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I loved my experience at Lakeland, I met so many amazing friends, had teachers who changed my life because of their compassion, and had classes that were able to push me academically. If I could change anything though I would say to have some way to view how all of the teachers are performing by having more check ups or student evaluations. Because even though there were some of the most amazing teachers I ever met, there were definitely some that made my high school experience less than what it could’ve been.
Hi, I am a senior at Lakeland Regional High School. My experience was pretty average, there were ups and downs, but overall not a terrible experience.
I loved the marching band, my English classes, art classes and my science classes. Most of the teachers I had were good, some were not. Mr. Novak was a great administrator.
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Most of the teachers really care about their students and want to see them succeed. Connections are easy to make with staff and others.
I've had a good three years at Lakeland Regional, though the third has been cut short by COVID-19. Lakeland has given me the opportunity to expand my horizons, allowing me to take part in activities that include all of my countless interests. Lakeland's academics challenge me, but they also prepare me for whatever path college will put me on in a year and a half. Lakeland has friendly staff and I have been able to easily communicate with faculty throughout my time at the school. The student body has given me some of the best friends I've ever had in my entire life. Overall, my experience at Lakeland has formed me into the person I am today and helped me figure out what I want to do with my life. It has inspired me, connected me to others, and gave me experiences I will cherish.
This is an absolutely terrible school. The administration is ridiculous and unhelpful, some teachers are very bad at their jobs, and the entire student base is extremely toxic.
Most of Lakelands Greatness comes from its wonderful staff. The academics are really good but some of the facility is aging.
Lakeland Regional High school is one of the better school I’ve seen. When it comes to bullying, I have yet to witness any harsh words coming out of people’s mouths. Positivity is spread around the school. The teachers are extremely helpful when it comes to extra help. They are always there to give you a hand when you’re struggling and feel as though you’re falling behind your peers. The lunch is amazing - especially the mashed potatoes and the spicy chicken sandwiches. The bathrooms are clean and compared to other schools I’ve visited for sports, our sinks are a lot cleaner as well as our stalls. The classrooms are covered with posters that spread positivity and some even cracking a few jokes. The atmosphere is just amazing there and it’s easy to talk to just about anyone. The teachers are understanding and will answer any questions you have about your future to the best of their ability. Overall, Lakeland Regional High school is one of a kind.
I would have really appreciated more help/guidance from my guidance counselor in terms of navigating the college process. I felt that a lot of it was left for me/my parents to figure out. I also faced an issue earlier on that I wished had been handled better by both guidance and the administrative staff.
Lakeland Regional High School is a great school overall. We have many clubs and organizations, sports and various extracurricular activities to meet almost any need. The teachers and staff are great. Most are ready and willing to go the extra mile to help students succeed.
The atmosphere of Lakeland is pretty relaxed from students, and teachers and administration are nice as well. The bathrooms are terrible, though.
Lakeland is a fairly decent high school to attend. Overall, the staff is pretty nice and many teachers are very caring and motivating to their students. However, it doesn’t really have a strong culture or sense of unity among the students. Certain sports are praised, while other equally or higher achieving sports and clubs are not held to the same amount of praise. As most small high schools seem to be, it can also be clique-y and there aren’t many people who can be trusted. It doesn’t help that it’s in a boring and uneventful area.
I graduated from Lakeland in 2016, I enjoyed high school a lot because of the teachers, new friends that I made, and that I was well prepared for college.
LRHS has been going through multiple renovations. They have painted walls to identify the area you are in (performing arts, S.T.E.M., etc.). They have also been generous to their sports and clubs. They took the Dance club that has met and gone to competitions to win awards around the country and turned them into a Varsity sport as well as the swim club. They have also upgraded the bleachers to allow for more seating and access for wheelchairs. For students more academically motivated they have nominated many people for awards at different colleges for high school students and each one they applied for they won. They have taken a storage room and turned it into a new bio chem lab. They also renovated the fitness center. They added more weights and a cardio room that includes new machines donated by the family of an alum who passed away during 9/11.
I would like the school to do a better job at creating a positive, friendly, inviting environment for the students.
Lakeland is a very good school that could be so much better if the administration only listened to student concerns. The academic offerings are rigorous, athletics are amazing, and the teachers are genuinely interested in student success. Being a student that loves math and science, the facilities are excellent. I have been very happy at Lakeland but do get frustrated at the lack of respect the administration has for student opinions and concerns.
Lakeland is very good school overall. It is very up to date technology wise and has very good staff for the most part. All we need is a better solution to the bathroom vandalism problem.
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How kids get to the Prom is none of your business. I hope you have no interest in the prom then you might shut up about coach bus.
I had a good experience. I genuinely enjoyed my time at Lakeland and believe I had some great teachers along the way to strengthen my education.
Over 50 clubs to choose from and excellent sports programs made my high school experience memorable.
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