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LaFayette high school was an amazing experience, and if I was able to, I would go back and do it all over again. I have made so many friends that I will never forget. The memories I created at LHS will always stay close to my heart. Being able to go to this school was a dream come true. Athletics were amazing as well as the teachers and staff, they all worked really hard to keep this incredible school living up to its expectations of the younger students. The only thing I would possibly change about LHS is the food, the food was really good on some special days: best day was chicken nuggets, you won’t regret it.
LaFayette High School is a great school with many opportunities. Most classes are challenging, but in a good way. This is a great place to get an education and become prepared for whatever you plan to do after graduating. There are countless classes and clubs to associate yourself with in order to prepare yourself for college and life. Their motto is ready for college, ready for work, and ready for life! I entirely believe they follow through with that saying every single school year.
I’ve been involved with this school for 3 years and am absolutely in love with it. The students before me made sure to let the upcoming students know that this is a good school. I am apart of the marching band and couldn’t agree more. We are a family and do absolutely anything to help eachother. The teachers and administrators are amazing to. They always ask multiple times making sure we understand what they are teaching us. The administrators make sure that we know school is a safe place. The guidence counselors are awesome as well,letting us know we can come to them whenever we need anything!
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LaFayette High School provides excellence service and learning conditions. The teachers care about you and your well being.
Just another typical highschool. Which is good, considering how awful some schools can be. While of course, there are a handful of staff that don't cooperate well, disrespect, and overall don't like their job, there are quite a few staff that are good people. I've had my fair share of good teachers that I'll always remember, but in LHS, I had at least 1 good teacher every semester, unlike where they are so rare it's considered "lucky" to have one.
There are obviously a few issues with the school, and some of those are students. I don't have many friends, but the ones I have are very close to me, and I consider it a blessing to have met them. LHS isn't exceptionally great, but it's certainly worth a shot.
Lafayette highschool has a high standard for success in its students. The teachers are very efficient at what they do and they work hard with the students they have. The resources of the school like books need some renewal, but other than that it’s a good school. It brings a challenge to those who seek it.
I like the a lot of the people there. Many of the teachers do a very good job of actually teaching us what we need to know. I also feel like their JROTC program is one of the best in the area.
its a great school. has a great basketball team. teachers are good most of them will push you to be great so you will have a great future one day
This school has helped me to become the person I am today and has good classes. The teachers are amazing and really go all the way for us students.
I like the JROTC Program. I have been a part of it all four years of Highschool. I am a part of JROTC Drill Team and JROTC Color Guard.
My experience at LaFayette High School has been average. I like that foreign exchange students are common here and the 10 point grading scale. What i'd like to see a change of is more diversity and less judgement.
LaFayette High School has been home to me for all four years of high school. During my time at LaFayette, I have developed many relationships with students and faculty. Each teacher has brought something valuable to the table besides the basic educational standards that they are required to teach. Even though it’s in a small town, LaFayette High School has encouraged me to chase my dreams from day one and has instilled a thirst for knowledge in me. My time at LaFayette has taken part in shaping me into the person that I am today.
High school has been one of the best experiences of my life. Going to LaFayette High School has been amazing. The teachers are fantastic, and the administrators are very helpful. The administration has done a fantastic job at making the school feel safe. Our sports have shown major growth since my freshman year. Each sport is getting better. I play basketball and over the three years we have gotten so much better. I couldn’t have had a better high school to go to.
I think Lafayette high school has a great administration team, they are always there when you need them and are always excited to help anyone. But I think our school could really use a new menu and food choices.
Lafayette High School has been a wonderful place to attend for many reasons. The first reason is because Lafayette offers many different classes that can lead to potential future careers. For example, Early Childhood Education. Anyone interested in having a career that involves children, Early Childhood Education would be the class to take. Another example would be Agriculture. This class can get students interested in many different careers that have to do with nature and animals, for example, the careers of veterinarians and farm managers. A second reason Lafayette High School has been a great place to attend school is the fact every student is treated as they should. No matter the race, family background, or appearance of a person, they get treated with equal respect.
Small town school with community support. The staff at the school go the extra mile for each student. I am a student athlete so I spend a lot of hours at the school year around. I have a personal relationship with teachers, coaches, counselors, and students. I don't believe if I attended a larger school or even a different school of the same size, I wouldn't have had the same great high school experience. The local businesses and churches play a big part in our school
Lafayette High School is overall a very good school. There are a lot of helpful teachers and staff that I know I can depend on. I feel safe at my school. My teachers are always willing to help me with any problem I have.
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Through out my high school career I have seen many teachers come and go. My only criticism about the school would be the teachers and staff. When it comes to some, it seems they are only there to complete a job; they don’t enjoy it. For me, a teacher or staff member needs to enjoy what they’re doing in order for my experience to be positive.
I like the fact that is a small school, and you can get connected. I dont like the fact however that the school does not really get as involved with the students as they could.
LHS is a great place for students like me. There are lots of learning opportunities and its starting to finally feel like a school should be. It's a little high security now, but with what's happened, who could blame them.
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