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The school is okay. Some of the teachers just seem like they don't want to be there. They don't exert enough energy towards the students, and they feel the need (from personal experience with my teachers) to give a quiz every day.
Lakewood high school is a great school. It offers resources for it's students, opportunities for growth, as well as great learning experiences. The staff care about the students, and go beyond expectations. Not only do they perform their jobs, but they truly care about the students and shows it. Teachers go out of their way to ensure we understand the concepts outside the classroom. The sports are great, and our arts program is hardworking and dedicated. Our only downside is financial restrictions, and This school would be better if we had more financial support. Although sometimes it creates obstacles, we overcome them in any way we can.
The staff need to be more compassionate towards the students. A lot of them are unnecessarily rude to us and whenever we speak up, we are punished. Some of the teachers are also extremely rude to us. The counselor are kind and do enjoy helping you. They offer many AP and honor classes for you to take if you would like. Currently, the problem is with the schedules. We want block but they keep changing their minds between regular.
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Overall, the four years of high school that I experienced at Lakewood were great. I think the school should try to better their school spirit when appropriate. I liked the diversity throughout those years and most teachers seemed to actually care about helping out their students. I met some great teachers who I believe helped me get to where I am today.
I learn about the different ways to help provide people with CPR and first aid, what I want the school to change is that teachers don't punish people who are bully and let them off the hook and teacher need to give punishment to people who bully others.
This school has improved in the past few years, even beating one of their district rivals, Poly, a few years back for the SBAC. As of 2020, construction is finished, so many classrooms enjoy AC and new technology. The campus is located in a relatively safe area, indicative of the city's "boring" status. Some exceptions are the vaping certain kids do, but there are few cases.
Lakewood HIgh school has been a good experience these last 4 years. They've set me up to be ready for college this up coming year.
The thing that i loved most about this School is that the teachers and counselors really push you to do more for yourself you just have to apply it and show them how bad you want to be successful i graduated early just by staying in a counselor room talking about things i wanted to do in life and the counselor there really helped me and made sure i did what i was supposed to, To meet my needs.
As a senior attending Lakewood high school, I have now experienced 4 years being at the school. Lakewood high school is not a bad school. The staff and teachers are amazing and are determined to Provide a safe and secure school. Teachers go out of their way, making sure all students understand and learn subjects. No student is left behind. Lakewood high school has a variety of different clubs, extracurricular activities, sports, tutoring, and so much more. Students at the school are very friendly for the most part, but Lakewood high school does have a small drug issue. Many students try to come to school faded off of wax pins in weed.Because of this issue there are more cops and staff on the campus. Lakewood high school does not have many fights and Lakewood high school has their own intervention center so students can solve problems with other students and staff
The teachers were okay at their help for students but most were not doing much for students success. The school was filled with bullies and drugs
I’m a Junior, and i love all of my teachers, i’ve formed strong bonds with them and they feel like more than teachers and that makes it easier to talk to them.. my environment is pleasant and i have fun
The school is a nice setting to be in on most days. Most of the teachers are helpful and want to see students do well. However the student body itself can do better.
When you enter as a freshman you chose a pathway basically like a little community. The thing with that is that you have to stay in that community for the rest of your high school years. Some people would like to try different pathways but they aren't allowed .
Although school can be tough for any teen. Lakewood is full of teachers and students that want you to succeed. It is a safe place and is a grate place to spend the next 4 years of your life.
Lakewood High School is a great place to get an education and join in on any social activities that you might find interesting. The teachers at this school are always willing to help a student in need and teach class with great care. The layout of the school is decent and is not too hard to navigate in.
I liked my friends and some teachers, but others did not really care for the students. There were also so many changes and politics that school was unenjoyable. I even dropped out of my sport do to the lack of effort put into it by the school.
The merit program teachers are very helpful and encouraging. Administration seems very disorganized at times. Athletics are not very equal, some sports gaining more privileges than others. Overall, it’s been a decent High school experience.
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What was interesting about Lakewood high school is that it has the best classes that can be offered. And the counselor, teacher, and and staff are very helpful on what you want to do or how to be prepared for college.
Overall, Lakewood has been a good experience for me . One thing I did not like is how unorganized it is . Everything is kind of over the place , and sometimes the teachers can be rude and pushy instead of motivating and comforting . On the other hand besides of the approach of the teachers , they are very hands on and mostly want the best for their students/classroom. The teachers offer a lot of extra credit and personal time to ensure their students are on the right track to graduation.
I enjoyed that many of the teachers seem to genuinely care about their students. The school's policies are a little stricter for dress code now than they were previously, but that might not be a bad thing.
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