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Everything is great, I have been there for 12 years. The support system is amazing along with the facilities making most colleges a downgrade.
My son has attended Lake Highland since the 4th grade. He was welcomed with open arms by the teachers and students upon his arrival. We have been impressed with the academic programs that are offered. They also offer a variety of activities outside of the classroom. There is something for almost everyone.
In all of my time at Lake Highland, I have never seen or experienced a school that has the same dedication to the students and their futures. The teachers are extremely knowledgable and make their classes interesting even to the most disinterested of students.
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I'm currently a high school senior, and I received the opportunity to attend Lake Highland Prep School (LHP) entering my sophomore year of high school. While the majority of my previous schooling was in the public school system, I can't express enough the difference at Lake Highland Prep in terms of academic rigor, teacher support, leadership and growth opportunities, personal responsibility and accountability, and opportunities to give back to the community. The LHP experience has dramatically changed my attitude and outlook on life.
Lake Highland is a really great school, it has a HUGE budget for sports and workout facilities, and only hires THE BEST teachers. The school as a really high graduation rate of 97%. The school is not that diverse, it consists of mostly whites and Asians, and a few hispanics, and VERY few blacks. There is a variety of clubs you can join at the school, and opportunities for community service. The school is great, but maybe not ALL the students, the school Is ver cliquey, and the cliques don't really add people very often, and new kids typically have a hard time fitting in.
My experience at Lake Highland has been amazing. The school culture has motivated me to continue challenging myself by taking harder classes and getting involved in numerous extracurricular activities, but it's not the kind of toxic competition that exists at other schools. Almost every teacher and faculty member I've interacted with has been extremely encouraging and experienced - I feel like I could be friends with all of them.
Lake Highland has treated me well. The academics are great and facilities are top notch. LHP is not as involved with specific students and ensuring they are safe and happy. I do not like how disconnected the students and administration are.
Great school! I love the school and has some of the best teachers. Although the workload is a killer for some high classes! The film program is excellent and let’s you express a students creativity! 10/10! English H 10 is really hard though, one of the hardest classes in the school!
Very strong culture of elitism. Kids are nice to your face (so not a lot of obvious or visible bullying) but are seasoned experts at backstabbing. Most come from upper middle/ upper class families so it feels very detached from reality. That being said, I made amazing friends and learned a tremendous amount from the teachers there, campus is really beautiful and we have state of the art facilities.
Lake Highland offers state-of-the-art facilities, an amazing college prep education, and amazing staff/faculty. That being said, the intense culture of elitism, from college to everything else, could be highly damaging. The competitiveness between students is ingrained. As a charter member, I was relieved to graduate. Other major issues include the complete lack of socioeconomic diversity (obviously), lack of preparation for the real world, and a feeling of isolation from the rest of Orlando. Unlike public schools, where all the kids come from a certain neighborhood or part of town, LHP is extremely far flung. That makes it hard to build school spirit or even to spend time with friends.
I've been a student at Lake Highland since fourth grade. It was one of my first real school experiences, as I was homeschooled prior to that. The transition was practically seamless due to the friendly and accommodating nature of the students and faculty there. As a current high school student, I am now beyond grateful that I attend this school. There are so many unique resources and opportunities that allow students to be fully prepared for their transition into college life. I couldn't ask for a better academic career than the one I have received at LHP.
Great academics, prepares you well for college but does not prepare you well for life. I feel as if the school breeds a sense of entitlement and arrogance of a typical preppy high school at the same time the teachers/faculty are incredible and prepare you really well for college.
I started at Lake Highland in first grade, and though I graduated from another school, I believe that the nine years I spent there shaped me as a person and grew me intellectually more than any other experience I’ve had.
My experience at Lake Highland Preparatory School for the past six years has been truly amazing. I am blessed to have been able to attend this school, and I feel well prepared for college.
Lake Highland is a great environment that encourages students to excel in both academics and athletics. They have great classes and program for students to prosper as young adults.
My daugther lover LHP. She mentions all the time that she likes her classes and really feels like her teachers want her to learn to learn and not to just take a test on the subject. It has been an excellent experience for her.
So many opportunities for growth and leadership. I enjoyed the 8th grade North Carolina trip, the leadership trip to Pennsylvania, the Humanities trip to England, and the Biology trip to Eleuthera, Bahamas.
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Love this school! Started in 6th grade and had a hard time adjusting but worth it! Definitely requires hard work and effort. The classes are much harder than a regular public school. It is claimed that the classes are one above, meaning, any standard (also know as college prep class) is considered to be a honors class at a mediocre public school.
Great school with strong academics. Most importantly, school emphasizes character building and life long learning passion and ability.
I'm a charter member at LHP, so I've gone here and nowhere else since Kindergarten. I've definitely had my ups and downs, but heading into my senior year I'd say I'm happy I stayed. The cultural and racial diversity is actually pretty strong, but (almost) everyone here is very, very wealthy. The worst thing about LHP is growing up in that bubble. However, nothing can match how dedicated and kind the teachers are, how much you're challenged, and the resources at your disposal. It's a weird place to go to school, but I'd probably choose to do it all again.