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I love La Salle. It's a great school with a great community. Through service and scholarship you can really grow as a person. I love the opportunities La Salle gave me through sports also. I feel like I am a part of a real brotherly community. La Salle is an amazing school to be a part of and I think there is great things coming in thr future.
If you pay attention in class, and actually put in effort, you'll survive your four years with a decent GPA and make it into a decent college. The counselors will always be there to guide you through the college process, but other than college, they don't help you with much. If you are a football player, life is easy. You get away with anything, so there's no need to worry. But if you aren't, keep your head down and try your hardest in class, but also try to get involved.
Play sports or it's very boring and your years there will be very uneventful if you don't. Football is indeed the move
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I love the school, and I would recommend it because it is great in academics. Another thing that is good is the sports and the sportsmanship, it was great because I am currently going to play Volleyball and
I loved the brotherhood that was created and the life-long friendships I established while I went there.
La Salle High School is a great school where the teachers really get to know the students and want the best for each person.
Amazing culture, great college readiness, there is a real brotherhood. The teachers are excellent and always willing to go above and beyond to help their students.
The school does very well at preparing their students for after graduation. Thought the various academic classes, athletic teams, and vents out on by the school, it’s a very wonderful place to send your son. I feel very well prepared to go out into the real world and apply all I have learned from LaSalle. I am also very well prepared for college and the intensity that that entails.
A great well rounded school that shapes boys into men. The school has a variety of programs for every type of individual. The school will help you not just get a diploma but a college acceptance letter as well.
I enjoyed my 4 years at La Salle HS. Overall, I became a better person for having been exposed to a variety of people and locations. I enjoyed all the different experiences and the opportunities being apart of the school allowed me to be apart.
I really enjoy La Salle High school because it allowed me to branch out and become a better version of myself. The involvement of Principal Marshall is something that greatly benefits the school. His passion for learning and creating better young men makes me excited and eager to go to school everyday. The school employs teachers who truly care about the students and are always available for extra assistance. The honors program is excellent, as I have worked with large companies and other alum who come back to challenge students in different fields of study.
My experience at LaSalle has been mostly positive. I like how there is a sense of family present almost everyday that I'm there. l also I like it how the teachers know me by name, knows what is wrong and attempt to solve any issues that arise. What I don't like is how some of the kids, especially in varsity, can get away with a lot of things whereas rest of the school barely turn their heads and get into trouble.
Athletics are more important than academics! It is a tough teaching environment for female teachers. No support/help from administrators to address the issue that teaching at an all boys school requires different classroom management than at a co-ed or all-girls school.
New principal, Marshall, is not supportive of teaching staff. He works for the approval of alumni
and the teenage students at La Salle.
La Salle was a good fit for my son, but they generally supported the really smart boys and left the others just do..
I like the teachers and staff they do a good job helping students develop. Being a student a La Salle for four years has helped me grow as a person and as a student. La Salle offers many opportunities to serve in the community and to help the people around you who need it.
Here at Lasalle High school I have learned so much and I have grown through my education and spirituality. At Lasalle you will be surrounded by a community of people who truly care and are devoted to your success as a student. The community and brotherhood that exists will last a lifetime. All my teachers are friendly and whenever I need help they don't hesitate to help. I will never forget what an impact my school had had on my life.
Coming into La Salle has changed my life, i learned so much about myself as well as the people around me. I mad a lot of new friends and the teachers pushed me to success. I am truly happy about my decision to come to La Salle as a young 8th grader.
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Out of the various Catholic High School options in the Cincinnati area, recently La Salle High school has fallen a little more on the less impressive side. The extracurricular activities are its strength, although the sports are prioritized, leaving other programs to struggle for money. The lunch food can be too overpriced. The faith has strong aspirations, but don't provide many experiences to reach them. A handful of the faculty is great at what they do, while others teach their subject without efficiency and passion. La Salle has become a good tradition for the community that surrounds it, but sadly it doesn't always meet what the community needs from it.
My experience here at La Salle has been a very good one. The classes I have taken are challenging to a high preforming student, and multiple AP and CCP classes are offered for those who wish to earn college credit along with their high school credit. There are many extracurricular activities to choose from, such as game club, band, academic teams, and foreign language clubs. Our football and basketball team can compete with many of the other schools around us. I would like to see more of an emphasis on clubs and other extracurricular activities outside of just football and basketball. I would also like to see a more consistent class schedule, more funding for other large extracurricular activities, and more support for the academic side of the school.
La Salle has been very good for me. I have Autism, and the school does a very good job working with my needs. I also lost my mom to cancer during my Sophomore year, and the staff and students of the school were very supportive of me and my family.
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