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I went to a small Catholic school Prek-8th with 300 students. I entered as a freshmen with 4500 students. I adapted well with the support of the administrations, teachers and the students. I have met students from all backgrounds, I am involved in sports and several clubs. I wouldn't trade my Public school experience. It has bween a great fit for me.
Lane Tech is probably one of the most diverse schools I know of. With over 4,000 students attending from all over the city, not only do you meet new people, but you can also learn about various cultures as well. The school provides dozens of clubs and organizations that will keep you occupied throughout the school year.
I have been at Lane Tech since 7th grade and I love it. I am ready to move on only because I have been a student here for so long but I have found life long friends, had amazing teachers, and overall have really found myself. It is the best and most fun high school in Chicago.
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Within my four years a student at Lane Tech I have witnessed 3 different principals, and thousands of different kids with different backgrounds who adapted to the rules that came along with these changes. Nonetheless, Lane Tech always provided an enjoyable experience in the classroom and help in any aspect could easily be found. However, with a school so large the staff would not be able to do much if every student was misbehaving. The environment at Lane Tech is in itself motivation to do better than the rest. We acknowledge the pride we hold in our school and it not only encourages individual success but success to our peers as well. The teachers and staff that I have encountered at Lane all want to see their students excel in the classroom and work at an increased pace. You are able to set any curriculum path at Lane Tech given the amount of classes and electives offered. I am glad I took advantage of what this school had to offer and grateful it developed my path for the future.
I like the off campus lunch and the freedom that students have. I would like to see the administration connect to its students more and listen to what they say.
You can meet so many people here because of how large Lane Tech is, and there are countless opportunities available for those who are willing to look.
Wonderful, diverse student body. Great teachers and extracurriculars. Loved it there. The AP classes are a great way to get the kids prepared for college courses. Great school culture.
One of the best things about Lane Tech is the school's diversity. Each of its students come from a different background with different interests and abilities, and Lane accommodates to each of these. The school itself offers over 30 different AP classes, and almost any sport and club anyone could ask for. The school even allows its students to create any club or team that they think will be beneficial to the school community.
I absolutely loved attending Lane Tech. All around, it is the best high school in Chicago. Lane is exemplary in academics, extracurriculars, diversity, college readiness (since it is a college preparatory) and overall in every aspect. I would love to come back and teach here at Lane Tech. I feel like I owe it to the school for providing me the best high school experience and career.
Great school and environment, very diverse. Teachers are invested and helpful. Great opportunities for community service.
My experience at Lane Tech has been like no other. Lane offers a plethora of clubs and extracurriculars along with electives and sports. The school ambient is amiable and safe. Student life is very welcoming and easy to transition into. Teachers here are stellar and dedicated to their job. Proud to be an Indian, Go Lane Go!
Lane Tech Highschool is an amazing highschool that gave me many opportunities to be more involved in the school and many different classes that have challenged and motivated me to continue my education.
Although I have had bad experiences with a few (very few) teachers, Lane Tech is a community for anyone and everyone. You have a 99% chance of finding people just like you.
Lane Tech is a very diverse school. There is something for everyone; whether it be clubs, sports, or extra curricular activities. Lane is often trying to do its best to please students' needs.
I love the friendly and academic environment in Lane Tech. The teachers and staff are always willing to help their students. The student body is also wonderful towards each other and to the teachers.
Amazing variety of classes and activities. Teachers are ok - some good some bad. Too big for personal attention from administration.
It is a great school with staff that really care about your education. The diversity is great because you get to make friends with people from all sorts of backgrounds.
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Lane provides a diverse and welcoming environment. It's a place where people can find a group or club for almost anything they are interested in.
I loved my 4 years at Lane! There are many great teacher who are dedicated to see you succeed. All the clubs I joined helped mold me into a better student as well
I love to see the diversity in the school. It is a large school which is something I love about it. I would like to see the administration change the way they go about student activity situations. Not every student will be content in every situation, however, it would be nice to consider the opinions of the majority of the student body population.
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