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Such a great school! Wonderful environment to learn in, great teachers willing to help you anytime, and the people there were the sweetest! I miss Ladue so much! Hope the next generation of kids enjoy it as much! -Olivia
Most of the teachers are super friendly and engage the students well. I wa sin the gifted program - Idea lab - and had an amazing experience with that. The exploratary classes are super fun and there is a large variety of art classes, FACS classes, even robotics and wood working. There are also a ton of clubs like Ski club, science Olympiad, and board game club and a lot more. The district is wonderful.
My kid was largely overlooked, as she fell into the 90th percentile - neither brilliant enough to win national academic awards, nor lacking enough to warrant extra academic attention or a special learning program. Many teachers did not bother to remember her until far into the last half of the academic year (March or April). Teachers often didn't review her homework assignments or finish grading her tests. She was rarely given writing assignments, and those that were given were not returned to her with a grade on them. We can only assume they were not reviewed or commented on.
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Extracurricular activities are pathetic and almost non-existent. The few kids that do participate in extracurricular sports bully other kids out of participating. The remaining non-athletic opportunities are very poor. The only program that is well-attended and open to all is the Ski Club. And kudos to the teacher who runs that program because we don't have a lot of snow and we don't have a mountain.
Safety from outside threat is top-notch and not necessarily required, given the zipcode and student/parent population. Threats from bullying are ignored. Internet bullying is ignored. Basic rules like no cell phone usage at school are mostly ignored by students.
This is a very clique-ish school and very narrow-minded in terms of student viewpoint. Students are not open, warm or accepting of new students or students who don't follow a "popular" dress-code or mindset. This is a particularly difficult school for kids who are highly perceptive and sensitive to social conflict. Bullying is rampant. Teachers have little power to discipline. Parents are detached and delusional about what is age-appropriate behavior.
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