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Lake Orion Community High School Reviews

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I liked the resources that were provided for students with disabilities. I thought parents could be more involved with students more however.
Amazing campus for students along with great support network. School staff puts in the extra time to let students excel in whatever they desire.Students are totally prepared for their future college experience
Lake Orion High School is very well developed. The school provides students with an extensive amount of clubs, sports, and extracurricular activities. There is something for everyone to do. The teachers are great at their job and help make a great learning environment. Academics and sports are both important parts of the school, which can be seen in the AP classes and sports provided. Parents are always informed of events and know what's going on. Overall, it's a great school.
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I think that overall, Lake Orion High School is very well put together. While some of the teachers are, in my opinion, not as invested into their jobs, the school is very nice and has many fantastic teachers to compensate for the not as good ones. The environment is positive most of the time, and the school is very quick to act on any issues that may arise.
One thing i really enjoyed was the overall atmosphere. on theme days almost all the staff would participate creating a fun environment. On fridays before games the marching band would play in the lunch room and students would dance and sing along creating a memorable high school career.
Lake Orion high school is a really great school that offers lots of classes,sports, clubs, and activities. It is a very simple and nice setting to go to school.
Although my high school is very lucky to have the technology advancements and modern technology we do, the overall quality of the school needs work. Wether its the discipline rules or the value of the students well being, there are areas that could improve.
Very good school. Lots of clubs and activities of a diverse range of topics and interests. Something for everyone. Administration is very nice. Many teachers want to help you succeed no matter how much extra time it takes to prepare you.
My experience at Lake Orion High School wasn't a bad at all. First, Lake Orion High School has one of the best educations that you could receive. They have so many college and honor courses available. There sports are excellent as well. There sports are well funded and the school has produced so many sport championships and professional athletes. Though the school has ups there are things that could be changed. First, the bathrooms at the school are not functioning well. None of the bathroom sinks work in the women's facilities. Second, the arts, I came from a school that had an orchestra. When I transferred schools it came to my attention that they didn't have an orchestra. Even though the school doesn't have an orchestra that doesn't mean the arts are lacking. The school has an award wining marching band and choir, so the school still has a great arts program.
Lake Orion High School is a place that makes everyone feel welcome. There are so many diverse clubs, sports, events and activities that make it extremely easy for anyone to get involved and feel like they have a home at LOHS. All of the staff members are there for all students and even though we are a very diverse school, we are all unified as dragons.
many amazing class which you can gain amazing experience from. its a diverse school. with many AP and honers class options. big school with many opportunities.
Lake Orion High school is an amazing school with lots of options. From classes to classmates there are an abundance of choices. Lake Orion May be a big school but it feels very small town and high spirited. The community around the school is amazing and I wouldn’t want to go to school anywhere else.
Lake Orion was a great school because it gave the students many outlets to express themselves and enjoy their own "high school" experience. Once you find a class or a club that you know suits you and your interests, you create strong bonds not only with your classmates, but the staff as well. The teachers want nothing more than for the students to succeed because they believe in the potential of each individual and that is what helps make the days bearable. It's when you know you have the support of the school behind you.
I like how many opportunities there are. From sports to clubs to honors and AP classes, there is always some way to get involved and challenge yourself, no matter your interests.
Lake Orion High School is a very unique and interesting school. The class size is usually around 600+ kids, making our school bigger than average. While this may seem like an issue, it actually makes the high school experience more exciting. There are so many new people to meet and make friends with.
Our school also has an outstanding leadership program. The leadership class hosts many events that help unite not only the students of the high school, but the whole Lake Orion Community together. I am a leadership student and I enjoy how even though age divides us into different schools, there are still so many opportunities to connect with each other. For example, we host science fairs and career fairs where little kids come to the high school and interact with the high school students about cool science projects or about their future career.
I think that Lake Orion High School is a great school and I wouldn't ever want to go to another high school.
LOHS has plenty of opportunities that help students find out what they are interested in, find friends, and even including the diverse amount of food. While not the most diverse, the school still celebrates minorities and women with weeks such as “body positivity week” and “cultural diversity week”. With having around 2400 kids may seem crowded, LOHS has a lot of school spirit primarily in sports, but in the arts as well.
Lake Orion High School (LOHS) has been around for many years. Through the past four years spent here, I wouldn't change a thing at all. I have met most of my best friends through this school and made the best of memories. Although it is a fairly good school, I would change some of the teachers if I could. There have only been a few teachers in my four years at LOHS that have made an impression on me. Those few teachers I will be forever thankful for, but all the other ones don't seem to care as much as they should. I can understand why because let's be real they are teaching high schoolers, but they need to care more. Or at least pretend better. Aside from the occasional bad teacher, LOHS is filled with a variety of ethnicities, genders, and personalities, creating a wonderful environment for learning social and mental skills. LOHS is filled with wonderful opportunities for students to be the best that they can be.
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Good high school. About 2400 or more students. Lake Orion high school is predominately Caucasian, though does have diversity. Unlike a nearby high school which has optional finals if attendance is good, lake orion has mandatory finals for all classes. Very stressful studying for finals. It is possible that high school students have to take 16 finals a year. Lake Orion high school is on a block schedule. The block schedule consist of 4 quarters a year, four classes per quarter. Most teachers are above average. Many teachers will work with students who are having difficulty.
During the past four years of high school i have realized that there are many opportunities here. There are variety of AP classes to prepare individuals for college. I wish there were more programs for law because that is the career I wish to pursue.
LO high school has a broad range of courses offered with many AP and Honors choices. There are career path courses are offered which prepare students for careers in business, medicine, architecture, among others.
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