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The staff and faculty at Lakewood high school are some of the best I've ever met. They really care about the kids, both as people and students.
Teachers and administration are not the best, sports and clubs are top tier and are lots of fun to participate in
Lakewood High School has a very strong community surrounding it. We have heaping amounts of talent and wonderful students who make everything so much brighter. Something I would like to see changed within our school is participation. Too many students at our school district don’t want to involve themselves in activities such as sports or clubs. I would like to communicate with them better and figure out a solution to this. Another important problem I would like to fix is accepting diversity. We all say we are ok with different but if someone has a “weird” personality, different look, or another way of life we say rude things. This is not ok. We need to accept that there is no such thing as normal. That everyone is different and special in their own way. I’m trying to bring more light to these issues one step at a time here at our school district!
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There is lots of bullying that most students don’t notice or possibly choose to ignore. Administration doesn’t do much in the way of stopping it or making any effort. If you come to them with an issue you will typically be told to let things “blow over”. A large portion of the staff is amazing however and is always there to help support you however you may need. It’s a beautiful school with a great community
I liked that the school was small and the community was so involved. I do wish that the school offered more opportunities and classes for the students. Everyone knows everyone at Lakewood which was a good and bad thing. All of the teachers want the students to succeed.
It is a small town school. Some of the teachers push their students academically, while others tend to follow their own course style.
Everyone here is very close with each other. They make you feel very involved even if you're new or not. A lot of events are mostly planned by the student body and not the teachers. they only thing that should change at Lakewood High School is the diversity. I see a lot of caucasian students instead of other races.
The school has very good teachers that care about your education. They want to prepare your for the future and the school environment is very nice, sports support each other and the programs are always improving.
What I liked about Lakewood High School was how the community was involved with the school and how everyone felt like a second family.
What I liked at Lakewood High School was the school spirit fhe students give in sport events/clubs/activities and for the guest speakers that come to talk to us about being character strong. What can be changed is the school assembies. It needs to be more fun and more exciting.
I had a great experience at Lakewood High School. After attending for the past four years, I have a lot of great memories! Getting a brand new school senior year was a huge change. Although, all of the memories and friends made stayed. I had been apart of both the Tennis and Cheer-leading programs all four years and I had many great times within both! One of my favorite things about my whole high school career was meeting Mr. Thor. He is an amazing English teacher who also happened to be my tennis coach. After listening to his kind words, I would always form a smile across my face. The only thing that I will not miss about this school... is the physics homework.
Students support each other, new school with a lot of new technology, staff are helpful with getting you on track for graduation
Went there all four years and had a alright time. During my time there I was in the band and other extra activities including wrestling and later basketball. The people all know each other because it is a pretty small school with my graduating class of 97 students. They did just rebuild the school so it looks really good now.
Lakewood high school is a great school. Students are very friendly and faculty are always there to help. With the addition of our brand new school building, it is a fun and energetic environment to learn in.
I quite enjoyed going to school here. It was small enough that as someone coming from a homeschooled background I wasn't too badly overwhelmed, but there were enough people there to acclimatize me to public scenarios.
What I enjoyed about Lakewood High School is how put together the school is and how each and every student get's along with one another as well as the teachers.
I loved the spirit of Lakewood high school, everyone knew everyone. It may have been an old run down school when I attended it, but even after its' new renovation the same old school Lakewood spirit and community aspect is still there.
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Lakewood High School is a great school for college readiness. I just graduated in 2017 with my A.A degree that I earned completely at the high school. One down fall the the school is the administration. They do a very poor job at connecting with the students. Overall I had a great 4 years at Lakewood!
I moved here right before my sophomore year. I've always had someone to sit with at lunch. Starting out with no friends, people sit by me, talk to me and make me feel welcome. Girls asked if I wanted to be in their group for homecoming. It's a close-knit community and it's nice to be a part of. They're building a new school which will be ready for the 2017-18 school year and it's nice. The teachers are invested and fun. Diversity...there's not a whole lot of it going on in Lakewood. For the most part people are accepting. Just as with any public school, it's hard to be ready for college out of high school but if you put in effort you'll be ready. There's not a lot of classes to choose from but that comes from being a smaller school. Our sports aren't the best but we generally do them for fun. Parents are also involved in Lakewood. It's a small community and everyone supports each other and I love that.
I like that it's a small community so everyone basically knows everyone and bands together if someone needs help with anything like a blood drive. I don't like how some of the teachers will treat you like a 4 year old even though your almost an adult and have all A's.
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