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Lanier is a small school with plenty of room. Fine arts program is excellent as well as the CDAT program. Administration isn’t the best at keeping the student maintained. Though overall all a newer school.
There are a lot of kids in that school. But overall its a nice new school. there is 1 huge problem and ther the proble. With mobile phones in the school.
CDAT Program is a great example of how to change to monotony of school and to help kids discover their interest in STEM. Teachers are dedicated and helpful and lift their students up, provided they actually participate in school.
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Lanier High School offers a diverse atmosphere for students to be involved and to learn, lead, and succeed. Something that could change would the schedule because it does not allow enough time and everything moves a lot quicker due to this new schedule. However, the faculty and staff are there to support students whether in college preparedness or academic achievement. Hook em' horns!
A beautiful school whose faculty looks out for their students. Patient teachers and counseling team to make every student feel important. Ensures the student's safety at every chance. Love this school.
The experience at Lanier has exceeded my expectations. As a student, I have excelled in knowledge, participation and leadership. The CDAT/STEM Academy has been a wonderful hands on experience that allows success! I am empowered to continue my college education in STEM, majoring in biology in order to become a biomedical engineer.
Lanier High School is probably one of the best schools in the region. No, it's not the top scoring school in the state. No, it doesn't have the highest ranked athletics. However, this school is filled with teachers who truly care about their students, students who truly care about each other, and extracurriculars that make it all worth it. There are so many different places to find where you fit in, whether that's band, academic-focused clubs, theater, athletics, robotics, or anything else you can think of. I also really appreciate how the school regularly reflects on how its students are doing and tries to always give them the best experience in preparing for college.
I like how small the school is. It doesn’t overwhelm people; however, there are some teachers that favor who they want and hate on who they want.
I like a lot of the teachers and how helpful they are in and out of the classroom. Many of them are very helpful with college and other activities beyond high school.
My 3 years at Lanier High School have been really something. I have learned and experienced a lot. Lanier is a really nice school to go to. Amazing people there to help you finish strong. Good education for all students. You can be yourself at Lanier High School. I have one year left and I'm really nervous leaving Lanier because it's my home away from home. I'm gonna miss all the fun times I had and how Lanier is such a great school.
Great atmosphere with amazing faculty and sports programs! Over my 4 year journey I've made great relationships with teachers, coaches, administration, and students. Always have open arms with helping students improve their grades along with helping after or before school.
Great faculty and amazing teachers, Lanier offers many opportunities that most high school students would never get through its academy model. Excellent janitorial staff as well, very clean school.
Overall I had a very good experience at Lanier high school. The teachers are about as supportive as they come. Throughout my four years here I've been able to easily make connections with the faculty and staff, theyve have always been there for me and were willing to help as much as possible with the college application process.
It is a great school with teachers who do everything in their power to help and inspire students. The stem program is also the best you can find in Georgia.
I absolutely love that Lanier High School is an academy school. I think this really helped me find my passion for what field I would like to go into in the future. Because Lanier is an academy school, we have block schedules. There are many benefits to this for students. Block scheduling allows for an extra class slot for all students. Therefore, students don't have to worry about a class they want to take not fitting into their schedule. Also, block scheduling allows for students to have more time to complete their homework and classwork. Another great thing about having a block schedule is that it gives us students an idea of what our college schedules would look like.
The people and environment are wonderful, and the school provides numerous opportunities to explore different career paths.
I've honestly had teachers I liked and teachers I did not. As the years have gone by I have seen the school and its many programs improve so much.
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I would like to see a more consistent bell schedule instead of changing it again. This affects students in Maxwell and dual enrollment being able to take both simultaneously. The atmosphere with other students if good though. The teachers are good from my experience.
As a current Senior at Lanier High School this place has given myself the best experience as a high school student. The Academy program that is offered here gives students a chance to focus on their future careers they are interested in before college. The teachers here care about the students and want them to succeed.
I would like to see more focus on academics from the administration and teachers. There can be more involvement done. That said, the whole environment of the school is nice and I definitely feel welcomed. Everyone wants to do what's "best", even though it might not necessarily be the best thing to do.
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