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Lakewood Park Christian School Reviews

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A fantastic place for your children to attend! They provide everything, from scandalous between students and teachers having indecent relationships - to lockdown procedures not being followed through. With the few teachers in attendance (that have yet to be fired or leave) there are some that do their job well, with others... Good luck!
Students were noticed only when they had spectacular academic results, or were flawless Christians. It was a struggle to receive attention for important issues & resulted in many students feeling ignored, unwelcome, and alone without help. My children will not step foot in this pit.
Lakewood park changed everything for me educationally and personally. This school is a great place for anyone to go. If I could change anything I would try to make the tuition more reasonably exceptable for all families.
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Lakewood Park has an amazing staff and teachers. No other school has a system like theirs. I go to school there and I actually have a bond with my teachers and they genuinely care about me.
I love the small Christian Atmosphere. The Guidance Counselor needs more training to better serve the students.
I've gone to Lakewood ever since I was in first grade. My experience began quite well, and for almost 9 years, I would've never thought a different school would be right for me. As I grew older and classes began to matter more, I realized how unprepared for college, and life after high school I was. Although Lakewood is a great school, they don't have a variety of classes to offer for high school students, and that's something that hinders me from recommending Lakewood to other families looking for a new school. It's very hard to have the affirmation that you want to pursue a degree in this, or a job in that when Lakewood only offers core classes such as English, History, Math, and a few Science courses and that's about it.
The school does nothing to prepare you for college. The students also tend to be very judgmental and hypocritical. Some of the teachers are nice and personal but they don't offer many advance classes.
I came from a medium sized public school to a small private school. The transition was crazy. The class sizes varies from 10 to 20 students per class. The staff genuinely care and want to see the students excel in the classroom, which was amazing.
Lakewood Park is one of the worst experiences of my life. I was really excited to go here for some reason, and I was so,disappointed with the actual school. I went here from 5-9th grade, and every year was very bad. First, Ill talk about the academics. This isnt a terrible part of the school, but it isnt good either. You see, there are a good chunk of people at Lakewood that are smart academically, at least, but their are a bunch of people that are very, to put it frankly, dumb. You end up spending so much time in class having the teacher explain easy sections if the lesson to the class, that you never get to learn too much of anything. This is probably why, throughout my time going here, the school had a c rating on most of the state wide tests, like Istep. We just didnt get far enough in classes to cover everything that is supposed to be learned by the end of the year
Lakewood Park Christian School has a special place in my heart. It shows students the value of work ethic and never quitting. If you have a question the teachers are eager to help after class or school until you understand the material. The small class sizes allows more one on one time with teachers. The teachers provide resources of their own to students who ask. It is a growing school!
Lakewood Park Christian School was overall a very nice school. I like most of the staff, but occasionally there is that one teacher that assigns a bunch of homework haha. The lunch was awesome my middle school years, but as I progressed throughout high school, the lunch choices lessened and became less appetizing. An easy fix to that though was just by packing my lunch. The teachers there really do care for the students and they try their best to answer any questions. The location of the school was also very unique as it was in the country. There were woods surrounding a portion of the school, and a nice lake nearby. In the fall it was always so beautiful seeing the trees change color. After graduating, I am glad I am done with high school, but I am also a little sad as there were many memories made in Lakewood Park Christian School.
I just graduated from LPCS this year, and I would recommend Lakewood to anyone who likes small school settings, involved teachers, a tight community and biblically-based teaching. God is working in this school, and keeping in mind the fact that no school is perfect, I wouldn't have wanted to attend anywhere else! My teachers were supportive, helpful and genuinely interested in investing in my life, and never once did I feel like just a number at a desk. This school is for you if you like school standards that adhere to the Word of God, a high priority on spiritual development as well as academic development, and a small, close-knit atmosphere.
At Lakewood Park, I loved how involved the teachers were. Each teacher takes the time to get to know each student and every relationship is personable. I have been at Lakewood Park since first grade and have loved every year. I feel well prepared for my next steps as I head into college. I am thankful to have had the chance to learn in a Christian environment and welcoming atmosphere.
Lakewood is a great place to get a good education building upon a solid foundation of a Biblical worldview. Teachers and staff really care about students, and parents are very involved with the school activities.
I have been at this school my whole life and thoroughly enjoyed the teachers who invested in me, the friends I sirroinded myself with, and the activities I completed throughout school. I never thought about switching schools because I was surrounded with fellow Christians who had the same goals as I did. I loved how small it was because everyone knew everyone and we became closer. It has been a great experience here at Lakewood Park.
There aren't any college prep courses which would have been a great resource for seniors here. We use the technology well for homework assignments and research. We also have a great tutor service. However, we have no bus system which is troublesome for many parents.
All the teachers make themselves available for students to come ask questions. They try to make the class enjoyable and prepare us for the test well.
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There could be a few more activities, but for the most part, everyone is happy with what we have. If they are not, the school is very supportive in starting new activities.
The dress code is out in place for good reasons, but it is not enforced all the time. Attendance can be shaky because they are more lenient and understanding. However, all of the staff is very helpful in their special areas. The guidance counselor always has suggestions and helps in ways that sometimes I, myself, do not think about.
Because we all strive to improve on our relationship with Christ, there is rarely bullying. I always feel safe and never feel threatened by any of my peers, teachers, or staff. It is a very safe, loving environment.
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