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The school was the best choice I made. Definitely join clubs and you will love it! The food is good for school food, but there is off campus lunch as well. Diversity is at an all time high and academics too.
Overall a great experience. I can't say every teacher I've had was amazing, but some are outstanding. Huge course selection and a good amount of clubs and activities.
There is an abundance of things to get involved with along many opportunities to prepare yourself for life. You will always find something to do as you make friends doing it.
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I liked Lane Tech overall. I had some problems with some teachers and some of the administration. I feel some of the administration is really good such as the current principal however some assistant principals and counselors do not do a very good job. They do not want to help students so if you have a problem it is best to just take it up with the principal because administration and counselors do not help. There are some very good teachers at lane and some ok teachers. There are not many bad teachers which is good just hope that you don't get them.
As a Lane alum (2014), college senior & soon-to-be graduate student, Lane Tech truly prepared me for the rigors of college study and adult life. The academics at Lane are second to none; the Honors and AP classes are rigorous and the teachers are invested in their students' understanding and application of the material rather than rote memorization--a sad reality in larger universities. The administration allows students the proper amount of freedom to develop as young adults while providing the structure needed to grow into an upstanding citizen. Yes, the environment at Lane is competitive, but I firmly believe that competition builds character and work ethic. The friends I made here are lifetime companions. I cannot be more proud of my alma mater!
Lane Tech is an incredibly diverse school that has a plethora of classes to choose from. Nearly all AP classes are offered here, minus one or two. With an extensive music program and art program, Lane excels in extracurriculars. From lacrosse, to soccer and even golf, Lane Tech's sports teams are mighty and strong. As Lane is the School of Champions, we are distinguished as a name in high school sports within the area. Most teachers are great, but there is still the occasional lazy and incompetent teacher. You can't NOT make a friend if you come here, with people of all creeds and interests. With over 100 clubs, you are sure to find your passion.
Lane Tech is challenging academic and mind opening culturally. Im a senior at Lane and over the past 4 years i have had both my highs and lows at Lane. Highs with the long lasting friendships I've created and lows with the difficult teachers I've experienced tht treated me like the adult I will soon become. But over all Lane has been a great growing experience and has played a huge role to my decision of the type of adult I want to be.
During my four years at Lane Tech College Prep, it has been one of the most amazing experiences that I had in my life. The enormous school size of 4000 students promotes a culture of diversity and family. All of the students, faculty, and staff make an effort to create the best high school experience for its students through its rigorous academics, plethora of extra curricular and most importantly, its school pride. Go Lane go!
They offer a wide variety of classes and clubs. The classes are mostly challenging and the staff is nice.
They have some amazing teachers, however the large size did make it harder for that one on one that was needed in certain cases. However you still get the community feeling especially with the clubs, idays dance teams and sports. Mr.Milsap and Ms. Thompson were amazing and always looked out for students needs.
The diversity and opportunities within the community is amazing. I was able to meet great people who shared the same interests as me and made my high school experience great.
What I really enjoyed about my experience in Lane Tech would be the entire school life. What I mean by this is that the atmosphere of the whole school is vastly different from any other High School. Lane Tech offers a variety of classes, sports, and club activites due to the size of the school. Lane Tech has a over 4,000 attending. Lane Tech is also known for being widely diverse. Overall Lane Tech is a great school !
I love the diversity at Lane tech. There are so many people with so many different viewpoints and this really broadened my viewpoint. Our school is among the largest high schools in the country this adds to its luster, as it seems everyday I see a new face or I meet someone new. Being at Lane tech for three years has really changed me. I feel more free, happier, and even more intelligent than when I first started. The only change I would like to see is the controversy surrounding the mascot. It's a morality vs tradition type situation as our mascot is an "Indian" (Native American) warrior. Furthermore because the school and its students are so progressive there is talk about removing it because actual Native American may find it offensive.
A good school with a lot to offer. Many different programs and classes at Lane for all students to try. My current experience at Lane is good and I love being here because I get to do so many things and meet different people. Overall a good school!
I love the people and teachers. The sports given at this school is amazing and I appriciate everything this school has done for me. I would never want to go ti another school. The freedom we receive a plus too.
I love how diverse Lane Tech is and how much they have to offer. They offer many AP classes to chose from and many different clubs to join. Everyone is very kind and have a lot of school spirit. People are accepting and the teachers care about their students and are there for you whenever you need them. My experience at Lane Tech has been awesome.
Lane Tech has offered so much, in means of computer science courses that I take along with the history classes I love. They also have plenty of extra corricular activities and clubs.
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Lane Tech is a great high school because of its diverse student population and school spirit. Attending this school really shows you what it's like to take pride as a Lane Tech Indian. The only issue is the amount of homework received though because some of it is just too much to handle on a weekly basis.
Lane Tech allows students to be exposed and experience high school to the fullest. The abundance in clubs ranging from International Clubs to Academic Clubs, the abundance in sports, and most importantly, the abundance in classes provided to students has helped to promote a unified and stronger student population. Going to such a big school, it is easy for one to be fearful of the mass amount of students, many of whom one does not know. However, the student body has allowed students to feel a part of such a big school and urges students to become active in this community.
Lane exceeds in the courses offered (all 38 AP courses and a variety of electives).
Teachers aspire to aid students as well as ensure they are as college bound as possible.

All high school students and freshmen in second semester are able to go off campus for lunch. Around the campus, there is Jewel, Marianos, Wing Stop, Chipotle, Meatheads, McDonalds, Wendy's, Starbucks, Mod's, Subway, Pi High, etc.
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