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There are some great teachers here, and the selection of AP classes is pretty good. A little bit sports-centric, but you have an ocean view from the math classrooms!
It was a fantastic place to spend my 4 years. Buildings need improvements for sure. Always loved the dances and football games.
Everyone was so friendly there and it gave me such a great high school experience. I feel I got a great education and was well prepared for college.
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LBHS is an absolute shithole. If you want your child to become a party animal and a stoner, send them here. The teachers mostly lack respect for their students and have inappropriate attitudes. Teachers will talk about students to different class periods. The diversity of the school is about as white as a box of saltines. The athletics are poorly directed and the staff has been questionable for quite some time. Overall, I do not recommend attending this school if you want to be prepared for real life and not live in a bubble.
I would like to see an improvement in some of the quality of staff members, particularly in the foreign language department. Otherwise, a wonderful school.
I transferred here this year from another school in the area, I wish I never switched. The school is extremely clique-y because the Laguna Beach district is so small (meaning everyone knows everyone and they only hang out with people they know from when they were younger). The racial diversity is sad- most of the school is caucasian, I believe around 80%. The school in insanely tough on their students' work, teachers expect their students to completely understand a topic after learning about it for one day. In general, don't send your kid to Laguna Beach High School.
I would like to see change in the school year and bell schedule. We have earlier mornings than most schools and our finals schedule is stressful (finals are after winter break, rather than before). I've had a fairly positive experience with all of my teachers, and have gotten very close to quite a few of them. The staff generally seem to care highly for our well-being and supply us with a ton of resources.
The Laguna Beach High School is amazing because their is alot of classes to take. Teacher because they interact with you as if you feel at home. In spanish, science,and history I believe has one of the greatest teachers because they really take their job seriously and communicate with us individually.The pep assembly is also something to take into account as it reminds you to settle down and continue one's education.
I wish that there had been a greater variety of AP classes available to students. However, the location is beautiful and the atmosphere vibrant and engaging.
The teachers were mostly nice to students and respectful. Some teachers were not great at teaching. School events such as graduation and dances are too expensive.
Everything is advance but isn't a good school community. Teachers are helpful and well trained. The Media department is amazing, they have all the newest tech and the always update the softwares and the systems. A lot of the students in the school are drugies, which makes the community hard to be apart of.
Laguna Beach HS was a great high school experience. Very involved staff who care about the students very much! It was clear they wanted us to be as successful as possible after leaving. Very rigorous courses available, definitely pushed me to do better and aim high.
Too many teachers do the bare minimum required of them. A few stand out and go above and beyond. Student body lacks diversity. Bullying incidents are not addressed properly and are ongoing problem especially involving athletes on campus.
abundant opportunities for advanced classes, ap and honors, and below proficient students
somewhat divided by socioeconomic status and wealth, little to no peer pressure, no racism and sexual orientations accepted
many different clubs involved in the community and community service
wonderful school, would definitely have my kids attend
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i enjoyed most of my teachers a this school
There are quite a few "clubs" but many of them seem to be founded so that a student can put it on their college app to look good. Most of the clubs are disorganized, don't hold regular meetings or accomplish much. A few might collect donations of certain items once or twice a year but that's about it.
Most of the teachers are great, very knowledgeable, and care about their students. But there are some who have been at the school for many years and they just don't seem to have the passion or drive anymore, and they can be rude and condescending toward the students.
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