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Academics are great! Staff is for the most part is amazing. Students are respected and respect their teachers. Unfortunately the sports program isn’t what it could be. The AD doesn’t seem to care how the coaches run their programs as long as he doesn’t have to be bothered. 2 coaches actually said the AD doesn’t care what they do or how they do. I would have expected more of a hands on approach since that’s how everyone else in the school handles things.
LCDS is a great school! I really enjoy the way they instill important learning skills into every student. For a motivated student it will be easy to take advantage of the plethora of resources which are offered. I think the school needs to work on it's lack diversity, but at the moment there are many clubs and engagement groups helping people to feel at place. The administration makes community the most important thing at our school and ensures that everyone is allowed to be a part of it.
Lancaster Country Day School is a private, secular, coeducational college preparatory school in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The school has 600 students in preschool through twelfth grade.
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I have been a student an LCDS since Kindergarten. I have always felt at home. The academics are great. I truly feel that I am learning new material that will be useful later in life. If I’m struggling in a class the teachers reach out and help to give you a better understanding. I would not want to go to school anywhere else.
Lancaster Country Day has small class, very engaged teachers, and they want to see there students be successful.
Life at Lancaster Country Day is preparing me for the next stage in my life journey. The school programs, teachers, and staff allowed me to grow and learn at the pace I was growing. The workload can be tough at times but the school’s model for taking ownership of our every day actions and learning allows me to manage my day and life. I am fully confident in my ability to tackle whatever I decide to do in college and life after college.
I like the athletic culture that is being built in the middle school level of sports.
This year we did well in sports.
MS Boys Records:
Soccer: 8-1
Basketball: 12-0
Lacrosse: 6-2
The athletic culture is present in most grades and is striving for better.
The academics at LCDS are pretty good and they aren’t like other schools in the area. They learn how to navigate the world and how to interpret things rather than learn to a standardized test. Could the academics be improved? Yes. It does need more about simple life skills.

As far as the environment itself, it is filled with a lot of rich people but most are humble. Although diversity is lacking, they are now working on uniting the POC in the community.
Great education, amazing faculty and staff, and I was really well prepared for college; however, tuition is expensive (costs more than the college I'm attending in the fall).
My experience at Lancaster Country Day has been a phenomenal one and has instilled in me the love for learning that I hope to one day share with others. Classes are small and challenging, and I know each and every one of my teachers and peers intimately. If I could, I would relive my years here in a heartbeat.
LCDS provides an amazing community that fosters the growth and academic expansion of its students. It creates a welcoming environment that allows anyone to accomplish their goals and provides students with the necessary resources to tackle the ever-changing world.
Honestly, Country Day is not worth the amount of money it is. LCDS has given me a good experience. I learned how to advocate for myself and really learn who I am. Everyone is very welcoming but it does become very cliquey and exclusive. That's hard too because there's no hiding or "finding another friend group" because it causes drama. I've found too that many students are entitled. The competition here is also high. You are constantly completing with people. Academically, I was not challenged enough. Many other public schools in our area offer a wider variety of classes, whereas we only offer the few standard courses. This makes it hard to discover your interests and expand your academic range. Many kids in this years senior class have been rejected from their top schools--and many kids were thought to be "shoe ins." I can't say Country Day is worth all of the amount of money that it is. Save your money and place them in AP/honor courses at public schools.
Overall I have really enjoyed my time at LCDS. Having attended since elementary school, I have made tight bonds with my peers and teachers, but every student who joins the school regardless of which grade they are joining is always welcomed. Academically, the school is tough with a lot of homework, projects, essays and the like, but it is always possible to get the work done well, even with extracurricular activities. The work feels meaningful for the most part and is definitely preparing us well for college. The community is very tight-nit, which I really love, and we have tons of great traditions, but as I approach my twelfth year here, it is starting to feel a little small. If you are looking for a place with a great sense of community and tough college-preparatory academics then this is the place for you, but if you want straight As find somewhere else.
We are so grateful that our children have been able to attend for the past 10 years. The rigor of the academics in the Lower School prepares them well for middle and upper school. Arts & Music are very strong and are given equal emphasis to athletics. Students are respectful of each other, class size is small, students learn to think independently and advocate for themselves. They love that it is a K-12 environment.
LCDS has been a good experience so far. It is not a big school, so if you are looking for making many new friends, it probably won’t work. There are good teachers here, but some of them stayed and some left. Hard-working is appreciated here, good grades too.
The school is absolutely amazing and inviting! Kids are really hardworking, and care about their futures.
LCDS values academics, the arts and athletics equally, and students have many opportunities to participate in each. In addition to mastering challenging coursework taught by excellent teachers, students become confident leaders at LCDS. Top-notch college prep.
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I have been a student at LCDS since Kindergarten and it has been an incredibly important part of my life. It truly is a second home. What makes it special is that everyone knows one another and genuinely cares for each other. This is true of both students and faculty/staff.
I started my education at LCDS in the "lower school" or elementary school coming from a local public school. LCDS is as college prep. school and it does its job to the utmost in preparing you for the challenges you will see in college. While the courses are rigorous, there is much fun and excitement everyday. With class sizes being around 8-14 students, you are connected to your teachers on a personal and academic level, and your class size is around 60 so knowing everyone's name not only in your grade but entire high school is easy business. Students are allowed, and encouraged to visit LCDS if interested and I would recommend it wholeheartedly. It is impossible to put into words the hundreds of memories and experiences had over my years here.
We have a lot of teams
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