an exception a few. However, within my four years of attending this school I have had nothing but positive results. This will allow me to be successful because I will continue to want to learn about the topic of my choice. Also in this school is a wide variety of administration that for the most part they are always trying to help out the students or the parents with questions or concern. This school has its negatives like every other school, but is a great school and I know that I will never regret attending because it made me into the successful person I am today who has a bright future ahead.
My experience at L'Anse Creuse High School - North s very different than other schools that I have been to. Their education at L'Anse Creuse is very good. Students can learn so much, and you can get the help that you need. Most teachers there are very nice and so supportive that they would love to see you succeed. What I like about north is their encouragement to get students involved in activities to bring students together. The staff tried to improve the social atmosphere to become a more positive school. Something that I would like to see change at L'Anse Creuse High School - North are their rules. The "No backpacks, no coats" rule is understandable because of safety precautions, but the school could be more lenient on their rules to students who have medical issues.
awareness and speaking about bullying. Minimal guidance for high school seniors and transitioning to college years
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