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My time at Lake Catholic was indescribable. When I applied to this high school, I was a little scared at first because I did not know anyone going there. When the first day of high school came, I got very nervous. Lake Catholic was such a welcoming and caring environment. I am so glad I chose this school because I have made so many life long friendships and relationships during my four years of high school. I could not have picked a better school to be at.
Lake Catholic is a very welcoming, family like school with a great staff of teachers to help. It has been a great place for me to grow in my education.
Worst high school I ever attended, does not prepare you for college whatsoever, they care more about if your shirt is untucked then how you’re doing in the classroom.
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I appreciated many of the teachers who I had when I attended Lake Catholic. Many of the teachers I had truly cared about us students and valued us entirely. The dedication they showed to us is invaluable. I always felt that my success was important to the educators at this school. Along with the teachers, the principal of Lake Catholic (at the time) was fantastic. He greeted us at the doors in the morning and would make sure we felt welcome each and every day.
Although most of my teachers I had were great, I would like some of the policies to change in the future. For example, because it is a catholic school, we had to wear uniforms (which I was okay with); however, we were unable to express ourselves in other ways. We were unable to wear our hair a certain way, had to wear specific shoes regardless of the circumstances, and some jewelry was not allowed. I feel that those rules prohibit students from expressing themselves.
If you are considering Lake Catholic make sure you visit!! As an 8th grader, I almost didn’t shadow due to my interest in a few other schools and I am so beyond pleased that I didn’t miss out. If being a part of a strong, faith-based community is important to you: you will love Lake Catholic. What I really enjoyed most was the emphasis on acceptance of others. I think Lake Catholic gets a bad academic reputation, but what people don’t see is that they offer services for students with disabilities. They don’t turn their back on individuals who struggle, because that wouldn’t fit the Catholic school model. At the same rate, I was in AP, Honors and College Credit Prep courses. I can’t say enough about how Lake Catholic made me prepared for my first year of college this past year. Most importantly, I felt prepared academically, socially and spiritually. They develop the whole person and instilled an attitude of gratitude in me!! Thanks LC!! I owe you!!
Personally, I had a great experience attending Lake Catholic and I would recommend it to any upcoming freshmen, especially those involved in the performing arts. Mr. Posey, Mr. Slike, Mrs. Bretz, and all of the staff and students involved down band hall made my high school career the best 4 years of my life and i couldn’t be thankful enough for my experiences. Being in a community that is so fun, accepting, and inspiring has truly helped me to grow into the confident, hard working, and determined person I am today. Through the many activities I participated in down band hall, I learned what it takes to succeed inside and outside of the class. If you are considering sending your kid to lake catholic, please disregard the negative reviews on google and ask a current or prior student about their experiences face to face. The majority of people I know have loved their experience at Lake Catholic, and would love to tell you about all of the great things it has to offer.
I got a subpar education that was absolutely not worth my money. Few advanced classes are offered, and the workload is too easy because teachers do not care.
This school is awful. The administration has no belief in student's word and continually punishes students for things done outside of school or things done on their devices not by them. The teachers are awful and cannot teach effectively.
It is very much run more like a business as opposed to a school. They keep students and families in the dark about a lot of things and could do with a change in administration.
In Lake Catholic I have played sports like, basketball, football, track, and cross country. Also I have done the talent show and worked to help other people in my community, being motivated by the school. I found the years in high school as a way to open up to new people, and have help me tremendously in coming out of my shell and socializing. The problems I had with the school is teachers or head of staff that allowed students passes in certain areas when they didn't deserve it, and I know that happens and only a few staff members allow it but it just got under my skin when I saw students be allowed to miss or skip tests because they were stars players in sports. Anyways, I am now going through my senior year and am heading towards Kent State University.
Lake catholic high school is a very welcoming school with a great student body, and teachers that truly love what they do. During my four years at lake catholic, I learned how to push myself both physically and intellectually thanks to lake Catholics wide variety of extra curriculars and clubs. I can say with confidence that lake catholic is for everybody no matter who you are. This school undoubtedly provides their students with the skills they need to be successful in the future they with to pursue. Highly recommend.
Overpriced private school with a mediocre academic program that you could get at any decent public school. Glad I transferred to Laurel my junior year. Girls are so nice there and the teachers are stellar. Girls were not nice at Lake Catholic but that could have just been my grade.
This is a school that really challenges the students at the level they need to be challenged. Teachers and faculty treat every individual based on their own needs and skill set. It is a true family environment where excellence is the standard!!
Lake Catholic is a tightly knit community. We come together through our sports programs and pep rallies. There is something for everyone at Lake Catholic to do. Our band is fantastic and if there is any club you would want to join, all you need is a teacher to approve and supervise and then get some of your friends or other people to join. You can create your own club.
Lake Catholic is a school that is past its prime and is slowly going down hill. My personal experience has been a very pleasant one, with teachers who all wish to see the students succeed. The major issues with the school is that it is not very academicly challenging. Many of the students just assume to get straight "A"s, and it makes it difficult to stand out as a student at lake Catholic. Test scores seem to matter less than handing in homework and extra credit. The school going downhill that I mentioned has mostly to do with the ever decreasing class sizes. The shrinking freshman class has been causing for many of the fantastic teachers that make lake Catholic so great to be let go. My overall experience at lake Catholic has been a positive one, but there are still issues that need to be solved.
Their is an amazing community feel and integration of our faith into our learning. I knew no one coming into the school but I quickly made friends! There is such a wide variety of activities for the students to get involved, and this is how I made many of the connections that I still have today. There are numerous sports teams, academic clubs, fun clubs, and a great drama department. Each organization is so welcoming to new members and wants to involve as many people as possible. Of course there are differences, but in the end, the members of the club want their club to reach its full potential and most times that means growing in numbers and getting a wider view. There is also outreach into the community, whether that be through volunteer work, internships, or just building lasting relationships with alum and others.
My second child will be graduating from Lake in May. I think the school did a great job preparing them for college, though would love to see the CCP program expanded. I think the school is currently lacking administration that creates a positive and vibrant culture. I truly hope they evaluate it and continue to offer a quality Catholic education!
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I really enjoyed the atmosphere at lake, most teachers and staff members are very welcoming. The teachers are flexible with their time and are willing to spend extra time with you after hours to help you get a better understanding of whats going on in the class if you are not able to keep up with the pace of the rest of the class. I do think the administration could use a little more flexibility, like their teachers. They seem to appear harsher and not too open to change when it comes to a student's difficulty in a course and needing to switch to a lower level.
An excellent place for studying. People are very nice!
But I'd appreciate if the school allows international students to drive.
A great environment for studying and it is a safe school. People are nice!
But it would be better if the school allows international students to drive.
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