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Good school, but diversity is lacking. Most of the teachers are willing to help, and put in good effort to work with students. Good preparation for college
My daughter just graduated from Lake Ridge Academy. I can not even begin to express my gratitude for what the administration and teachers did for the seniors to make their graduation special during this pandemic. I've always loved the school for my daughter, but the love and care she received from her teachers, from the administration and from all the parent organization at school was beyond our expectations. Thank you, Lake Ridge Academy.
The school is an amazing school, in rural North Ridgeville, just off of the Turnpike. The small class sizes and low student to faculty ratio of 8:1 allows for students to have intimate bonds with teachers, and establishes a real sense of community. I myself help out with the Kindergarten class and they love seeing me. The teacher also really appreciates my help and we text each other all the time now. There are very few schools where teachers treat students in such a way and it's very refreshing.
On top of all that, the students have a say in the making of the rules. Several years ago, the student Senate passed legislature revising the dress code to be far more casual and allow for more freedom of expression, as well as legislature that limited the number of test and quizzes teachers are allowed to administer to students.
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I love that Lake Ridge Academy feels more like family than a school. My classmates are terrific and the teachers and staff genuinely care about us. They have helped prepare me to enter college and have given me the confidence to know I'll be successful.
I love Lake Ridge. My classes are challenging and I love my teachers. I enjoy all the opportunities I have to be involved. I strongly recommend Lake Ridge Academy.
The learning environment is unmatched. All of the teachers are passionate about their subject and truly love teaching. They are always available for extra help or just to talk. The classes are rigorous but if the time and effort is put in, they aren't so hard. The one downfall is the lack of repercussions for the students. There are some students who break school rules constantly and nothing is done to hold them accountable. Other than that, a great school!
As a student here, I find the school very nice, a small school and it is perfect for kids that have problems with bullies, I have to say it is pretty pricey for what you get out of it, maybe if they changed the tuition from going up every year to staying the same, they do not understand mental illness. The dress code is good. Middle school teachers are so nice and understanding, the lower school teachers are too! Sports though... We have good runners and soccer players, that is about it. Personally I think that there should be a football team and a softball team, boys volleyball, and girls football. Overall it is a great school, definitely send your child here!
Everything about Lake Ridge is phenomenal! Almost every student participates in a multitude of sports and activities and ends up at their best-fit college.
I have been going here since 6th grade and I absolutely love it! The teachers are amazing, and create such a great learning environment. I am so glad that I came to Lake Ridge!
I have two kids that are both very different but LRA was a great fit for both. There is a place for everyone to find themselves and fit in.
I graduated from Lake Ridge Academy in 2016, and as a current college student I am extremely grateful for this school. Lake Ridge Academy not only prepared me for college academically, but also prepared me in many ways beyond the classroom. The teachers truly care about each and every student, and I still keep in touch with many of them today. Attending this school was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and my college experience has been exceptional due to the education that I received and life skills that I learned at Lake Ridge Academy.
As an alum who attended K-12, I feel like Lake Ridge prepared me for the real world by giving me the attention I needed to grow and be a successful adult. The school raised me and made me who I am today, and I wouldn’t trade those thirteen years for anything.
It was a great experience I had at LRA, one of my memory that I will always cherish. Through my three years as a high school student, I believe LRA had really prepared me for my college learning.
I am currently a senior at Lake Ridge, and having gone to public school before coming here I can say for certain that putting me at Lake Ridge Academy was the best thing my parents could've done for me. The relationships that I have with my teachers here are ones that I'm never going to forget. I can go to some of my teachers for advice about anything even if it's not about school. There's a sense of community here that you can't find anywhere else.

One of my parents' favorite things about LRA is that they really teach you lifelong skills. Things like learning about credit cards and taxes in Senior Seminar or study skills in AP classes are sure to stick with me throughout college and beyond. On top of that, our college counselor is really really helpful during the college process. He always tries to do his best so that all of us end up at a college that is the perfect fit. I am very grateful for the endless resources at Lake Ridge that have prepared me for college.
I attended Lake Ridge from Kindergarten through 12th grade. It was a great, safe, and supportive environment for me to grow up in. I loved all of my teachers because they supported me while also pushing me to do my best. I made some of the best friends at Lake Ridge. The social atmosphere is very accepting and kind and you can never feel out of place. I was also apart of the Institute for Scientific Research. It allowed me to design and execute a research project of my choosing, and write an official research paper on my topic. I loved Lake Ridge and would not change a thing about the past 13 years.
As a student of Lake Ridge Academy, I find that my experience at this school has changed me and effectively prepared me for my future. I've learned to voice myself better, and understand my priorities. Personally, I feel that most of my teachers have been incredibly helpful both in and out of the classroom. I've learned several lessons that pertain to life outside academics, and I am truly grateful.

Despite the student population being small, the campus is incredibly large and resourceful. There are multiple sports offered for each season, and the teams are very inclusive.

Overall my experience at this school has been very good: teachers are helpful, and the students provide a small, inviting, community.
Lake Ridge is a great school with high standards, where teachers know the students well. It has wonderful art programs as well as strong programs in science and engineering. Both my kids have thrived here, especially my son who now loves to read and write, and has shown a love of learning he didn't have before.
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Academically, Lake Ridge Academy has one of the hardest curriculum's in the area and provides a great preparation for students moving on to higher education. However, teachers at the school are a mixed-bag. Some of the teachers I have had were very helpful and engaged in the classroom whereas others were incredibly demanding with little help offered outside of the classroom. Overall , Lake Ridge Academy has been a good experience for me, but I would have preferred to have more help from my teachers.
We are starting our 8th year as an LRA family. Both my kids love the school. I call it the Happiest place on earth. It truly is. You can feel the love and the sense of community the minute you walk through the door. I am so thankful that I am able to provide this experience to my children. They are safe, happy, challenged and accepted. All things school SHOULD be.
As a parent, I was immediately in awe of the surroundings and level of comfort my kindergartner felt the moment we arrived on campus. The school and its grounds has an immediate feeling of warmth and camaraderie. The administrative staff and instructors were genuine and inviting. My son's first year was filled with incredible experiences, learning, and play. He's now in first grade and doing extremely well academically and is actually enjoying going to school every morning. Highly recommend Lake Ridge Academy and can't say enough good about this magical little school.
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