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Lakewood Elementary School Reviews

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All teachers have their own website that is updated weekly with all new info. It includes all homework for the week, all events and activities scheduled, and links to practice.
All doors are locked from the outside and you have to be admitted via video surveillance through the main door near the office. They have a photo id stickers for all visitors and volunteers.
There are so many options that each kid can find something that interests them personally.
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This school is unique in the ways that they make learning fun and educational. We refuse to move to insure that all of our children will attend Lakewood for the entire elementary education.
We have had several teachers throughout our years of attending Lakewood and each and every one of them has been amazing! Great communication and a general love for teaching children.
Concealed carry staff would be nice.
Lots of things for the kids.
Common core is terrible, dumbing down our kids.
Concealed carry staff would be great addition
Many to chose from, school gets kids involved.
Third year at this school and since I have other choices for schooling I chose this as the best environment for my child
Newer teachers are assigned mentors, but I have doubts to the effectiveness of the mentors. I have experienced many times that newer teachers were less prepared for lessons.
There is a lot of homework. The ways in which subjects are taught do not allow the students to really learn the material for having a core understanding on some subjects that will be needed later in school and in life.
Entire school is locked at all times.
Great but sometimes there is little communication on what is offered
We have been extremely pleased with our experience at this school
Mrs Baker and Miss Clark are amazing! We have been so happy to have been able to be a part of their class this year. They go above and beyond to help their students just not academically but socially as well. They are really great to work with any time you have a question they are quick to respond. We love them both dearly.
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My niece is a runner. The running club is awesome. gives her a lot of self-confidence.
It's a great school. My niece desires to go to school. If you knew her history you would understand.
I love the teachers there. My niece was behind when i received guardianship of her and they have effectively gone above what is necessary to help her to catch up. She's making progress and she loves it.
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