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This school is wonderful it has given kids like myself who are interested in higher-up education a chance to challenge themselves beneficially to prepare for attending colleges and university. I would say that a majority of the student body regardless of grade level have very similar academic goals amongst each other which makes the campus even more welcoming to be around as their are kids alongside myself who are hardworking, determined, goal-oriented, and passionate about receiving a good education.
My experience at Lamar Academy is five stars because, the teachers there are very dedicated in helping the students to graduate as quickly as possible. Lamar Academy gave the students many opportunities that would help them get in to the college or school, they wanted to attend after graduating. Lamar also had many club or school activities that would help the students with the volunteering hours, they needed.
Lamar Academy is a school within the McAllen independent school district. In Lamar Academy, two high school programmes are provided: the IB programme, and the Options programme. The Options Programme, which is the one that i am enrolled in, is a special programme that allows students to take courses to their own pace, facilitating the possibilities of graduating early or accumulating college hours before you are even enrolled in a college. Some of the positive things that are found in this programme are small classes, individual teaching, flexibility, and very positive and helpful teachers that are willing to do everything possible to help students succeed.
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It was really easy for me to feel comfortable and make some new friends. I have learned a lot since going to Lamar. Even though I've only been there for a year I have felt more confident in my skills for school.
I came here with a very low GPA from my home school, but the great teachers and staff got me from being a Softmore with low future success, to a graduating senior that got accepted to many universities including his first choice. Lamar Academy might be the right school for you if you want to join the IB program or if you want to graduate early and improve your grades with the help of very qualified teachers that don't see you as just a number.
Lamar Academy is home to the M.I.S.D. alternative education School of Choice, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, and the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme for the ninth and tenth grades. Lamar Academy is a great school that recognizes the unique learning and encouraging desire to prepare students for their college chapter.
I enjoyed Lamar Academy because it was a small campus where everyone knew each other. Many of the students I met there are still great friends of mine and we have learned and develop as adults and as academic achievers through the discipline we learned from this school. Being part of the International Baccalaureate at Lamar Academy has given me strong academic skills I still use in college and in my everyday life. I enjoyed the campus strong community and belief in their students capabilities as well as their encouragement to pursue a higher education.
Fantastic Teachers, the IB program at this school is second to none and constantly ranked as one of the top schools in the nation. The rigor one face here prepares students not only for college, but far beyond that as we take what we learned from this school and apply it to the real world.
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heavy workload but I love everything else! The teachers are kind, students are smart, friendly environment.
- IB Junior
Lamar Academy is a small campus that is defined by its rigorous course work and integrated community of students. Lamar Academy offers International Baccalaureate courses in which students can become true leaders with the characteristics of: open-mindedness, integrity, inquiry, reflective, and problem-solvers. Additionally, Lamar Academy hosts a volleyball and football tournament where students find sponsors to pay for the event, and organize the event. Lamar Academy is also ranked ninth best high school in the nation, and is ranked seventh in Texas. Lamar Academy population of students is primarily composed of hispanics as it is located in the southern Texas city of McAllen, Texas.
I attend Lamar Academy as an IB student. I don't regret studying here, as I love so many things about it. As an IB student at Lamar Academy, I think that I receive a wonderful education, as it's not only a form advanced learning, but I sincerely feel that I'm actually learning because I need these skills to be a better and more well-rounded person and student, not just because "you need to know this for the test". Regarding the school community (not just IB), I'm happy because all the students, teachers, and staff are cool and kind, and we're trusting enough that the majority of us don't use locks on our lockers and we can purposefully or accidentally leave any items behind without any fear that someone will steal it. Lamar has the Options program too, in which students can learn at their own pace and graduate earlier. This is great too, because seniors from other schools transfer here to quickly earn credits they were not able to at their former school.
The academics offered at Lamar are amazing. The IB program is very rigorous and prepares you for college very well. The workload is heavy and the teachers can be tough but it's all for your own good and will prepare you greatly.
Most of the students are extremely intelligent and competitive with each other. They stress about their grades and rankings and compete with each other to see who is the best. If you don't pass, you get kicked out, so it is impressive to be on your A-game. The student body is highly open-minded to cultures, ethnicities, and sexual orientations.
The teachers at this school were some of the best I have ever encountered. Most of them really care about their students and will do whatever they can to get them to succeed.
There were some clubs on campus but most had to be pursued off campus at our home schools.
The school was relatively safe. I never experienced any bullying and the staff was always helpful.
There is almost no reason why a student who attends this campus should feel unsafe .
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The school does not have any sports team but students are allowed to participate in sports at their home campuses. Most of the extracurricular activities are actually clubs formed by students, so the extracurricular activities really do reflect the student body's interests.
The IB program offers the best free public education in McAllen however the program is very intense and requires a lot of work and commitment from anyone who attends.
The teachers for the IB program are the best in McAllen with each one genuinely caring about the subjects and students they teach.
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