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I had an amazing time at LHHS. It is full of amazing teachers, students and faculty. What I especially love is the small school vibe, and that because it is a small school you can participate in so many different activities.
My experience at the school has been great. The only problem is I have an encountered have to do with dress code. All people should have to follow this rule regardless of their size. But overall so many teachers have made great relationships with their students encourage and motivate them into continuing their education. This school is so small that every student can get help whenever they want. The best part is the diversity. So many different backgrounds but everybody gets along.
The administration is very bad at communication with students, parents, and teachers. The administration does not support teachers. Most sports have terrible coaches and are barely funded. ASB is over credited and does not execute their duties well or responsibly, yet recieves a larger budget than any award winning program at the school. "Elections" are rigged and student votes count for nothing. However, the AP and IB programs have a wonderful facility. The curriculum is well executed and taught. The schools staff as a whole is very supportive and accepting towards all students. Good memories.
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This is a small campus high school where the teachers actually know their students. However, one drawback is that administration doesn't take the input of students when regarding teachers.
The faculty is extremely helpful especially if you take the extra effort to talk to them. The cafeteria food needs help but is decent for high school. It is a very small campus so you get familiar with everything fairly quickly. Sports is not a strength at this school except cross country and wrestling but other sports are fun and it is a really good way to make friends. I really liked learning here. I've found though that high school is what you make it so have an open mind and take everyday as a new day. Make new friends and have fun.
Small, tight community. Most of the staff and teachers go above and beyond to provide assistance and support for their students. Safe environment.
I like that it is such a small school that every single student matters and the way they discipline their students. I love how teachers have a way to communicate with their students and the staff are very nice and always happy to get close to the students anywhere in campus. The safety of the surroundings and the way they handled is that it is such a peaceful place and school spirit is on top of it all.
Personally I didn't have the best time due to social and culture issues. The school was so small and close that everyone knew everything about everyone. No one was able to keep information to themselves and felt it was their duty to inform the student body about private information. It was very poor for my mental health which worsened as my time their continued. The staff however, were a wonderful group of people who showed interest and care for their students which I deeply appreciated while going through this rough time.
I love Laguna Hills High School. You get the private school feel in a public school. Everyone is so friendly and will always smile at you or say hi. People make you feel welcomed and wanted here. I have never met a mean staff member or had a teacher I did not like.
Overall this school is very small but it is probably one of the best public schools in southern California. Not one time did I feel unsafe while at school and the teachers were always the best. If I live in Laguna when I am older I will be sending my kids here. GO HAWKS!
The school is small but has many opportunities. Class size is small so you get to know your teachers well. Everyone is super nice and its a great place to spend my time each day.
Teachers are caring, but need more support from the students' families. Society/culture is molding children who lack respect and are heavily influenced by poor decision making, drugs, sex, lack of compassion for others and themselves. Parents are not investing time in their children. They are letting society/culture have too much influence. How do we expect our teachers/staff to teach these types of children? Wake up! Teachers have an incredibly important job. They spend the majority of the waking hours with our children. We need to help them by sending our children to school respectful, motivated, hopeful, and ready to learn. Please pray for our teachers. They need our support. Our children will benefit from it academically, and as individuals who will change the future.
The four years I've spent at Laguna Hills High School were the best years of my childhood. The daily schedule included a period when students would go to any of their classes for study hall for about 40 minutes, which helps those who have difficulties on an assignment or have to make up a test. Also, the school provides sports teams that train student-athletes to become strong by strength and by heart.
My experience in Laguna Hills High School is amazing and memorable. As someone with disabilities, I have always felt insecure for most of my life; however, studying at Laguna Hills High School makes me feel welcome to the point of feeling 'normal,' for once. Such feeling is liberating, and it was all thanks to the warm atmosphere radiated by my cordial classmates and students. Aside from this, the academics are excellent as well, as it motivated me to try harder in school--not just to get an A-grade, but to actually learn. This school has helped me prepare for college, and the only thing I would change about it is the lack of exposure towards electronic sports, which is usual in the school culture of many schools today. This is something that I have strove to change during my time here, and so far all is going better than I have ever anticipated. All in all, this school is amazing and if I could go back in time to relive my high school years, I will.
Some of the administrators are very rude and don’t try their best to help you out. When nominated for court of a dance there is no diversity and it’s always the same students.
Small school environment, friendly teachers, excellent academic programs such as the Bilingual Spanish Immersion Program and the International Baccalaureate Program.
Something that I liked about my school was the environment and overall experience that I had in my four years being there. Whilst having to endure adversity that just about every teenager experiences in High School, I was able to continue my path towards success and remain grounded despite distractions I had. Something I did not like about my school was the lack of diversity. Although there was some diversity, it was disproportional; and, there was very little minority groups that had been there.
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My experience has been very good. Many ways to be involved at school like asb, drama, music and through the many clubs. Staff is very friendly.
Surprisingly, this school provides more than expected. Throughout my school year, Laguna Hills waived my fees for the SAT and ACT because of my financial difficulties. I am truly grateful for this school and for all they have provided me.
I like Laguna Hills High School because I enjoy the small family-like environment. Everyone is welcoming. I wish there was more school spirit.
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