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I personally enjoyed the teachers I had there, but the school itself was way too crowded. CDA only has two high schools and it's nowhere near enough for the amount of students attending :(
My favorite thing about Lake City was all of the different opportunities the school offered. If you wanted to be in more than one program it was not difficult to accomplish because the school made it easy. I was in the music program all four years and thought it was the most organized, amazing program I have ever been apart of. My sister has enjoyed both the art and music program and has easily been able to do them both at the same time.
Lake City High School is a solid public high school for students of any interest. It has great programs for sports, art, music, etc. It also functions on a block schedule, which allows for plenty of time to make up credits without summer school.
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Lake City is a great school. Nearly every teacher I’ve had has made school a joy and made learning exciting to me. The extra curricular activities offered also made it a safe environment for anyone. There are countless clubs and groups for nearly every activity or group of people.
The teachers were both positive and negative in my experience at Lake City High School. Many of the educators were kind and understanding. They were the kind of teachers you felt comfortable enough to talk to if need be. They often gave extra help to those who needed it or were especially understanding in situations that required it. When I think back about what I loved about high school, I think of the teachers that helped me graduate. However, there was a handful that was not helpful to my journey through high school. Favoritism was only one problem with these teachers. Another was impatience. It was hard to have a teacher who wouldn't help you because you weren't their favorite student. Thankfully, there were far more good teachers then bad.
I graduated from Lake City High School. I was a cheerleader and art student, the teachers were helpful and encouraging when I changed my career path numerous times. They were very supportive of my goals and aspirations.
LCHS was a fantastic school to spend my high school years. The school is the perfect size and very easy to navigate. The school also offers a ton of clubs and programs that are all diverse. My favorite thing about lake city is that all the student body is very friendly, I’ve found my best friends through going to this school!
I'm disappointed to say that I didn't really feel challenged at Lake City. I wanted to take classes that were interesting and engaging, and I didn't feel like Lake City provided this opportunity, so I dual enrolled at the community college. I think that Lake City needs to improve their gifted programs and provide more opportunities to students who want more out of their high school education. Also, in middle school, I loved performing in a band, but I felt that the band program I participated in for my freshman year (2016) at Lake City had a bad atmosphere and expectations that did not accommodate the varying interests of music students.
I loved the great amount of classes that were offered, as well as the friendliness and accessibility of all the teachers there.
I loved Lake City. I was a part of the music program, and let me just say, Mr. Sandford is by far one of the best. The teachers at Lake City really care about you succeeding.
I like how much Lake City High School made me feel included. The teachers there are very encouraging and they try their best to make all students feel loved and accepted. Along with that, Lake City high school has many fun activities throughout the year. One of my favorite things about Lake City was our spirit weeks and how much schools spirit all members of the high school had. If I were to change something about Lake City High Schools, I would change the layout of the school. The long hallways can be a hassle at time because if your classes are on opposite side of the school, it can be hard to get to them on time if you need to use the bathroom as well.
Lake City is overall a really great high school. They truly care about all of their students and it's really showing with the recent pandemic. They check in with us at least once a week. They've really stepped up to make sure all of the seniors are aware that they will graduate and everything will work out in the end. The majority of the teachers are really nice and caring as well. They work with students who need extra help.
My experience at Lake City High School was very good. They work very hard to do all they can for the students and the majority of the teachers are very kind and understanding. The only thing I would change is the financial power of the administration.
Everything about the school has been great. Recently the communication from the administration and teachers during this crazy time has been exceptional. It shows that they care about their students, from the Principal down.
Thank you.
Lake City High School provided me with an overall good high school experience. I do wish that there was more college readiness built into the Junior/Senior curriculum. Lake City has a great sense of school spirit and family. I connected with a few teachers on a personal level, and am even still in touch with some of them. Most of the teachers here care about you not only as a student but also as a person. The music program at Lake City is outstanding, yet underfunded. The teachers in the music program are great and work with you to improve yourself. Another program that is underrated is Yearbook, this is an important part of the school, and connects you to a lot of your fellow students.
Lake City is a very warm and welcoming place for a plethore of students and faculty members. Every morning you're greeted with a smiling familiar face, and feel belonging to the school. The school is very supportive of every sport and program provided making classes or activities available in a wide variety of subjects. However, I would like see Lake City become more diverse along with having more space or less students, as it is overcrowded.
I was bullied a lot in school but fortunately the teachers and staff all were very supportive and came to my aid, which improved my experience tenfold.
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Friendly people, quality school. Lacking in the "education" areas. ..................
The faculty at Lake City High School couldn't be beat, and the building/resources were fabulous. The sports wear very competitive, as it is a 5A school. There is a lot of school spirit seen in the students of this high school.
I liked the ability I had to be dual enrolled in my local community college, North Idaho College. This experience really made me able to push myself to work hard and do more for my future.
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