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An excellent school for academics, performing arts, and athletics. Diversity, however, is lacking as the school is mostly Caucasian. The culture is not favorable, though, as the students are not very tolerant of each other. There is also a strong bias towards the administration's children, they are often favored over other students.
My experience with Lake High School started off a little bit on the rocky side but definitely got better.
I overall really enjoyed the teachers and their genuine care for their students. Also, I have been involved in the band for eight years now and the quality of the arts at Lake High School is unlike any other school I have heard of in our area. The only area that I believe Lake High School could improve in is preparation for college and the future. The councilors do prepare students well, but by the time they do students have to rush to meet early college deadline dates.
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It would be much nicer if we had more spaces to eat. And it would feel safer if our classrooms didn't have an entire wall of glass.
Being lucky enough to go to Lake is one of the greatest pleasures I have had in my life thus far. Students truly do not realize how lucky they are to go to Lake, no other schools care so much about their students well beings. The teachers at Lake are unmatched they always look out for their students, and they treat them like their own children. My freshman year we began the process to build an entire new district. Although there were a lot of growing pains the faculty handled the new transition the past 3 years with grace. Many not ideal situations came out of the new building but I truly believe that it was handled with as much thoughtfulness and care for the students as possible. Growing pains were inevitable however our administration makes running a school look easy. When I tell people that I go to LHS I say it with all of the pride in my heart I am truly proud to be a Blue Streak.
I love how it's a smaller school so it's easy to get to know many people. Most of the students are intelligent and hard working.
The students and teaching staff at Lake are some of the best in the entire county. The teachers really care about the students and want them to succeed and they are also just all around great teachers and human beings. However, I did not like the administration at Lake. They were too worried about their own reputations and who had the biggest names in the district rather than doing there jobs fairly.
My favorite part of this high school is the caring nature of the school staff. As much as they try and care for every student, I’ve noticed a favorability towards students prevalent in sports or high academics scene. Nonetheless, with the current system of LHS it stands as a great school
As an alumni, the student body at LHS is overall friendly, and getting involved in school activities like sports, musicals, clubs, band, choir and orchestra are fun opportunities to explore! A lot of the teachers are wonderful, kind and will help students when they're stuck. Parking is awful (every student that drives will agree) and the administration could be better about solving problems & bullying issues, but overall a very good high school to attend.
Lake is, academically, a really stellar school. I'm currently a senior and I've already gotten 9 college credits done in high school. There are some awesome teachers who really engage students in learning, and colleges really value Lake students for our tenacity and positive formative experiences in the classroom and in hands-on experience.
I liked the different styles of teaching and how there were many opportunities for students to learn in different ways. I also liked the atmosphere of Lake High School; how all the students encourage others and always have a positive attitude.
As a senior at Lake High School, my experience here has given me opportunities to grow not only in academics, but also in my personal character. This school rightfully prides itself in graduating well-rounded students prepared for college or the workforce. Lake is a safe environment where each student can come and feel accepted. There are countless activities for students to get involved in whether it be through athletics, performing arts, or academics. The only aspect that I would like to see change in Lake is the school's lack of diversity. In a predominately white community, the school environment is not culturally diverse. Despite the lack of diversity, students are still very welcoming and accepting of different cultures.
Overall, I really enjoyed attending this school. The academics are superb and I felt very prepared moving into college. The teachers are very good at what they do and provide a safe and comfortable space to learn. I thrived with my grades. This school is fairly sports oriented but if you aren't a student athlete that's fine because there are many other things to do such as join theater or other clubs. The only thing I would say about this school is that it's not very diverse but it does promote acceptance and education regarding diversity.
Lake has been an overall good school. Education wise, it has been a very good school with the majority of teachers being supportive of the students.
My overall experience at Lake High School was wonderful. There is not one major thing I would like to see change about the school. The faculty, staff, and students provide a welcoming learning center that prepares the students for college in an effective way.
Lake High School is probably one of the best schools in Northeast Ohio. There's a reason that this school is one of the top rated in the state of Ohio. Also, it is located in a small, tight-knit community where everyone comes together during rough times. Recently, our school lost a student in a devastating car crash. Personally, I did not know the girl but our community was crushed. Lake High School took the situation into their hands and made sure everyone who was affected by this loss felt safe and knew that there was someone to go to. Whether it was a teacher, counselor, or best friend, they were there for us. They even brought in therapy dogs and youth pastors to help during this time. I think that these empathetic actions show just how amazing the Lake community is. With a brand new school being introduced next year, the future possibilities for this community is endless. I am excited for my future through Lake High School and would not want to go to school anywhere else.
I am only giving a 4 star rating to my high school as there is always something you do not like about your school. Now that I am a senior I have come to appreciate many teachers who have been there for me, pushed me through and helped me achieve certain goals. My school has a lot of student pride and in return we have a lot of good kids. I like my school because we have a large campus and improvements are always being made to better us. Our school and policies have helped with the drug issues today and the bullying problems that occur everywhere are very slim in our school and we have pretty good attendance and very few problem students. If there are problems in my school as I am sure, Lake High School is very professional upon handling these matters in private. I was honored to be able to live in the school district and attend this school and not pay tuition for my education and I have received an excellent and well rounded education.
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I am a recent graduate of Lake. The academic programs here were great, the vast majority of the teachers I had really helped me to prepare for my future as well. If you're looking for a diverse community though, look somewhere else. Lake is about as white, Christian, and conservative as they come unfortunately. Diversity is not very heavily celebrated. The administration also does nothing to encourage this. Overall, not a bad experience and I feel academically the school is wonderful.
Lake is Great! I have truly enjoyed my experience at Lake, starting in Kindergarten all the way through my senior year. The school has wonderful teachers, I've enjoyed learning, the atmosphere is safe and I feel that everyone really cares about each other. The community is tight knit and I know that I have made a lot of life long relationships. Lake has truly prepared me for college and I'm going to miss my high school but I am thankful for my education and experience there.
Lake High School provides so many opportunities for excellence and growth, and it continues to adjust for the better. However, there are many challenges that one can face. The students will face drug encounters if they fall into the wrong crowd, and they can face many challenges with peers. The school continues to shift towards a very liberal position, and they stifle the voice of moral and reason among the students. It seems that the voice of those with conservative morals and beliefs are being slowly muzzled and are exempt from the freedom of speech those with liberal standpoints experience. This aside, I love the school and I want to change it for the better. The academics are amazing, and the sports are successful. The atmosphere is education-oriented, yet fun. I am proud to be a Blue Streak!
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