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La Serna High School has both many pleasing attributes, as well as some unsatisfactory ones. Much of the staff are actually very helpful and thoughtful, and many of the instructors are very influential and caring. However, I do feel that some of the teachers should be evaluated on their teaching because many of them did not actually teach or had little care in the subject that they are teaching. This could make it more difficult for the students to learn effectively or have an interest in the course that they are taking.
This school was a really amazing school. It turned me into the man I am today, the last four years were one of the best parts of my life. They had a few problems but not to many to not say how good the school was, one thing I want to say is that I wish I played more sports but I am also happy for what I accomplished. Love the football program, it could turn a boy into a man and teach them a lesson and could not just teach them to play football but could help them turn into a well respected young man. And the teacher here on campus are very respectful and are always their for the student. Will always love La Serna with all my heart!
La Serna High School is a great school filled with a lot of diversity. They have a diverse list of activities as well as diverse students. It’s not about competition or being more intelligent, there is safety, comfort, and friendship amongst staff and peers.
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I loved the environment, it felt and is a safe place. ASB was very involved bringing the best, creative, and the most fun events you can think of. All students were tolerant of each other and a lot of great bonds between the teachers and the students. The sports in the school are very good and high ranking and the games are really fun with the student section and creative themes.
La Serna is an amazing school with teachers that genuinely care for their students. There is amazing athletics, clubs, and theatre muscials.
As a high school junior at La Serna High School, I think very highly of my school. I have taken all AP and Honors courses at this school and my experiences with teachers here have been excellent. They are always open for questions, reviewing test, and are overall welcoming to students. However, I have heard otherwise from my peers in College Prep classes.There is also a College Corner available for advice and information for the future. While there is diversity at the school, I would not say it is extreme. This is not because of exclusion, though, simply the area in which the school is. The school is gated and all visitors must sign in.
It was such an amazing experience and I made so many great friends and the teachers were so helpful in preparing me for college.
I love La Serna. Going into high school I was really nervous, however as a current junior, reflecting back the transition from middle school was super easy as teachers are very supportive and are always willing to help their students. My teachers are amazing as they are always challenging us with critical thinking questions, and they are always preparing us for life after high school. The highlight of my experience at La Serna High School is definitely the amount of activities I am able to take part in, but also the tremendous amount of school spirit the students have. I feel that this is really important to have a fun and positive mindset when being at school.
La Serna is a school that welcomes all students with as friendly an environment as possible. With an extremely diverse group of people, the probability of finding a group to fit in with is great. The staff there is always more or less welcoming and the teachers with the exception of a scarce few are all beloved by their students. Of course there are some drawbacks. The food -like most high schools- could do with some improvement, there but overall this schools is more than a good one.
La Serna is a very bland high school . really basic. It has a decent sport programs, good education, and good teachers. Most of the teachers are very involved with their students but others are really boring like one teacher in English 2 honors . La Serna is a very compact school , it is not at all big since it is located in the friendly hills of Whittier.
La Serna can be very interesting, but for the most time, it is very monotonous. Get the good teachers, and school will be that much better.
I have loved my time at La Serna High school! They have a wide variety of different clubs, sports, and classes to take which peaks everyone's interest. I myself have been involved in my schools Motown performance since sophomore year, ASB since junior year, and taken many AP and Honors classes. The teachers and staff are all super friendly and the campus makes you feel welcomed each day.
At La Serna, after every announcement they end off my saying, “you are loved”. From my experience at the school I truly believed I was loved people of all the students, staff, and faculty. School in general there has been very pleasant despite all the homework, assignments, and test. Though the school is amazing, it is not perfect; but no school is. One thing I would love to change about La Serna is the late start lunch time. Every Friday is late start which means school starts at 8:30. Though the school says it’s late start and long lunch it is not long at all. Rather, is is shorter than a regular school day lunch which is 60 minutes while long lunch is only about 45 minutes. This does not give students enough time to go off campus, get food, eat it, and come back. With that, one thing I would change is make long lunch longer.
I love La Serna High School. La Serna has a nurturing and supportive atmosphere. Teachers are always willing to help students. Students are accepting. There are numerous ways to get involved. I feel safe but it could be better. The Campus is very clean but lacks a steady recycling program. It is easy to meet with a Guidance Counselor, this can be helpful when navigating High School and getting into college. I have had amazing history and science teachers. However, La Serna does not have a strong math department, teachers use a "sink or swim" tactic and I would recommend getting a Math tutor.
I truly enjoy how many opportunities there are to get involved at La Serna, one thing I wish could be improved however is the schools ability to prepare students for college. Not in terms of education, but in terms of applying and affording it.
The administrators here do their best to make sure everyone is included. Of course, high school students are difficult to work with but I think our staff here does a pretty great job.
It's not a bad school, the people there are very welcoming and you're sure to find your group of friends. For the most part, the teachers are easy to get along with and make learning fun; bonds are formed. The school is a bit unorganized but they do try to make everyone feel welcomed. I think they need to enforce clubs more because a lot of them die out. I do appreciate being able to express who I am and love this school.
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Good school, however, the new dean takes his job too serious and made everyone's day terrible. Overall, it has an alright environment and good school.
La Serna High School provided a great educational experience with great preparation for college and a wide ranging, diverse selection of AP courses for students looking for a more challenging curriculum. It also has great athletics, most winning league every year, for those interested in that.
A safe and loving environment always felt
Like a second home. Teachers and staff always there for you.
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