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Lake Forest Elementary Charter School Reviews

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What an awesome school. Great teachers, afterschool programs and sports. Even better online schooling during COVID.
As a student of Lake Forest since kindergarten, I believe when I graduate (which is at the end of this year), Lake Forest will be a major point of why I made it and graduated. They helped me grow into the person I am today. They did great with my education, which includes me getting into Algebra in 8th grade. I love all my teachers and I will miss them. ❤️
This school is so horrible, I would never send my child to this school. The teachers are nice one minute and rude the next minute. My child is in the 7th grade and he has practices until 6 o'clock sometimes and stays up until 11:00at night doing homework. The school is nice and all but all the work is busy work the test are on things that they have not fully covered. The 7th grade math teacher gives tests that have too little questions to where if they miss one question they have failed the whole test.
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Lake Forest was my home away from home. It prepared me for High school and allowed me to make great connections with teachers and students. It helped me strengthen my writing skills, people skills, and open up to be a better person.
I love the school. They have the best interest of the kids in mind. Homework gets to be a bit much and I think if it is reduced a little it still would be a top school. I love the fact that the school progresses with society in adapting to what is becoming the norm while still maintaining values and standards.
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