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It’s a great community. I think my time at La Salle really prepared me for college and gave me the opportunity to figure out who I am as a student and La Salle offered me the ability to adapt to my own way of learning and succeed in that way. I was encouraged to take a creative route when completing assignments and some of the teachers there have really shaped my life and the way I will continue to experience it. Without the help of La Salle I think I’d be in a much different place than I am now. I think often of who I would be if I were to never attend the school, and I can confidently say I’d be a lesser person without their help.
Small class sizes so teachers are able to focus on the students
Teachers truly care about students and their success
The curriculum itself is challenging and prepares you well for college, but of course that is not all of what a high school should be. La Salle lacks diversity, cultural awareness, and has the mindset that students are subordinates of students. Administration does not face problems head on but instead tries to run away from them or sweep them under the rug. Some classes are seemingly useless for college and life beyond, and La Salle doesn’t offer some classes that seem essential for learning how to grow up and do things in the outside world.
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Overall, I really enjoyed my time at La Salle. I think the best aspects of the school are its teachers and its community. Being a small school, everyone gets to know each other, and there were no distinct cliches in the students, which I was accustomed to having being in public schools before attending La Salle. Furthermore, having a small school also means La Salle doesn't have to hire a lot of teachers, so they can be picky when hiring; I enjoyed all of my teachers, and they all had really good values that they give to their students. In contrast, the only thing I would probably change about the school is students don't have a lot of freedom. Students are pretty restricted when it comes to what they can do, when they can do something, how they can do something, even what they can wear, etc. Being in a college and knowing the freedom that a college campus gives you is something I wish La Salle could practice a little more.
The community at this school is amazing, all the teachers and faculty work to provide opportunities for every student.
I love La Salle with all my heart. The sense of family and community is so strong and creates such a warm and loving environment that breaks my heart to leave after this year. The impact of the friends I've made, the relationships I've built, and the knowledge I've gained over the past four years is immeasurable. A quality education that values faith in the presence of God
Small class sizes, community of students and teachers who truly care about each other, preparing me for college in many ways - academically and socially.
The teachers really care about the students, but the students do not seem to care much about other students. Entitlement, bullying, cliques, harassment, petty crime, and teenage drama run unchecked throughout the school. The worst students do not even get in trouble because they are from wealthy families. Under threat of expulsion or suspension, their families simply make a generous donation. How do you think we got that front entrance?
La Salle is a great school. Academically it is challenging. More challenging than the Public schools. The teachers do there best to prepare you for college and the working environment. The school has a great athletics program.
Provide an excellent education, but the college prep line to much, with little focus on enjoying high school as it comes.
Overall it has been a very good experience. Love my counselor and many of my teachers. Wish they had some better science teachers.
It's a good school with academic rigor. The teachers, for the most part, are very friendly and have a passion for helping students. The athletic coaches not only care about statistics but also their athletes. The faculty at La Salle try to promote a good environment that is caring and educational
There is somebody for everyone at this school! Teachers will work with you and where else can you find teachers available for you many mornings at 7 am all the way to 4-5 PM at night. They are dedicated and it shows. The culture is of an online learning model utilizing I Pads and that works well!
I loved my educational experience at La Salle. While there were some flaws with the school (like at all schools) I truly feel prepared to attend college.
It is a good high school that prepares you for college level classes. The teachers are fantastic and impacted my life significantly. I felt ready and prepared for the change to college and knew I had the ability to excel.
I really love the faculty and staff at la Salle, they were actually the reason I decided to attend school there. The teachers are always there to support their students and I have really appreciated some of the direction I have been given my my professors. One thing I wish was a little different was I wish that the community was more inclusive of the arts. I am very involved with both the drama and music departments at la Salle and sometimes it's really discouraging to see how differently the arts kids are treated compared to the "star" athletes.
It is a really great school. The teacher are really helpful and are willing to help you. The academics is also in really high standards.
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The community there is really great. You can tell that all the teachers care about you and how you are doing inside and outside of the classroom. For the most part all of the students are extremely friendly and engaged in their school activities and I really enjoyed it during my four years there. It is a little small but I think that is what I needed during that time in my life. Because of that you really get to become immersed in your community.
I am finally graduating in a few weeks, and let me tell you; I have probably never looked forward to something as much in my life. Unfortunately because this format only allows 1000 characters I have to keep this review brief, but just know that my and most of my fellow classmate's dismay for this place extends well beyond what I am about to say. Well beyond.
My two main grievances about LS are the academics and the administration. I have to give it to them. I remember shadowing and going to open houses and whatnot and thinking La Salle looked incredible. Little did I know this was due to the conniving, slimy staff.
Then there is the academics which supposedly prepare you for college, but in actuality all they do is assign you an immense load of tedious BS that you have to sift through for hours on end until you find yourself wanting to pick up a shotgun and end it all.
In short, the administration is corrupt as can be, and the title of "college preparatory" is extremely misleading
I liked the small class sizes and the rigor of the classes (though some classes can be tedious). The teachers are pretty good and help push students in a positive way.
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