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Lafayette is a wonderful school with wonderful faculty that are their to empower their students to do wonderful things in the future. I’m now a senior and have been their since Freshman year and can safely say that I’ve enjoyed my time. SCAPA( The School of the Creative Performing Arts) is in joint relationship with Lafayette highschool and being a student of SCAPA where I’ve been a theatre major since 2016, I know that Lafayette supports each department as well as each student’s dreams so that they may one day go out into the world and make a name for themselves and represent their home highschool the best way they can!
Lafayette is a great place to be if you are artistically inclined; with SCAPA located on campus, it is unparalleled in its ability to foster creativity and expression. The other side of the coin is that it lacks well developed STEM curriculum; the athletics leave some to be desired as well.
I love the people there and the teachers are amazing. I enjoy most of my classes and the pre-engineering program I am in. It just needs to be cleaner, especially the bathrooms and there is so many people enrolled there so it's very crowded in the hallways sometimes difficult to make it to class.
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Has teachers that care about you (for the most part) and they really want to see you succeed. It is really easy to get involved in the school and have a great experience. Everyone is really nice to each other, there is minimal bullying and it is taken care of by administrators immediately.

I do wish that there is more school spirit. At sports games no one really comes out. I think that would help make our teams better by showing support and motivating them.
I have loved being at Lafayette High School. The teachers want to see you imrpoving and learning, and they are actually interested in you getting the best grade possible. They make sure you understand the material, and are ready for any test that comes your way.
I love this school, the teachers are great and the diversity is good. The sport teams here are SUPERB!! We go all out whenever theres a football game; there are different themes which make it even more fun!
I enjoy the student diversity in Lafayette High School, as well as the equal treatment that accompanies it. I also like many of the classes provided. However, I do think the school could do a better job checking up on their teachers, as some are much better than others, and that students' areas could be improved, such as student bathrooms.
I liked the friendliness and openness of the staff. They always knew how to handle different situations. The school was also very big which means a lot of opportunity to make new friends.
I have attended Lafayette High School since 2015, and it is a decent school. The academics of the school are very good since they have two programs that strive for higher education, both programs are not easy to get into. The first is the pre-engineering program focused on Math and Science and the second is SCAPA (School for the Creative and Performing Arts) which is focused on the arts. Although I was not involved in either I believe I understand the programs pretty well seeing as I took mostly the same classes as them (taking advanced/AP Math and Sciences and being in the upper Orchestra), almost all of my classmates were in one of those two programs, and all of my friends are a part of those programs (a few are in both). Both programs are excellent and the students in them are learning valuable skills that actually apply to the type lives they want to live after high school. Aside from these programs, there is nothing else that stands out about the school.
I love the atmosphere that is around Lafayette and how everyone is concerned with everyone else’s well being
The traditions overall atmosphere was motivating as a teenager. The teachers and staff are diverse and have interest in the kids that come through each year. Most of my favorite memories are from high school.
Lafayette is known for being an very accepted place for all students. This atmosphere in high school is very important and has added a lot to my high school experience. Through the pre-engineering program there are strong chemistry and calculus courses, however there is not a very strong English program.
My experience in Lafayette was one I would gladly go through again. It taught me a lot of skills that I will be able to use later in life. It brought me tons of experience in various fields of work, as well as academic experience. My only regret is not being able to take classes that I feel I would have enjoyed more once I reached the end of my time there.
Lafayette high school is a great school with nice, welcoming people and friendly teachers. It offers a variety of classes, sports, and extracurriculars. I wouldn’t want to change anything, i really love my school.
Lafayette High School is overcrowded and overrated. As part of the SCAPA voice program, I can attest that the SCAPA music program is not as elite as people might want. The majority of students vape and smoke weed in the bathroom and the academics are laughably easy. Even the advanced classes are filled with incredibly slow people and easy curriculum. However, the
I love Lafayette highschool because of all the programs that are available here. I am apart of the arts program and it is helping me to prepare for college. There is very little diversity and I would love to see more of it someday. Most of the teachers want to see you succeed in school and in life. They get to know you on a personal level while still keeping the relationship professional.
It is a great school with really good teachers. I have learned so much the past four years. It is a really good environment. Overall my experience at Lafayette High School has been amazing.
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Over my time at Lafayette I have had a wonderful experience with the teachers and clubs. They have influenced my life in so many ways and for that I am thankful. This school offered me so much academically!
Lafayette High School is a top notch learning environment. From the moment I stepped into the front doors my freshman year, I had confidence that this school would follow through with all of the promises it had made. Through 3, almost 4, years of being in this school, I have never once felt like I haven’t been learning in one way or another. This school is a great learning environment where I always feel safe and am encouraged to learn on a daily basis.
What I like about Lafayette high school are how involved the teachers and staff are with their students. Teachers are very helpful and resourceful as well as the counselors. They have motivated me all throughout my high school years to do better and are now helping me prepare for college. The staff here is so friendly, especially the lunch ladies, they always greet every student with a good morning, a smile, and a nice compliment. I believe that the students safety at this school is important to them and I've always felt safe while at the school never in fear or in danger. over all I've had a great experience at Lafayette High School.
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