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I grew up on campus as my dad works here. I love LFA and have always loved it. I loved attending school here and the environment was awesome. 10/10 would recommend. Very great community and preps well for college.
LFA is a diverse and inclusive community where students are challenged and supported during an important time in their lives. With strong academics, great college placement and various opportunities to get involved, you couldn’t ask for more in a high school experience.
Top notch academics that really push you. Teachers are always available to help you if there is something you are struggling with. I loved the diversity in the community and meeting people from all over the world and from across the United States. There’s not much I would change. I had a great experience and I especially love all of the friends I have made being a boarding student. I feel so prepared to go away to college. I am a Class of 2020 graduate. I am extremely proud to now be an alum of dear ole LFA!
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LFA played a foundational role in my life. The teachers were excellent, but what I most benefitted from was the chance to forge real relationships with many of them. The small class sizes also really helped me find my voice as a student and as an individual -- more a participant in a vibrant discussion than just a class. I was a day student, but through the years I was there the campus really came to feel like home, and in that sense it wasn't "school" so much as a proving ground, a place to figure out who I was going to be. I graduated in the 1990s, and in the years since, it's become clear that there's no place that had a greater positive impact on me than LFA.
My family and I choose Lake Forest Academy to prepare me for the challenges of college. We lived in Lake Forest, which had (and has) strong public schools. But LFA had smaller classes led by experienced and enthusiastic teachers as well as a great preparatory track record.

Much has changed since I graduated over 50 years ago; now young men and women from all over the world study together at LFA. The traditional campus plan is just as beautiful but the 21st century facilities are state-of-the-art. Enrollment is larger today but classes are small and the many extracurricular opportunities (arts, service, sports) are integral and accessible for every student. Excellence is still the standard for teaching and learning. And great college careers await today's graduates. Go LFA!
LFA values the education of each student and understands that an exceptional education happens even beyond the classroom. LFA’s approach to the educational experience demonstrates its deep commitment to its students, faculty, staff, and families. I am really grateful to have been a student at here. LFA is a very special place.
LFA has been an enriching environment for our entire family. The outstanding faculty, diverse student body, and beautiful facility are some of highlights of this school. Our students form enduring bonds that will last a lifetime.
Both my academic and social experiences at Lake Forest Academy prepared me for college and life in general. The rigorous academics challenged and pushed me to excel. I also established life long friendships during my four years as a boarder. I definitely appreciate my time spent at Lake Forest Academy!
Lake Forest Academy is an enriching, supportive environment in which to pursue high school. Students are celebrated for their individuality and teachers and advisors truly get to know your child. Everyone is encouraged to have a voice and use it - both in the small-sized classes and through numerous extracurricular options. Students have a chance to try new sports and activities, and make friends from all over the world. In a large school, my sons may have learned a great deal but not found their individual voices. At LFA they have flourished, gained confidence in their voices and interests, and stretched past their personal comfort zones. I highly recommend LFA!
I love working at LFA! The students, parents, and my colleagues continue to inspire and motivate me every day. It is truly a special community where everyone comes together to support each other and help them find their best self.
LFA has a wonderful diverse community that fosters student independence. It is truly a home away from home for both the boarding students and day students. The school has a beautiful campus and does a great job readying its students to be successful in college. Also, the college counseling program is excellent with a very experienced staff of counselors. My children were very happy at this school.
LFA was the best high school experience I could have hoped for. Personally, it allowed me to grow and explore new topics of interest while also helping me flourish in the subjects and activities I was already interested in. The wide array of classes and flexible schedule allowed me find subjects I really enjoyed and could focus specifically on.There are also incredible opportunities outside the classroom in athletics, arts, and service to name a few.
My positive experience at LFA is certainly in part due to the opportunities I had there but I think overall it is the school's community that helped make it a home to me. Everyone is extremely welcoming and it's diversity allowed me to learn about my peers culture and expand my worldview in a very unique way. The faculty are supportive and accessible and the students are accepting and kind. Through it all I know I have made life long friendships and gained a strong sense of self that I will always carry with me.
Lake Forest Academy really is a special place! The faculty and staff are incredible people who actively work to improve the lives of their students. Most are warm, friendly, and have become my genuine friends throughout high school!

Daily life at LFA is engaging, and I am always in for a surprise. With incredibly flexible course choices and student schedules, LFA truly cultivates independence in their students. Clubs grant students incredible independence, and while funding is at times limited, the school gives incredible responsibility to its student leaders.

LFA has been vastly influential in fostering my love for learning, and thus the institution receives my greatest of praise! There is so much that LFA has done for me, and I know that it will do the same for any student who graces its halls.
I love the diverse and supportive community! Throughout my time at LFA, I was allowed such a great variety of opportunities and I always knew there would be a teacher supporting me through each challenge. The genuine kindness and considerate nature of the student body and teachers alike made LFA feel like home. Also, the chocolate chip cookies at lunch are amazing :)
Excellent school! Great environment and very safe. LFA values each students and the community is very diverse. Teachers and classmates are all very supportive. School facilities are awesome, especially the ice rink and the fitness center. I’m really glad that I applied to LFA three years ago! Go Caxy!
I have loved my experience at LFA for the past three years and am looking forward to my last year. My favorite parts of LFA are the relationships with the students and faculty. I feel that every student has an opportunity to really connect with your teacher and it makes it easier to learn a subject. The small class size is something that I also really enjoy at LFA because it is the perfect amount of kids in a class. The class size always you to feel that you have a voice in the class and be able to be given attention too. But not enough attention so that you are able to work independently. I also enjoy the clubs LFA has to offer. This past year I participated in an awesome basketball club that allowed my to get PE credit for playing a sport with my friends. I have never heard of that at another school and is something I will enjoy doing next year. One change I would want to see is an improvement in school culture. But overall, LFA is a great school and one I am proud to go to.
I enjoyed my time at LFA! I appreciate everything the school does! I really liked the teachers and how there were many one-on-one opportunities to learn and ask questions.
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My LFA experience thus far has been very positive and I can't imagine going to high school anywhere else. I love the boarding community; I feel that living on campus and being with the people is what makes attending LFA special--everyone feels connected. While academics are rigorous, my teachers have been great about meeting or providing support outside of class if needed. Additionally, I am grateful to have faculty members of color to relate to or reach out to for support as a black student in a predominantly white school. Recently I think that the black community (and the broader community of minority students) have really been able to connect more to support and uplift each other. It's bittersweet to be entering my senior year, but I'm optimistic to see LFA continue to flourish in the years to come.
The faculty and staff at LFA are unique, dedicated, and they are the driving force behind the valuable experience I have had so far. There is no opportunity out of reach of any student on campus, and both teachers and students champion each other.
Diversity and global mindedness are also a key aspect of the projected LFA experience, however while a vast majority of the community do uphold these values, there are individuals who alienate students and other community members based on race, socio-economic status, and ethnicity.
My experience on campus as a boarding student has also been invaluable, and personally, one of my favourite aspects of being a student at LFA. My best friends and classmates live just down the hall from me, and every night, dorm parents are available in the commons for academic help and to have a little fun!
Best school with the best teachers. The teachers are so supportive of our individual levels in certain areas of studying and help us through tutoring whenever.