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I am so thankful that my parents decided to enroll me Laconia High School. The school is small which makes it easy to have good relations with your teachers and peers. It is very easy to have easy one on one help with your teachers if you don't understand the content. The students here are very welcoming and, for the most part, there is always someone that is there to help out.
Laconia High School is a very small town school. Everyone knows everyone at the high school. Everyone is pretty friendly and cooperative. The academics are good. Our teachers are respectful, and help you do your best. We don’t have the best facilities, but hopefully that will come in the near future.
I loved the teachers, the students, and the classes. Everyone was very helpful and there was a lot of activities to do. It was a very good environment to learn in.
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I’ve been going to Laconia my whole life. The thing I liked most about was how close all the teachers and students are. Nobody is ever left out or behind in anything. Although it can be hard to stand out sometimes, there’s always someone right there to pick you back up. Teachers are especially involved in their students lives and really care about them. Some of the bonds I made with my teachers I will never forget.
Laconia High School is a welcoming environment that has great teachers that care about not only your academics but your mental wellbeing too. Laconia High school has a lot to offer through clubs and sports and everyone is accepted there. If anyone ever has a problem there is always someone to talk to and there is always help if you need it.
The teachers are amazing, and we are all good hard working students. Being in a small school though, we don't have a lot of money to update our facilities.
I feel that the small size of the school gives students more one on one time with their teachers and their counselor.
Compared to other schools, Laconia is one of the best. The hallways are clean, kids don't do drugs in the bathrooms or locker rooms, the teachers are super helpful, there are really never full-on fistfights, Laconia is just a great school. There are so many choices for classes each year of high school.
I like that Laconia is willing to challenge you and won't give up on you as a student or as a person. I know several students believe that they aren't smart enough to accomplish anything in life, but the teachers and administration always stays positive and encourages us that we can do anything.
I attended Laconia High School from 2015-2019. I had great social and academic learning opportunities that are helping me thrive in college. Since this school is in a small town everyone knows everyone teachers included, you have the options for great one on one opportunities and are treated almost more like a family by the school, district, and community. Even as a small school Laconia gave me plenty of opportunities to learn and take classes specific to the major I wanted to go into once I got to college. The teachers and academics truly are remarkable and made me feel like I'm ahead of most young adults my age. Overall I am incredibly thankful for all my time spent at Laconia and truly miss it.
Laconia High is a very tight community, everybody knows everyone and it's actually really cozy. I really appreciate the extra lengths that the staff goes to in order to make sure we are fully ready for the future by the time we graduate. With every school there are some ups and downs but I personally can't complain. Of course I have my pros and cones about it but the community is great and so friendly I really enjoy it here.
I loved everything about Laconia! All of the teachers knew what they were teaching which made it easier to learn. The school was clean most of the time and everyone was friendly. There was little to no bullying at Laconia and the teachers had things in place if there was.
Small class sizes, you know everyone and everyone knows you
Lack of resources, but great teachers make up for it
Laconia High School always took pride in their academics. The school performed well in standardized tests, had great teachers, and recently they became a school with many Advanced Placement class options (AP).
The clubs offered here are pretty much limited to the band or choir, agriculture, yearbook, and Spanish club.
Sports always seemed to perform well. Softball was of the top in the state during the 4 years I was there, basketball, football, and volleyball would always make it far in playoffs. Someone from the wrestling and track teams would always make it to state.
Overall I had a very great experience at Laconia High School.
It is a small school with friendly people. Teachers are really good and want the best for their students
Administration only cares about money, makes being a student very difficult. Classes are challenging but teachers will make time to help. Building is old and heat/A/C is not functional. This makes it hard to concentrate and learn.
I had a pretty good overall experience at Laconia High School. This school provided me with the academic foundation to succeed in my college career and gave me the opportunity to participate in the sports that I loved.
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We are ranked high for academics and many opportunities to get involved. They help prepare us for college and have a good variety of classes to choose from. The community and parents are very involved and supportive of the school district
Laconia High School has a good variety of classes, quality teachers and many opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities. It ranks very high academically and I am proud to have spent my years there. The community is also very supportive of all they do.
I would never send my kids to a large school after going here for middle school and high school. Small town schools are definitely the way to go. I became very close with many of my teachers and really felt like I could talk to them about anything. My class sizes were under 25 and everyone got along in my graduating class. It's such a tight knit community, you never will feel out of place or alone. Fantastic Principles that have been living in the community for years along with teachers and other faculty. I was prepared very well for college once I left high school. The guidance counselor had multiple meetings with us not only as a class but one on one with each other.
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