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unlike some coed schools, the school does not treat boys like badly behaved girls. They provide lower school boys an opportunity to get to class in any fashion so long as they arrive on time and prepared. No need to walk in one straight line. They break up the main academic classes with others to provide opportunities to move around the big campus. The eight day cycle provides opportunities to have an academic class at a different time every day.
There is something for every interest and everyone!
Landon offers a very diverse curriculum, supported by an exceptional teaching staff, and they prepare the boys very well in order to matriculate to an enviable variety of the best schools across the county. The music and arts departments, along with athletics, are collectively well staffed by leading teachers, instructors, mentors and coaches -- Tops!
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For the type of school and the level of staff on the grounds, safety and security is never an issue. Issues of safety and health are constantly given attention and a listening ear. The school also has an excellent code of conduct and ethics baseline to keep all things in check, and for the better.
There is something to do for everyone and every interest. A typical academic and extracurricular school day is 8:00 am thru 6:00 pm and beyond. It's more than classroom or a full-day at the office.
No doubt or question that Landon is the best well-rounded and all-around boys school in Maryland-DC-Virginia area. It's faculty and parent support is unparalleled in developing young men and scholars who will go on to leadership rolls in a variety of fields.
The teachers are very very good, and class sizes make the teaching/learning experience more productive and effective. Interactions are always there, i.e. in the classroom, in the halls or teacher offices, on the sports field, on email or over the phone most anytime, any day. Accessibility and teacher support is unbelievable!
I am impressed with the teachers' credentials and their dedication to teaching the boys.
My son has grown into a fine young man who is ready for the challenges of college and beyond. He is a person of great character whose value system has strengthened while at Landon. I can't think of another school that would have helped him become the person that he is. He has been surrounded by like-minded boys and they have all grown into well-rounded young men.
There are a large number of sports available that vary by season. There are also fitness programs offered for students who choose not to play team sports. Sports are an integral part of the Landon experience. Each boy participates in a sport/fitness program every day.
Twice a year the clubs hold sign-up days so that students know what is available and can sign up. Students are encouraged to participate beginning in their freshman year.
Health and safety issues are addressed in a number of ways, including in assemblies and during advisory. The topics are also discussed at parent meetings.
Applicants have to take one of the standardized tests and submit an application, transcript and teacher recommendations. It helps if you know someone whose children attend the school and have them advocate for you at the admissions office.
The administration is very talented and always availabe. they are willing to help with any problem
There is not that much diversity on campus; however, no matter what your background is, the school teaches brotherhood with its students. Every grade becomes a small family that will do anything for their fellow bear. the brotherhood lasts long after graduation, even into adulthood. its a great environment.
The school spirit is like no other. Everyone is out supporting the biggest games; in addition, even the small sports are supported. The cheering sections are packed, the flags are waving, and the cheers are well rehearsed. Even the third graders come out for the big high school games. The kids are pure athletes, each kid often playing three sports during the year. The sport that features the most talent is lacrosse. Landon is top ranked in the area every year, and often nationally ranked. The coaches played in college, if not professionally, in their respective sports. They often have good connections with college coaches as well. The coaches are also the teachers at Landon. this is special because it emphasis that the players are students first and athletes second and must do well in the classroom to play in the game. The kids push each other to do better and better on the field as well as in the classroom. The athletic facilities are top notch with a weight room that is better than many college weight rooms. the weight room has Olympic weights and machines. There is a recreational basketball gym and then a well maintained gym for the basketball team that is brand new. There are many fields on campus but the best field is a well taken care of turf field in a small stadium.
The teachers go above and beyond their job descriptions. The teachers become teachers, mentors, and friends. their offices are always open, and visiting teachers to just talk is common. They are always around to help. When a student is doing poorly in the classroom, a teacher will often pull him aside and help. A teacher can even recognize when a student is not acting normal, and will often pull him aside and ask if everything is alright. It is the perfect learning environment.
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This year as a college freshman, I feel very prepared academically. The biggest adversity came with balancing D1 athletics with school because the workouts are much harder. The academics are not much harder than at Landon; in addition, the things I have learned at Landon have helped me attack college academics in many different ways. I could not be more grateful for what Landon has taught me.
Landon is an all boys private school. The academic day ends at 3:15 every day. After the academic day is over, every student is required to play a sport. that sport can be a varsity sport, or strength and conditioning. the arts take place during the academic day. Taking either a studio art or a preforming art is also required. The preforming arts come with the requirement of taking lessons with an assigned teacher. Those lessons take place after sports are over. The teachers in the classrooms are also the coaches on the field, which builds a strong, understanding relationship between the student and the teacher. This relationship helps kids do extracurricular activities while performing well in the classroom.
The safety of Landon students is the top priority. This concern for safety ranges from "small" things such as bullying, to "large" issues such as the students knowing how to handle bomb threats. The school does not have metal detectors or armed guards; however, the close relationship between the students and teachers creates an environment in which each teacher cares about the safety of every student. Every teacher fully accepts that responsibility in the classroom, and on the field.
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