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Lake Region Union High School Reviews

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I love the way Lake Region teachers teach and how they will always care for the education of every student. I wouldn’t change a single thing about Lake Region.
The education was awesome and I loved all the faculty and teachers. I participated in sports which were all inviting. It was overall a welcoming highschool for anyone.
The administration and faculty are extremely friendly and build a good culture. I would love to see a theater and more outreach for the parents of incoming parents.
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The staff and acedemics at Lake Region have been great. The only thing I would change would be the rules about the 40-hour PE requirement.
I really like all the teachers and how well they are willing to help you exceed in high school to graduate.
Lake Region is nice because it is a small school but it can also be terrible because it IS such a small school. Drama goes around like crazy. If you do anything everybody will have heard about it by the end of the day. The principal is a good guy, atleast to me he was. He takes the time to learn everybodys name and he always says hi whenever he sees you. The academics are okay. They offer AP classes which are useful for college. They have a shared career center with North Country, which is pretty cool. But to get into it you have to clear your scheduale untill 4th period. You get to know everybody around.
Lake Region was a great high school to attend in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. For the resources available, students can expect to be prepared for the rigor of college studies if they apply themselves in high school. There aren't a lot of clubs available, but it is possible to create new ones, and participation in clubs already at the school can be very rewarding. The faculty is very supportive and encouraging.
I would like to see Lake region prepare their students more for college, and focus on improving their education.
Lake Region Union High School is very dedicated to their student's learning. This being said, there could be changes in the availability of a good guidance counselor.
The teachers I've had are great. They really care about their students. The band program is excellent. We are fortunate to have a music teacher with a diverse musical background, who really cares about the music program and its participants. I would like to see more clubs that are more diversified. There are not a variety of options.
Going to school at Lake Region is different for any student who walks through the doors. Some say it's the best time of their lives. I personally disagree. It's alright going to LR. The teachers are overall very educated and teach the material well. However it is such a small school and has very little money to spend. I have felt limited because of this. Some schools offer courses I cannot take at LR. To me that's not really okay. The food is kind of iffy, and the students range from super nice to extremely rude. We do however, have one of the best principles a school could ask for. Andre Messier is an amazing principle, and he stands up for an arguement. Even if it's one you've asked him to make for you. He stands by his students and faculty like a loyal dog. The school strives to make the bad aspects of the school better, and we are making progress every year.
There are many clubs at this school, such as cooking club, art club, theater, and dance.
The teachers at this school put their entire hearts into teaching their students so that they can become the best they can be.
The school nurse is very helpful and provides students with all the care that they need. There are a lot of security measures, such as the camera at the front door of the school which won't unlock unless the staff in the front office open it for you.
LR was small enough that by my senior year I was friends with everyone in my class. It gave me a chance to get close to my teachers and get plenty of help and support from them.
As I was in Honors classes, I felt as though all of my teachers were very effective and engaging. However, I had heard from some of my peers in lower level classes that their teachers sometimes didn't care at all about the students' education or their well-being.
I really liked the competitive environment that this school provided. I was valedictorian and I really appreciated how much my friends pushed me by also being incredible students. But everyone also got along really well and spent a lot of time hanging out outside of school.
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All the teachers really care about their students, both personally and academically. They're always going to support you with help outside of class, but they'll probably also be cheering you on at your basketball game or concert.
This school is probably the best high school any parent could send their children to.
Mostly everyone is supportive and kind. The faculty, despite a few, are super understanding and don't give you an overload of work.
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