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Lake Oswego Senior High School Reviews

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Lake Oswego High School has the best teachers, classes, and sports. They have countless clubs, volunteer options, and ways to branch out. Their facility is very nice.
Lake Oswego High School prepares you for college however it lacks a welcoming feeling and is very hard to come into the school partway through the year.
I love the atmosphere at LOHS. The teachers I have had are super nice and open to helping me with my 504. Although I am an average student I feel that the school pushes you to do your best. I would like to see more involvement with the whole student body including the people you don't hear much from. It's really just all the popular kids who are on the student run government and only incorporate things they want to see even though they promise otherwise. More inclusion and opportunity with athletics would also be great. As an academic school I feel that Lake Oswego goes above and beyond.
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Lake Oswego High School is a fantastic college preparatory school. The atmosphere is genuinely very inclusive and the teachers are very willing to help their students succeed.
Leaving this school to go to college was the best thing for me mentally, socially, and emotionally. This school has okay academics but the people here are horrible. I hated all 4 years here because of the people. Teachers were mostly great but other faculty? Not so much. Everyone says it’s the one of the top schools in Oregon but I’d rather go to any other school. Thanks LO for barely preparing me for college!
As a product of attending both an LA county school and NY suburban HS, both with higher rankings, I can tell you that regardless of where your kids attend HS, they will find cliques, food that is sub-par to your home cooking, administrators that don't have time to provide 1 on 1 counseling, and people that do not understand them or love them unconditionally as you do. What LOHS does have is a beautiful campus with excellent facilities. The teachers are highly competent /well educated. The Principal could have easily chosen to be Provost at a top 10 Private Boarding School based on his Oxbridge education. Even some of the athletic coaches are IVY/Elite college-educated. What is lacking is serious college prep for the middle 50% and some of the upper 25% which is more of a free for all if you are not fully engaged in making sure your kids study for the SAT/ACT/APS/SubjectTests. The top 10% all get into Elite colleges which is typical of similar schools.
I felt that Lake Oswego High has everything to offer young adults. The teachers in the STEM field have the highest degrees and certifications in their professions. The sports teams are supported by the student councils. The counseling staff is always aware and takes time to talk us through whatever trials we had. The school was predominately white, but they were very open and respectful to all those that were not caucasian. Lake Oswego High pushes all the students to their extremes to help them grow academically, physically, and maturely. The students are given all the tools they need to achieve in their interests and passions.
Good academics and sports are well supported. Extracurriculars like performing arts are crumbling with bad leadership. Almost no diversity at all.
I love LOHS. Everything about it is so enjoyable and I had a very fun four years here. The sports here are focused on heavily, which makes attending any game really fun... definitely a highlight of my time here. Majority of the staff is involved and caring and I feel ready for college.
Good academics, but weak in comparison to the rest of the U.S. However, a lot of the things I learned I will never use again in the future. The same applies to sports, since competition in Oregon is very very weak. Kids at school can be very mean and hurtful and disruptive, and teachers are slightly above average. Safety is very good, however lots of smoking and drugs at this school. Diversity sucks. This school is good if you are like everyone else and enjoy cliques, if you are different than the norm, don’t go here. It’s not worth you’re time.
Very prestigious schooling, sports and clubs. Everything about this school is great. The top school in Oregon for a reason. Went here for four years and lived in LO my whole life, nowhere else even compares to it.
Lake Oswego High School is an excellent academic school, with good athletics and arts programs. The teachers are for the most part very smart and helpful. There are some odd traditions and processes that are perplexing, but they are not enough to make it a bad school.
This school is an athlete's dream school, but artists and performers will be very frustrated with this school. They underfund the arts programs and almost no students or faculty care about the arts programs and accomplishments (which are huge and plenty!!)
This school is absolutely NOT diverse what so ever. There are only 3 African-American students in the freshman class alone. So if this is what Lake Oswego calls diverse, then it's the most diverse community you'll ever live in.
Great school that prepares you for college! Its is a very safe school and the teachers care for you. Teachers here make sure to make time to help, if asked.
Overall very good teachers, great facilities, and school promotes safe and respectful environment. Lot's of opportunities for different friend groups, athletics, and arts - something for everyone. Academics are highly valued, and there is very good counselor support for college. School could use some more diversity, but most students are open minded - with a few exceptions. It's been a really good four years, and my friends and I are ready for college.
LOHS offers its students by offering challenging classes and curriculums. Students are very academically driven. There isn't a lot of diversity in the student body, racially and culturally.
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If your looking for a school with challenging classes to excel in and become prepared for college, than this is the high school for you. Now, from what I noticed, if you need any sort of of special education than I would turn to a private school.
For the most part, this school has phenomenal teachers and opportunities to learn a wide range of subjects. It can be rigorous, depending on which classes you take, but most of the teachers will make sure that you understand the content you are given.
The best thing about Lake Oswego High School was the academics. Although there were definitely questionable teachers, the school did an excellent job making sure the students were learning to their fullest. School culture was very divided because there wasn't much diversity in the school, but despite the difference, everyone had his/her own best experience.
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