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I’ve had great education and resources here. The teachers are really focused on helping you succeed and even go out of their way to help.
I've been going to this school since first grade and everyone has always been super friendly. The teachers are always super helpful and I'm never afraid to ask for help when I need it.
I love the school. Faculty and teachers are fantastic; however, students at the school are extremely cliquish.
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Landmark is a great place with incredible faculty, staff, and students! I have been there around a year and have met some truly incredible people. The teachers' passion for their students is unmatched, and the work that the students are producing is truly a testament to that! I am constantly in awe of the work being done by Landmark!
Landmark has been such a blessing to me. They have prepared me well for college and always have the student’s in mind. I feel not only welcomed, but I also have amazing teachers who will do anything in their power to help me. I would love to see the diversity at Landmark change more and I would love to see the sports programs bettered. Overall, Landmark has given me an extremely pleasant high school experience.
Landmark has been such a blessing to my children. The loving, servant attitudes of the teachers, the diverse student population and the academic rigor have proven that we made the best decision for our girls.
Landmark has been a great place to go to school. I enjoy participating in the arts, athletics as well as academics. The teachers are willing to work with you to make sure you are successful.
Excellent school that prepares students academically, develops students spiritually, helps students identify their gifts, and gives students the opportunities a variety of activities.
As an alum of Landmark and student there for 9 years, I loved everything about my experience. Teachers cared deeply about my success both in and out of the classroom. My walk with God was deepened through intentional discipleship. I was prepared academically for the rigor of Vanderbilt University. I played sports under the instruction of amazing coaches, and we competed at the highest levels of the state. Overall, it is a fantastic place, and I can't recommend it more.
Great experience. New headmaster will be interesting to see where the school heads with him in control
Our youngest son and daughter are bit graduates and enjoyed and amazing LCS experience. They thrived in college and we are certain that their Landmark teachers made that possible.
Landmark has become our "home away from home"! We have invested over 20 years in this place, both by working here and as a parent. Our child loves this place and is excited about the new course offerings and we are all excited about the new High School that is being built. Our child has attended since K4 and now while in Middle School they continue to grow and enjoy the opportunities for Advisory, Theatre class, STEM class, and athletic teams that they have not had the chance to experience before. It is well worth the investment and we know this has changed the future for our own child as it will open many doors for her as she heads out into the "real world" some day! Landmark has prepared and continues to prepare her well!
The heart of Landmark Christian School is Christ. The faculty and staff's hearts are to help mentor their students to know Christ and to make Him known. So many teachers/mentors have impacted my kids. Eternal impact.
We are very happy with the nurturing and teaching our children are receiving. From chapel, classroom instruction with a full-time teacher and teaching assistant, and the many offerings available during and after school, the education is unparalleled. Our daughter came into the school with some math gaps and her math teacher works with her 1:1 to help her. She has markedly improved. Our children’s peers are wonderful kids that we love to have over and whose families share similar values. We are so grateful to the faculty and staff at Landmark!
My wife and I sent two of our children through Landmark. Though only one remains in college, both had exceptional secondary experiences and the older of the two excelled while in her undergraduate course of study as a student-athlete. Both were well prepared for higher ed, and the ROI has been/was tremendous in terms of scholarships. We highly recommend Landmark Christian to other discriminating parents and envy each new students chance to enjoy their recently added innovative programming.
Our kids both started Landmark as Kindergartners and the oldest is a senior. It has been a great experience and we have see many transitions over the years with the greatest advances seen made by the new current Head of School. He has done an excellent job making changes while honoring the traditions of the past.
Like the communication between teachers and parents. Could be a little more lenient with graduation 🎓 program
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Landmark’s academics is my favorite aspect about the school. I love how the academic level at Landmark prepares you for college. Although the work load can be challenging, it mentally prepares for the college academic level. Other than its academics, I believe that it’s improving/changing in its diversity since the school is allowing more people to attend. The student body has increased drastically in the past year which adds more emphasis to the diversity at the school. I believe that the schools needs to invest the more money in its sports, so it can attract more elite athletes as well. Landmark’s music department is definitely on the rise with the recently initiated program of Music Academy where students are able to express their musical abilities whether it be through singing, instruments, and production. Most importantly, Landmark sets students up for preparing to impact the world for Jesus Christ and standing firm in their relationship with Him.
Excellent school with teachers and students that care about learning in a safe, diverse and Christian environment. Landmark Christian school prepares students for college with a very challenging curriculum. The teachers are always willing to offer additional assistance and support to ensure students are prepared.
Landmark provides our 3 girls with exceptional teachers who are experts in their disciplines and who are amazing role models. The school offers them a wide variety of electives, small class sizes, and educational opportunities. There is now an Imagination Station for our 4 year old. The academies of music and engineering appeal to our oldest two. Landmark has a diverse student body and a diverse faculty. The athletics and arts programs are also excellent. The student activities and clubs are supported by the school. Landmark is an exceptional Chrsit-centered school with a wonderful family feel.