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Lake Jackson Intermediate School Reviews

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Good and bad, depends on who you get really.
My personal experience with football was bad, coaches didn't care about kids playing time, only winning. It's junior high football, c'mon. Swim and Water Polo coaches are great.
Great school, great teachers. Not the best students and groups though.
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Teachers with pre-ap classes are great. Just make sure you turn papers in on time or they will lose them.

Schedules are fine, hard to make changes though.
Rules are rules, there's never a huge punishment. Administration won't help with much, counselors don't even help much.
Not my favorite food but It works. Same food every week.
I'm christian so I went to a group called Kingdom Builders. Donuts everyday! But that's not why I liked it, there was so many people in there that I am now great friends with. There's many activities to go to, very many, they're all ran by talented, nice, helping people. a joke. BISD (police) won't do anything. Someone got caught with drugs on campus and went to the lighthouse for about a week. Drugs are really bad, just have to hang with the right group.
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