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I was top of my graduating class in 2013, going straight into college and graduating valedictorian with a BA in psychology and now pursuing a masters degree. Lane not only exposed me to the rigorous courses that they offered, but I pushed myself because I knew what I was capable of. I loved this school, have many memories with the teachers who have made an impact on my life and I can give a lot of credit and much fondest for them.
Lane Tech is overall an amazing school. The teachers and staff are kind and supportive, and they focus not only on students being the best, but on them being their best selves. The facilities and resources leave something to be desired, but I would argue that that’s true for the vast majority of schools in CPS. We are an ethnically diverse group, but are also diverse in our interests. We have hundreds on amazing clubs and groups, including our I-Day clubs, which are dedicated to exploring the dances of different cultures.
Excellent school...Lane is a family. Every grade, religion, race, and gender. Excellent staff and curriculum
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I love Lane! It's so diverse and has really helped open me up as a person throughout these past four years. Couldn't imagine myself anywhere else.
Lane Tech is a school that provides a quality education and a diverse learning environment which helps to create well-rounded citizens. I would like to see Lane Tech strive for the best prepared teachers for the AP program
I can say that I have enjoyed my time in this school I cant imagen high school without lane tech and its wonderful staff and students. I am currently enrolled in classes I could not take at any other school in my area. The staff genuinely care about every student and have even introduced new classes to the school system the people there care as cheesy as that sounds I can ashure you that its true.
Lane tech is decent with great teachers and academics but the food is terrible. I have made many connections with the good teachers where they were more than helpful to my AP tests and such.
I love the environment that Lane Tech has. Not only is it a challenging atmosphere, but it is also a very supportive one.
I would love to see more change for aiding students with mental health, but otherwise I made good memories at the school. It's diverse, inclusive, welcoming, and memorable.
The school has a very good reputation and It definitely has earned it in the academics department, however because of the class sizes you are left to your own devices in several instances. When it comes to college readiness it lacks in regard to staff to student ratios, only a few advisors for 1,000 students give or take a 100. But the clubs available to you are extensive, International Nights and clubs contribute a lot to creating a diverse environment.
Overall, I think that lane is a really good school. There is a lot of resources for the students and there is always someone to help with what ever is needed. I think that the school is too big for it's own good because it is not safe. The security does it's best to keep the school, students, and staff safe but when it comes down to it Lane has too many doors which make it easy to sneak in. I love how we are able to pick what we want to take because of the large variety of classes available.
I love attending this school, the teachers are great and there are many programs and activities for everyone! The only thing that i can say I do not like are the quality of the lunches and sometimes the work loads may be a bit much for the current schedule they have.
In my opinion, Lane Tech has a spot for everybody with different interests. I also think it is one of the best all around schools in the city. Very determined students with supportive staff and administration help shape Lane's image.
"Wherever you go, whatever you do, remember the honor of Lane." That was the last spoken words from our high school principal Dr. Dignam at our graduating ceremony in 2014. These humbling words remind me to remember where I come from, and to never look down at anybody, because we all started in the same place. Coming from a school of 4000 students, the principal, staff, and teachers took on a massive responsibility taking care of all of us. Lane Tech is one of the beacons of hope in the city of Chicago, not only because of the all the bright minded students preparing to venture out into the world, but because it allowed every single student to express who they really were. Regardless of other academically better schools, Lane Tech is the best, because it was not a competition between students to be the best, it was a magnet that united all of us under one culture and allowed us to be the best we possibly could be.
Lane Tech is a great high school, it is college prep so you have to test in. Most of the teaches are great and passionate but some are just lacking, perhaps the ones that have been teaching for a long time. Some technical programs are gone but it is still overall a great public high school.
At a very young age, I was always determined to go to Lane. This was my dream school and I'm glad that I came here. I simply love everything about it and I do not regret my decision at all. The school is very diverse and the students are very unique and friendly. I wouldn't have traded lane for any other school.
I liked the teachers that cared about their students and the subject they were teaching. Most of the staff is really nice. I think the administration listens to the students more often than not. Also, there is such a mix of clubs and sports to join!
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I can honestly say I've had only great experiences so far! They really encourage interaction between all students and teachers.
If you're thinking about becoming a student here, you need to be a hard worker. The coures can be rigorous and the work load is a lot.
My high school has many opportunities for students to take advantage of. For example we have more than 100 clubs you can sign up for as well as clubs that will allow you to perform in over the top competitions. Our school gives students the opportunity to learn difficult languages like Arabic, Mandarin, and Italian. You can always be involved.
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