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I have been at Lake County Baptist School for my entire education. They have an excellent student body, and are filled with teachers who genuinely care. There is a large push to serve the Lord, and teach young Christians how to serve God with their lives. The administrator and vice-principal work incessantly to make the school the best place for their students and offer the best education possible.
I honestly like Lake County Baptist School. It is a small school so you are able to get to know everyone. I like the teachers and the staff that work there. The amount of knowledge I have gained is tremendous. I just hope to see changes in the environment and attitude of the students in the school. Other than that, the school is great!
Lake County Baptist School offers an excellent variety of subjects that students can learn from while providing a very safe environment at the same time. LCBS also allows the student to be able to learn and grow in a Godly environment. The only thing I would like to see change is the school's facilities. The school is very small right now but has such great potential to grow if they had the space to grow.
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I feel very confident with my children in the school. I know they are being challenged to do their best academically and I see them learning to think logically and critically. They are exposed to many opportunities in fine arts as well and have been able to be involved in school plays, speech, hand bell choir, instrument lessons. They have learned self discipline and dedication. They know their teachers genuinely care about them and they can go to them with any question or problem. Very, very satisfied with the school.
If i went to a different school, I definitely would've had many more opportunities. There are not a lot of things and activities to participate in in this school.
Most teachers are awesome! Maybe two or three teachers are not "up to par".
It's not the best place. We use what we have, which isn't very much.
This school does really well with security. All doors are locked during school days and one can only get in through a front door that's controlled by the office.
I don't like most of the policies. Some of the policies seem unreasonable.
There aren't a lot of extracurricular activities. There aren't that many things to participate in.
It's okay. There's not much extracurricular activities and programs.
LCBS has fair and Christ-centered policies and practices. They make sound judgement on issues related to the student body.
The athletics and fitness opportunities at LCBS is good. They have scheduled practices. We learn new things every practice. I've been on the basketball team as well as the volleyball team for the past 4 years except this year due to my job and I couldn't attend all of the practices but other than that I have. The coaches put a lot of dedication and work into making us better as athletes as well as individuals. The team performance is great! Everyone works together as a team. Fan support is good. Parents and teachers and other students from other schools come to see us play. We don't have a fitness room in the school but they're working on getting one.
I wouldn't want to go to any other school. This school has provided me with a great education as well as help me think critically. The staff is just amazing! They care for the students and their futures! I have been extremely blessed to be there.
The extracurricular activities at LCBS are tutoring, day-care for kids as well as high school students and they also have basketball practices and a spirit squad to increase school spirit on and off the court.
The academics offered at my school is great. We learn everything that we will need to know for college as well as one on one help from the teacher since we have a small group of students.
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