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Lane Tech College Prep High School Reviews

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The thing I liked about Lane Tech was how diverse the school was and how much the staff cared about students. Whether it have been personal issues, or just problems with school work they really cared. When applying for colleges they made sure I had the funds, through scholarships and how much money the school gave me, and that the school was the best pick for me personally.
I loved the diversity of people. There is also a wide range of clubs, sports, and programs for everyone to feel welcomed and to take a part of. Everyone is also very friendly and understanding and the privileges such as off campus lunch are great!
It's very diverse and the teachers are one of the most supportive out there. They don't just care about your academic or career success, but also your mental and emotional health. They are pretty accepting to different ideas; most teachers welcome it. I personally had very unpopular views in class discussions and barely did I get any bashing. Cliques are not much of a thing since it's a big school, I had friends all over the place. It has that spacious atmosphere to give you the taste of the real world.
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I love Lane Tech. The school may be huge but you feel included. There's a lot of extra curricular activities to choose from. The classes are also pretty great. The teachers challenge you depending on your ability. The atmosphere is something you can't find anywhere else. The students there are amazing and you'll always find a new friend.
Lane Tech High School has so many amazing opportunities for it's students. There are many interesting electives like aquaponics, which is a science class based on growing food and fish together, and sports communications, which is an English class that allows students to explore sports journalism. The sports program at Lane is also impressive, with different teams bringing home City and State titles every year. There are over 4,000 students at the school, providing great diversity and opportunities to meet new people. Lane has over 100 clubs and activities, which is a great way for students to get involved. Lane also provides many volunteer opportunities and allows students to help incoming freshmen comfortable in the school.
Lane Tech is a great fit for me. It offers many classes that I'm interested in and not only this, there are many fun clubs. The teachers are amazing and kind.
Overall, I feel that one of the most prominent subculture within the school is made up of the different ethnic clubs and how these clubs help put on one of the most popular events Lane has to offer: international nights. In addition to this, I feel that the majority of teachers were passionate about what they were teaching and I don't remember having many terrible experiences with my classes. However, in terms of college readiness or knowledge about different options for colleges, Lane seems to need more progress. The counselors, or the school overall, seems to not reach out to the students first about opportunities such as overnight trips or sightseeing different campuses unless the students themselves reached out first (which they don't most of the time because they also don't know much better).
Lane Tech was a great fit for me which made my high school experience very enjoyable. I loved how even though Lane Tech was a big school, you still received the individual attention one needed. The academics and sports were outstanding. In addition, all of the students and teachers were very kind and understanding. If I were to see one thing change about Lane Tech I would like to see more resources available in regards to students needing help with college applications or academics.
I had an overall good experience at Lane. I cannot complain because I feel that I left there with great friends and a lot of knowledge of the direction that I wanted my future to go. The teachers there are great they truely care about students.
I have been lucky enough to attend a school like Lane, which celebrates diversity and encourages students to be who they are. The community at Lane is very accepting and I most certainly feel at home there.
The decision to attend Lane Tech College Prep High School after my acceptance is possibly one of the best choices I've made so far. This school has provided me with many opportunities that are not offered at other Chicago Public Schools. This school has allowed me to grow into a better student. Everything that I encounter at Lane is great preparation for life after high school. Although I am faced with moments that make school seem completely undesirable, I always tend to see the bright side when it comes to Albert Granis Lane Technical College Prep High School! If I had to make one change, I would paint all of the classrooms vibrant colors to match the energy I get from going there.
Coming from a small elementary school, going to Lane was a huge step that was initially scary, but exciting. I get the chance to meet so many amazing people, and I truly appreciate the diversity. There are so many interesting classes one can take and I still wish there was more space in my schedule for many more classes. Lane provides numerous amounts of reliable resources for one's academic needs to succeed.
Lane's atmosphere is wonderful when it comes to sporting events. The school spirit is OUT OF THE ROOF, especially at homecoming/pep rally. Our football and basketball team may not be the best teams in Chicago, but our games are the best games in Chicago because of the fans, the marching band, dance team, etc.
You couldn't ask for anything more in a high school. My daughter has been here for 6 years. It's such a warm environment. There is a club for evening, more AP classes than any of the other HS and of course, championship sports teams.

The size, 4400+, could be overwhelming for some, the kids seem to find their group of friends and it's a small world.
I like the school and some of the flaws about the school are just instrumental in the process of high school. The school however is so large that sometimes it feels like you're drowning. The nice thing about that is everyone can find their niche and that everyone can find their friends. Some of the teachers seem disinterested in actually teaching but the ones who do care make up for it. They can inspire passion to last a lifetime. The school has so much spirit that you can't help but love it. There is no other school to match the pride the students have for their school.
Lane Tech values its rank highly. It's very large, almost too large to have a functioning administration. Administration help and support is very poor.
Lane is a very large school, and a bit overwhelming at first, but once you get used to it, it isn't too bad.
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Lane is what I'd like to consider an ideal high school where I've made unforgettably important memories and gained vital life lessons. I truly recommend LT to incoming freshmen and concerned parents, they would truly be proud to have experienced and graduated from such an exceptional institution.
I’m a freshman at Lane and I’m in the Alpha STEM program. My old school never had stuff like this, I believe Lane Tech gave me an opportunity to show what I know. :)
Lane Tech is a great school. The number of opportunities available to students are endless. However, efforts must be put to keep academic clubs and competitions going.
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