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I have learned so much more than I thought I would at a public highschool but the work of the teachers and staff really plays a huge part in their children. I will say I am not always proud of my school due to the racism that is ignored. I am never proud of that when it comes to LCHs.
It was a great experience. I had learned so much from everyone there. I even had a great jumpstart on college classes!
During my four years at LCHS, I enjoyed my time greatly. I met new friends, got even closer with some of my old ones, and that made my time even better. The teachers at LCHS are among the best in the state. They care about all of their students and are willing to help them with anything. I am very proud to be a future graduate of Labette County High School.
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if i could give it -1000 stars i would this school does not care about the safety and well being of its students
Amazing agricultural education program. Would like to see more teacher involvement in the academics.
It is a great school. The teachers make sure the students are keeping up with the material and try to help the students in every way they can. They keep bullying to a minimum and stop it every time they know about it. The faculty never abuses their power and sees their job as to help the students move on to their next step.
I found the diversity of activities and vocational classes to be very unique. The number of people that are retiring without the personnel to replace them is staggering. My school does an amazing job at training students for just these types of careers.
I started going to public school my freshman year, before I had been homeschooled. My dad is a teacher at the high school so I felt fairly comfortable with the transition, but I was worried about how I would be accepted by the students. However, there was no need to worry because all of the students were extremely kind and welcoming. LCHS provides a wide range of activities that suit a diverse crowd of students. I personally am involved with FCA, FFA, NHS, Choir, Student Council and Student Ambassadors. There are countless opportunities for LCHS students to grow as leaders and members of our community. Our school provides us with volunteer and leadership camps to attend. We have amazing teachers that truly care about the students and wish to see us succeed. My time at LC has definitely prepared me for my future.
I love Labette County! There were so many outstanding opportunities that I had the chance to be involved in, including 6 clubs, 2 national conferences, band, sports events, and volunteering in the community. The teachers are like my friends and they genuinely care about their students and our future. My band director, Mr. Hundley, is currently helping me view my future career option as being a band teacher for secondary schools. The college courses that I have taken have prepared me for college, and I even took some courses at Coffeyville Community College and the level of education that I had from Labette County has really shown me that I am ready for college.
LCHS is an amazing school. I never want to go to a different high school. The other students are nice. The teachers always try to be involved with you to make sure you're okay. And the people are very accepting.
I loved LCHS, everyone is so friendly and helpful! The teachers and counselors really care about the students. The classes are small, which helped me learn the material. I recommend it!
I love Labette County High School. There are so many opportunities here that you cannot find at many other schools. There are teaches and administration who care, and that is one thing that is hard to find.
It's the best because you'll fit in on the first day and you'll make new friends. You'll like most of the teaching staff. It's just a good place to be overall.
this school allows you too be yourself you dont have to worry about making friends you will fit in without hesitation
No place is going to be perfect, but this was far less than perfect. However, since I have graduated, the school has undergone some major changes that could possibly lead to greatness.
We have several kids involved but not as much as I wish.
We don't have many after-school programs.
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This year we created a PEP Club and they have really stepped up the peppiness of our school.
Everyone gets along great, If there is every any question as to why someone doesn't like someone else, it isn't because of their skin or ethnic group. The reason is more likely to be because of an act they committed.
The administration are very good at carrying out the duties they have. They keep the mood light, but at the same time, everyone always knew what was expected as well.
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