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Lancaster County Christian School Reviews

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This is a great school for any child in Lancaster County. It offers a great education for students while also giving a biblical aspect to its education curriculum. The school provides a Christian atmosphere and environment. Its offers teaching from preschool all the way to senior level, with the same goal in mind: preparing students for the world with a Christian perspective.
We have been thoroughly impressed with the quality of our experience at LCCS. The teachers and staff are genuine and servant hearted. They work hard to help students succeed.
LCCS has been a true blessing to our family. We have participated in the UM and traditional school models and have seen growth in our kids spiritually and academically as well as feeling a part of an additional faith based culture. LCCS acts as a third element in our children’s spiritual development after family and church. We highly recommend LCCS
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Lancaster County Christian School is a community of loving people who generally want everyone around them to succeed. The parents, faculty, and student body create a family of Christ-like support, encouragement, and warmth. The academics are challenging and prepare students for "real life" with their emphasis on taking a Biblically-based curriculum and applying it beyond the classroom. There is no senseless memorization or forcing students into a box of rigor or certain worldviews. Through varied learning experiences, my students have been able to explore various fields of study and have already begun thinking about careers, colleges, and ministry beyond their formal K-12 education. I can't wait for them to attend high school at LCCS! Lastly, their approach to after school programs like lower school clubs, and arts & athletics for the secondary school, shows a balanced approach to Christian education and creating a well-rounded person. We LOVE being Lions and think you will too!
LCCS is such a great school, for so many reasons, and I am so thankful that my son has the opportunity to go there.
I did kindergarten through 12th grade at LCCS. It proved to be a great Christian environment for me, and prepared be academically and socially for college. I’m thankful for the teachers who invest so well into their students, they are the ones who made my experience so much better. I am also thankful for the soccer program and the way sports improved my academic focus and athletic intensity. LCCS is a great school and I will always be appreciative of my time there. The Christian environment is worth the expense.
I could not be more proud to be an alum of LCCS! I graduated with some of my very best friends and greatly appreciate the experiences and opportunities I was given as a student at LCCS. I highly value the education that was provided, which I feel prepared me greatly for my time in college. Such an education directly reflects the competency of such amazing teachers! Although my time in the classroom was equally great, my fondest memories were formed on the basketball court and/or the soccer/field hockey field(s). I appreciate how I was valued as a student but also championed to excel in my athletics as well. LCCS is a top-notch school that prioritizes excellence in all things! I am thankful to have been a part of it!
Faculty, staff, and parents work diligently and in unity to maintain and advance the footprint of this great school for the glory of God
LCCS has a small school feel with big school opportunities. The teachers know the children almost as well as their own parents do and care deeply about each individual student's academic, spiritual and social needs. The school provides many different types of opportunities for students to develop their unique God-given talents and abilities into becoming well-rounded graduates who are successful in their future endeavors.
LCCS is a gift! We transferred all three of our children to LCCS from public school and it's been an amazing experience. Our children are thriving in ways we could not have imagined. They are receiving top-notch academic personalized instruction.
Lancaster County Christain School prepares high school students to enter the real world in a Christ-centered and biblical way. Students who graduate from LCCS will be both accademically and mentally preparaed to enter college and life.
The teachers are excellent and loving. The students are decent and respectful, adn the academic pace is well structured, and geared me toward success.
Lancaster County Christian School provides students with knowledge that surpasses just answering questions in the classroom. It teaches life lessons, with help from top-tier teachers and staff, that students will take into whatever avenue of life they choose.
There are a lot of clubs and extracurriculars.
I love the drama and music departments.
The teachers are devoted and wonderful!
Some of the extracurriculars are poor and do not have respect from the students, such as photography. However, there are some that do have a good reputation such as pottery, and choir.
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Lancaster County Christian School will always be my school that I look back on and reminisce on the unique class trips, exciting school dances, nail-biting basketball games, and the loving community that I was surrounded with.
The teachers all genuinely care about the students. They are quick to helping students in need of possible one-on-one tutoring or just a better understanding of the lesson.
For the health and safety, my school is doing pretty good job, mostly because my school is a christian school. We do not have nurse, so sometimes, there is inconvenient situations.
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